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+++ SUPPORT +++
Support Elements of the Guardian Angels Chapter
Last Updated; February 23. 2005 - Imperial Record

Motto: Servitium nulli secundus - Service second to none

Support falls under the command of the HQ, Forge, and Fleet, but may also have personnel assigned to the Companies for Battlefield Operations. – Usually this will involve the use of Servitors.

Support is in charge of the daily upkeep, chores, maintenance and Logistics needed to keep the Chapter operational, and have people in pretty much every part of the Chapter.

All in all the Chapters Support numbers around 25 000 personnel, including:

Are initiates that did not make the cut, and other regular humans that have decided or been picked to remain with the Chapter; functioning as servants, deck hands, squires and so on.

Initiatess: Initiates are subjects that are being tested as potential marines.

Usually criminals or critically damaged humans that have been augumented with bionics, brainwashed and programed for spesific tasks, like; Piloting, gunnery crew duty, tech-maintenance support, combat, engineering work, carrying messages etc. – Essentially Servitors are the “slaves” of the Chapter.

External Assets:
Astropaths; Navigators; Supporting, External Fleet and Imperial Ground personnel.

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