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Main info on the Custodes Angelus Chapter.
Last Updated; February 03. 2005 - Imperial Record

Using the menues above and below; this section contains info on the Chapters organization, its character, its command units, Companies, support, build-up, capability and more.

Chapter organisation

HQ - Chapter Operation & Administration.
Chaplains & the Reclusiam - Faith, Religion and Wellfare.
Navigators and Astropaths - Navigation and Inter-stellar Communication.
Librarians & the Librarium - Knowledge-base, Communications, and Intel.
The Untouchables - Psi-Guard
Apothecaries & the Apothecarion - Chapter Medical Department.

Numrical Assets of the Chapter

Total Chapter Personnel: 25 000 None Marine.
Total Fleetbound minimum: 15 000 None Marines, 80 Marines.
Total Brother Marines: CLASSIFIED!
Total Battle Brothers: 1000+

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