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+++ RAGNAROKK 666 +++
A Community Warhammer 40000
Campaign Event related to 06. June 2006
Last Updated; June 12. 2006 - Imperial Record 1.444.6.2.

The Storm of Chaos.


“Validus Aequitas”, Commander of the Guardian Angels First Company stood silently, prepared to review the recorded log on the situation at Ragnarokk for the first time.
Fifteen Astropaths had worked night and day for the better part of a week to receive, compile and decode the massive amount of data needed to astropathically transfer the images, text and sound from such a far away battlefield.

Two days ago, the Warp Storm around home system had spiked in a sudden onrush of energy; It had calmed down a bit again since then, but a dark foreboding had filled the hearts of the Guardian Angel Commanders, for such a vast spike in warp energy meant something huge had happened, and at the time they had all feared the worst.

The solitary briefing room for private command briefs was relatively small, circular and dark, modestly holding a wall mounted view screen and roof mounted vox-casters.

The small room reminded Validus of a dark, dank tomb and he was glad that he had the stability of venerated Chaptermaster Metaron close now at this difficult time.

The ancient dreadnought stood dark and silent, but Validus knew he was as alert as wise Chaplain Teneo and the somewhat twitchy Inquisitor Causidicus as the view screen lit and the speakers overhead came to life.

Now the moment had come, to see if Eighth Company had been in time to assemble an Imperial Crusade and halt the antagonists of Chaos’ attempts at upsetting the frail balance of the Immaterium, or if they had, as Home Command feared, Failed.

A Short Introduction
A Call to Arms
The Planet of Ragnarokk
A short Planetary history
The Incursion
The Battle Zones
How it All Works

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Eighth Company's Commander, Akil Kelso, bravely leading his men from the front lines.

Eighth Company Log.
Ragnarokk Event.
Time. Date. – Undecipherable!

Thought of the day:
+++ Only in Death does Duty end +++


I have sent a warp capable message torpedo to the mainstay of our fleet and can only hope that this report reaches you through the violent warp storm that has finally engulfed the Ragnarokk system.
As for Eighth company, we are trapped here.

We where to late my Lord!
When we came upon Ragnarokk, the Warp Storm was already making itself known within the star system, and we found all communication to be distorted, full of static and barely decipherable.
Despite our call for aid, we know of no other Astartes Chapter that was involved in the conflict. – I’m sure there where others present, but with such diffused communication it is impossible to tell.

Upon our arrival at the planet, we immediately enacted a strike against the Hive City of Armis, where our long range scans had picked up traces of a Chaos ritual being undertaken.

We struck heavily with infiltrating units supported by Drop pod Assault teams and positioned the Strike Cruiser Dutiful in low orbit for Orbital Strikes.

Commander Kelso decided to lead the assault himself, going in with the front-line troops and taking the battle directly to the enemy.

But our efforts where in wane.
The area was already thick with Warp Energy.
Both Drop pods and Orbital Strikes landed of target, and those that hit their mark where largely neutralized by the Warp energies coruscating in and around the area, bringing little or no damage where they hit.

Our men fought bravely to the last, but alas the entire strike team was wiped out, including Commander Kelso who single handed killed a whole group of daemons and faced down the horde of Traitor Marines, alone.
With our Marines dead, the forces of Chaos where able to complete their ritual, summoning forth whatever evils they where after.

But this was not an isolated incident, although I wish it where so.
All throughout the planet, the forces of the Imperium fell to the raging hordes of daemons sweeping across the land. – Many becoming twisted creatures and traitors themselves.





Elites arriving via Drop pod assault just as a wayward
Orbital Strike explodes in the background.

Uniquely, an image sensor captured the energies released at the exact moment three Daemonettes arrived from the Warp.

Eighth Company Commander Akil Kelso faces down the forces of Chaos alone as he attempts to halt their evil ritual in one mighty Last Stand.

I am told a particularly large battle was fought outside the walls of Cautus where the mainstay of the planet’s refugees had gathered.
The brave soldiers of the Planetary Defence Forces here stood up against an advancing horde of Plague Marines and pestilent daemons, but their forces quickly diminished and fell to the plague of Chaos.
After the walls where breached, the battle moved into the city proper, where billions of civilians had crammed together for safety. – One needs little imagination to know their fate.

As luck has it, we had a Thunderhawk stationed at Cautus, that air-lifted 33 civilians and 2 officers of the Planetary Defence Force. – 35 souls saved from a doomed city of billions. – These people are also the source from where most of our intel has been gathered.

As each Imperial bastion fell in turn, Planetary High Command authorized the complete destruction of all Imperial settlements and fired their tactical nuclear missiles at their designated targets.
Little did they know that this was precisely the move the forces of Chaos had been waiting for.

The nuclear missiles caused massive deaths on a scale before unimagined.
Within the blink of an eye, almost all human life on the planet was snuffed out and their collective psychic death screams fed the Warp Storm like nothing else could.

Even safely within the material realm, we had to erect the Warp Shields of our Strike Cruiser not to be annihilated in the sudden, violent rush of energy.
As we departed the dying planet, I swear I saw twisted faces swirling across it’s atmosphere, and a massive jaw of sharp teeth closing around the planet.
  – I pray I never see such a sight again!

With void, warp and view shields up, we have relocated to the outer reaches of the Star System.
We have currently set up in a temporarily safe zone in orbit around the star system’s outmost planet; Bifröst, but I fear it will soon be overrun with Warp energy as well.

It also seems that he Warp Storm has effected the Star System’s sun.
The small Red Dwarf has grown tremendously in warmth and has become extremely unstable.

My advisors tell me that it has probably already made Ragnarokk a molten Hell, and we have only a few days before it goes Nova, and potentially creates a Black Hole.

So it is that I am shamed to report our failure in our task to save Ragnarokk.
Our Commander’s is but one death in a sea of billions, and Chaos has completed their ritual in full; maybe bringing more death and destruction than even they had predicted.

As for what will happen to us:
Will we escape this Hellish place, get lost in the Warp or burn out in the exploding Nova of Ragnarokk’s star? – I cannot tell.

Through it all I trust in only this and let it guide my actions:
“It is better to be crippled in body, then to be corrupt in mind!”
“Only in Death does Duty end!”

This is Captain Iniel Bannister of the Guardian Angels Eighth Company, Signing Off.







"35 souls saved from a doomed city of billions."



Last image of Ragnarokk bathed in Warp Energy.



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