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+++ SYNOPSIS +++
The Custodes Angelus Chapter in short.
Last Updated; February 21. 2005 - Imperial Record



The Guardian Angels logo.


Prayer of the Guardian Angels
Oh Emperor I pray to thee,
Grant me the Wisdom to know what is right,
the Courage to choose it,
and the Strength to uphold it


+ + + The Guardian Angles + + +
Capitulus Patria Nostra

The soul of a warrior, is the shield of humanity.

While most Space Marine chapters are dedicated to war, the Guardian Angels are dedicated to peace. They have never forgotten why they fight, nor what or whom they fight for.
Many fractions of the Galaxy, seem to exist only to wage war. They have no real purpose in life other than to hunt the enemy, find the enemy and kill the enemy. - But war for wars sake, is not a worthy cause, at least not to the Guardian Angels.

At the essence of the Guardian Angels, is a limitless love for humanity. They truly believe in humanity’s potential, and in upholding all that is good in the human race.
It is a firm belief of the Guardian Angels, that humanity will evolve to become the saviors of the Galaxy. – They do not want war, they want peace, and they will protect the human race through anything to get there.

The Guardian Angels are as much philosophers and healers as hunters and warriors. - They believe in always being a worthy role model, always being wise, strong and courageous.

The Chapter doesn’t just believe in protecting the lives of humanity, they also believe in protecting the soul of the human race. – It’s wisdom; it’s ideas, hopes, dreams and emotions. And the way they see it, the Emperor is the culmination, and in fact the very essence of humanity’s soul.

The Chapter seeks to be as strong and whole in spirit as in body, they strive to be Warriors of strength and virtue, Paladins in faith and Angels of the heart. – Sent fourth by the Emperor himself, they have always been and will always be, praetorians of the human soul and the Guardian Angels of the human race.


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