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Symbols, icons and Markings of the Guardian Angels.
Last Updated; October 19. 2006. Imperial Record 1.797.6.2.

The Valoris Imperator

While many members of the Guardian Angels have been awarded the Valoris Imperator through the ages, only two members where awarded it during the
Medusa V Campaign.

These two individuals are listed below:

* Daniel D'Angelo
Supreme Commander of the Guardian Angels Task Force to Medusa V and Commander of 4th Company.
For fighting his way free of more than 20 Marines of the Arch-Enemy while sorely wounded.

* Maximus Ensis
4th Company Captain of the Marches.
For his close encounter with a Greater Daemon in which he was harshly wounded after himself having repeatedly wounded the Baleful Warp Entity.


The Medusa V Campaign
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The Valoris Imperator ribbon
The Valoris Imperator

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The Administratum Medal ribbon
The Administratum Medal

The Valoris Imperator

While this huge, solid gold medal in the form of an Aquilla is meant to be awarded to veterans who have served for 20 years or more, in recognition of long and steadfast service, it is usually only awarded postmortem to long standing veterans who have died in particularly unpleasant and Heroic circumstances.

There are however some rare circumstances where the medal is awarded to veterans who have served for 20 years or more, when such individuals perform unimaginable feats of survival from certain death situations where the individual later returns to active service.

On the back of the Aquilla there is an inscription in Imperial high Gothic that reads: "Imperator Gratia!".
While some interpret this line as meaning "Give thanks to the Emperor! (for your long life)", it is more commonly believed to mean "The Emperor Thanks You!".
Given the complexity of Imperial high Gothic however, both interpretations can be and are right.


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