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Understanding the Principle of Warp Travel,
as seen by the Guardian Angels Chapter.
Last Updated; June 01. 2005 - Imperial Record 1.415.5.2.


Here the red lines indicate the intersection of the jagged surface of the “Reality Sphere”, while the blue lines indicate how the Warp Drives allow this border to be breached so one may travel in a straight line from one point to another point, through the Immaterium.


Imagine if you will, that the universe is a Sphere with a jagged surface.
To travel in the universe, you need to travel along the surface, following every curve, every "valley" and "mountain".
Each of these greater curves also have smaller curves and so on, eventually giving the Sphere an extremely large surface.

This means that traveling from point A to any other point in space, by conventional in-space travel, would take a lot of time - Even traveling at the speed of light.

By the use of Warp Drives however, one can punch a hole in the surface of the universe, and into the immeasurable depths of energy within the Sphere.

This energy moves in currents that can move extremely slow, or even faster than the speed of light. - Within this realm of energy, anything that isn't protected by Gellar Fields becomes one with this energy, and eventually becomes energy itself.

The energy may move against you, or with you. - Moving along these currents can help the traveler to adjust speed and direction.
Moving along a vortex current can be extremely dangerous, but in using a "Rip Curl" Maneuver at the right time, one can break free of the vortex and be flung along at immense speeds.

By traveling through the Immaterium like this, one breaks the conventional laws of the physical universe, so that you can travel in a straight line from one point to another rather than along a jagged surface reality.

This also means that one can travel at speeds far greater than light, and sometimes travel within the Immaterium can even appear to be an effective teleport, bringing an object from one point to another point within the Immaterium.



Such Teleport Maneuvers have long been a mystery, but the Tech-Adepts of the Guardian Angels suggest that this phenomenon occurs when a plane of energy folds over onto itself, bringing two points of the same plane together. - Like when a peace of paper is folded so two points on separate areas of the paper overlap and seem to exist in the same spot.

Due to the extremely fast travel possible via the Immaterium, it may sometimes appear that the traveler(s) move back or forward in time, but this is likely due to the time distortion and delay in psychic conduits.
It is largely unknown why there appears to be true time travel at times however, and this has been explained away by factors like; existing in a realm of pure energy, traveling faster than the speed of light, and traveling between coexisting twin realities.
The truth of the matter is that it is largely unknown and difficult to prove that these incidents even take place.

The Immaterium is a dangerous place however, and the deeper into the Sphere of energy you go, the higher the pressure of energy becomes, effectively creating a denser and denser energy field.
Eventually the energy may become so dense as to solidify and form up mass and even a form of self-aware entity. - It is highly speculated that this may be the origin of some of the creatures of the Immaterium, and traveling to deep into the Immaterium is not recommended anywhere except close to the Light of the Astronomican, and even then, only with the strongest wards, Gellar Fields. Void Shields and Material Protective Measures.

While calculating AI engines working with Machine-Spirits may make short jumps between the smallest folds in the Universe, it is highly recommended that long jumps penetrating deep into the Immaterium use one or more Navigators to maneuver the vessel(s).
Also note that the deeper into the Immaterium one dives, the longer it is likely to take for a (emergency) reemerging into real space.





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