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Profiling 4th Company's Spy Master.
Last Updated; October 19. 2006 - Imperial Record 1.796.6.2.


Rex Auceps. 4th Company Black Ops. Spymaster.
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Rex Auceps. 4th Company Black Ops. Spymaster.

Rex with his familiar and friend Yor.
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"A true Scout is never taken by surprise; he is always prepared,
knows exactly what to do when unexpected events occur
and reveals himself presisly when he means to."

- Rex Auceps. 4th Company Black Ops. Spymaster -


Name: Rex Auceps
Born: 973.M41
Origin: Ultima Segmentum. - Icar V system. - Annulus Space Fort.
Assigned to: 4th Company - Scout Support HQ - Black Ops Command.
Rank & Occupation: Head of Special Operations. - Captain; Black Ops.
                                    Spymaster of the Guardian Angels' 4th Company.

Race: Human; Homo Sapiens Sapiens. - Geno Altered; Adeptus Astartes
Gender: Male
Height: 189cm
Weight: 116 kg
Eye Colour: blue - Melanochrome variance
Hair Colour: blond - Melanochrome variance - Often dyed Brown
Skin colour: Caucasian - Melanochrome variance
Body Profile: Mesomorphic
Blood type: O-

Health Record:
No notable physical or mental illness, damage or surgery beyond Chapter indoctrination standards.
While most of the Chapter's Marines are recruited from an Imperial world (usually Ultima Prime of the Icar V system) at an early age, Rex Auceps was born into the Chapter, grew up within the Chapters Fortress Monastery and started his screening process to seve with the Chapter allready at the age of nine months.
His father; "Primoris Auceps" served as a Tactical Marine within 4th Company and was one of the very few Marines of the Chapter allowed to have a family.
Wether having a geno-altered father has changed Rex's biology or not is uncertain, but from his screening tests it seems he has suffered no alterations to the typical human geonome.

Notable physical features:
Despite the fact that he is fully developed as a Space Marine, Rex is not the tallest Marine in the Chapter and is notably less bulky built than a regular Marine
His muscles are longer and more agile than usual, but he still retains most of the strength found in Marines of a heavier build.
His boyish looks combined with his agile build and dexterious composture some-times leads to him being misstaken for being just another Scout, or even a normal Human. - It is however these same characteristics that has lead to his current rank and position as one of the Chapters finest Scouts and Ambassadors.
Rex can usually be found donning the Chapter's multi-environment camoflage suit and his Scout Class Artificer Armour.
It is notable that while his original hair colour is blond, he often dyes it in brownish tones to better blend into his surroundings.
On occation he may also be found with his face covered in camouflage or black "battle stripes" under the eyes, allthough he usually wears a balaklava or A.P.S. Helmet when parttaking in field operations.

Psychological / Emotional Profile:
Rex was at an early age considered to be a boy genious, but it still took him longer than usual to finish his mental training; Failing his exams in 10th Company twise before graduating as a full Battle Brother.
He only passed his tests when he was accepted directly into 4th Company with a chance of serving and training under (the at the time) Captain D'Angelo.
Rex has later addmited to failing his tests willingly due to feeling more comfortable in the proffesson of Scout than in the profession of a Tactical Marine. - He has also confessed to applying for and accepting his grant to serve with 4th Company due to being angry with Daniel D'Angelo who he saw as the man responsible for his fathers death.
When he came to 4th Company it was with hope of getting revenge on the respected Captain, and Rex has finally also admitted to wanting to see Daniel D'Angelo dead.
It may be noted that this treaterous line of thought was brought on by traumatic psychological injuries suffered at a young age when his father died in a battle against the Tyranids. - A battle lead by (the at the time Leutenant) Daniel D'Angelo. - During his service with 4th Company his disposition and under-standing of the situation has changed however and his mental scars are now fully healed. - In fact he saved D'Angelo's life during the Irridia Campaign, has become a near friend of Commander D'Angelo and remains one of his most trusted support-staff.
Under the guidance of Commander D'Angelo, Rex Auceps has become a specialist in his field; neat, loyal and one of the Chapter's most valued assets as both Marine, Specialist Scout and Ambassadorial envoy.
He holds knowledge from typical Marine training and Officers training, but his real talent lies with his work as a Specialist Scout and as the head of Special Operations ( leader of 4th Company's Black Ops). - Ranking among the Chapter's top 10 Professional Scouts


Service Record:

973.M41 Born into Chapter

975.M41 Indoctrined into the Chapter's training program

985.M41 Starts his direct service with the Scouts

988.M41 First Live mission; behind Orkish enemy lines.

