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Chapter Special Rules.
Last Updated; February 23. 2005 - Imperial Record

"Limited in nature, infinite in potential,
humanity is a fallen God that remembers the heavens
-The Emperor of man -

All Special Rules work like in Codex Space Marines.

And they shall know no fear
Like other Space Marine Chapters, the Guardian Angels go through extreme screening and training procedures, including hypno-therapy to ensure that the Marines are completely loyal at all times, and that the only thing they fear is failure.

The Guardian Angels hold a vast Armada of Space faring vessels.
This also includes a vast quantity of Boarding Torpedoes, Drop Pods, Skimmers, Jump-pack equipped marines, teleporters, Thunderhawk variants and other drop ships. – In addition to this, the high tech Chapter has a special stealth mission drop variant called; HDLG2 (High Density Liquid Gas Gel)

They may deepstrike like a Codex Marine Army.


Purity above all
The Chapter has a background that means they are protectors of humanity; Its body, soul, memories and morals. They have unfaltering belief in humanity and the Emperor, and go to extreme lengths to protect this. They have a very complete STC, and all marines are given extensive cognitive and morale training as well as training for combat. – This training includes advanced medical training to ensure that they retain the purity of the Chapter and are able to help regular humans, and Space Marine allies in the Arena of War.

With their knowledge, ideals and special medical training, the Chapter counts as having the "Purity above all" trait, and they must always include at least one Apotechary in 500+pt. battles.

Have faith in suspicion
The Chapter remains pure, and remembers the Emperors words about Sorcerers, Librarians, and his reaction to Magnus the Red's use of "magic".
They refuse to include psychers in the Chapter, and are reluctant to work with or alongside anyone who uses such powers, as they have been forbidden by their Lord and Master; The Emperor.

This means they count as having the "Have Faith in Suspicion" drawback.

Still, the Chapter does have non-psychic librarians that hold the responsibility of recording the Chapters history and maintaining the Chapters Librarium.
They also employ Navigators; as these are genetically engineered for their task, and Astropaths; as they are bound to the Emperor through the soul binding.
These external psychers are tolerated within the Chapter, but still well "guarded".

Technologically Adept
Through the years the Guardian Angels have had many conflicts with the Adeptus Mechanicus and some of their Inquisitorial allies about their seeming disregard for technology while still retaining a higher than normal level of knowledge about the same technology; to the extent of using Ships, Thunderhawk, Rhinos, Weapon and Wargear that is not legally registered with the Tech-Priests of Mars.

Most of the time however, the Inquisition has come to the Chapter's "aid" in return for "small" favours. - The higher levels of the Inquisition has also seen the benefit of having an Imperial institution outside the Adeptus Mechanicus, that retain some higher knowledge of technology and who do not fearfully venerate it as divine.
Up until their untimely demise, the Chapter also held good relations to the technologically adept Squat Empire.

To reflect this fearless higher understanding of technology, the Guardian Angels should as often as possible take their Plasma Pistols and Power Swords as Master Crafted Weapons. - With Plasma Pistols as the priority.

Furthermore they should often use the Angelus Class Rhino, represented by the following a special, scratch-built "Extra Armour", "Smoke Launchers" and a "Pintle Mounted Storm Bolter" - All other upgrades are optional.

All the Guardian Angels' Vehicles (that can), except transports must take the "Power of the Machine Spirit" (ai) upgrade.

The Chapter's bikes must also be converted to reflect the Angelus Class technology.
Preferably Land Speeder variants should also be converted.

As many Marines as possible should wear the Angelus Class Power Armour:
Converted to use the MK6 Greaves; the MK7 Aquila Imperial Eagle Torso converted to include armour plating over the power cables, and a Mk8 style raised collar at the front of the neck (The Mk8 Torso is also acceptable).
A Angelus converted Mk6 Torso with the skull shaved off may also be used for a clean look to the armour.
Preferably the Angelus Class Armour should use the smallest skull backpack.
The normal shoulder pads or a converted version with raised armour plating like on the Deathwatch shoulder-pads may be used.
The helmets should Preferably be Mk7 with a comms antenna.
Assault Marines should always have Targeter Helmets unless it's a Character.
Normal Mk7 and Grey Knight helmets may also be used (originally the Angelus Class Armour was supposed to use the Grey Knight helmets exclusively but this had to be scratched due to there only being metal models at the time, and since then things have evolved).
There is only one Mk6 Corvus Class Helmet (Beaky) within the army, belonging to the Captain of the Fourth Company.
Rather than skull helmets, the Chaplains of the Guardian Angels wear a cherub-like
Angel mask. - Only one Chaplain uses the traditional Skull Mask, that being the Chaplain of the Sixth Company.
The Guardian Angels are rarely seen helmet-less on the Battlefield.
All Marines should be equipped with Small and Large Ammo Pouches, and a Pistol Holster. - Frag grenades are also preferable for modeling, but optional.

The Marines may also use the Mk7 or Mk8 Armour, but the Angelus Class Armour is preferable for purposes of keeping with the character of the army.

To reflect the Chapters high-tech status, Scouts may wear A.P.S. armour (Converted Kaserkin Storm Trooper Armour), and due to their missions they often wear camouflage suitable for their environment. - If they wear the traditional white armour, it is presumed that they are equipped with a Hololithic camelioline cloaking generator built into their suits.

The use of Standards and Banners are very rare in the army; loin cloths and scrolls are rarely used and pack pack banners are never used!
Battle damage, dirt and grime is also rare in the army as they are diligent with upkeep and have no fear of technology, so thing do not take as long as is usual when it comes to technology within the Imperium.
The army should retain a clean, high-tech, efficient military style to it.

Finally, all skulls should be removed from all parts in the Army (Vehicles and men).
The only exception to this is where skulls indicate a warning-sign or on Crux Terminatus, although it is preferable that the army Use the brass etched Imperial eagles from Forgeworld on the left shoulderpad instead, to reflect Crux Terminatus.

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