989.M41 Fails his first graduation to full Battle Brother.

990.M41 Fails his second graduation to full Battle Brother.

991.M41 Completes his graduation to full Battle Brother at the head of his class.
Is accepted into 4th Company to serve there as a Scout.

999.M41 Irridia Campaign.
Saves Captain D'Angelo's life by going in behind enemy Tyranid lines and dragging the wounded Captain back to the Chapter.
Later field promoted by D'Angelo to serve as 4th Company's "Spy-Master".
Begins official Officers Training.

=][= Restricted by the Inquisition =][=

Medals and honours:


Cost: Variable pts.

Stats Profile: Counts as a Deathwatch Epistolary Librarian

Special Rules: Counts as a Deathwatch Epistolary Librarian

Rex Auceps may be used as the leader for a pure Scout Army (may take Land Speeders, Scouts, Scout Bikes and Terminators), or as a Character in a regular Army. - He must be represented as an Epistolary Librarian without a Force Staff or Psychic Hood. - The Force Staff and Psychic hood are instead traded out for a Power Weapon.

Ruleswise he has the following powers:
Fury of the Ancients
Veil of Time

While he fluffwise isn't a Librarian and doesn't retain any psychic abilities, these powers are used to represent his considerable skills as a Scout.

Fury of the Ancients represents his friend and familiar "Yor" whom Rex may direct to run ahead, Scout out and attack the enemy. - In which case the intelligent Wolf becomes a sneaky furball of raging death before circling around and returning to Rex. - Of course there are times in which Yor doesn't feel like listening and at such times he may give Rex a thumping instead.

Veil of Time represents Rex's own considerable skills as a Scout, showing his ability to use terrain and concealment to take the enemy by surprise, maneuver into their weak spots or simply staying hidden from their attentions and weapons. - Still, there are times when even the best of Scouts miscalculates, and on such occasions it could lead to Rex getting hurt.

If taken in a City Fight using the "Cities of Death" rules, the Army he is in MUST take the "Infiltrate", or the "Sewer Rats" Stratagem.

His Command Squad will almost always be Terminator backup standing by for his call after he has infiltrated deep into enemy lines, or Veteran Marines with the infiltrate skill that count as professional, veteran Black-Ops Scouts.

Special Equipment

Rex Auceps is always equipped with the following gear:
A Bolter with the M40 targeter system
Eighter normal bolter rounds, Kraken Pattern Penetrator Rounds or Stalker Silenced Shells.
Fluffwise he is also equipped with Ulysess Tracker Bolts.

A Master Crafted Power Sword.
Like all the Chapter's Master Crafted Power Swords, Rex's Sword is a high-tech, light weight handle with a telescopic antenna that protrudes a blade of super heated plasma contained within a gavitic magnet field. - This Sword is easily hidden away in one of Rex's many belt pouches or hung casually in his belt, allowing him to travel without it hampering his movement or betraying his position.
Rex has dubbed his mighty sword; "Absconditus Mortifer", "Concealed Death".
(The sword itself is counted in his base cost as a Librarian, but the Master Crafting is added on top of that cost).

An Artificer Scout Armour that the Chapter has acquired and modified for him via their Adepta Sororitas political allies. - This armour is smaller, thinner, more light weight and flexible than normal power armour, but still counts as Power Armour.

His Familiar Fenris Wolf - "Yor"
The Fenris Wolf "Yor" was originally an honour gift, given to the Chapter as a pup after the Guardian Angels honourably fought alongside the Space Wolves.
After this the rare Black and White Pelted Wolf was entrusted to Lt. Commander Alexander Peracher who in turn gave him to Rex who had more need of him.
Yor is a particularily large and intelligent Black & White Peltet Fenris Wolf, and he is a close friend to Rex and as well as a Common sight among 4th Company's Command Crew, largely looked upon as a fellow individual more than as a trained animal, mascot or pet.
Rex and Yor have a close connection and understand each other extremely well, allowing Yor to Scout out areas for Rex at extreme speeds.
At times Yor will also allow Rex to ride on his back for fast and stealthy movement. - As such, Yor may represent a bike upgrade for Rex. - In such cases he counts as both bike, familiar and potentially a Fury of the Ancients attack.
In other cases Yor will simply run alongside, or at least stay in the vicinity of Rex, whether he is in a vehicle, on a bike or on foot.

Other Equipment Rex Auceps is typically, but not always equipped with:

Frag Grenades
Krak Grenades
An Auspex
A Teleport Homer
A Scout Bike

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