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Demographics of the Custodes Angelus Chapter.
Last Updated; November 28. 2006. Imperial Record 1.908.6.2.

The Battle Groups

In addition to the Chapters Companies, it is quite normal for said Companies to be combined in a joined task-force group; that carries out a mission in a designated area.
Normally, the Chapter operates with three such joined task-force groups, called;
Battle Groups , or Contigents:

Currently the Chapter is operating divided into four Battle groups.

These Battle Groups are put together from different parts of the Chapter to form an effective Army capable of prolonged warfare in locations split away from the Chapter as a whole.
In fact the Chapter mostly operates quite fragmented and seldom works as a full Chapter, instead launching their Campaigns from these Battle Groups.

The Battle-Groups are as follows:

Battle Group 01 - Home Guard
Motto: Fidelis et paratus - Faithful and ready

The Chapters Home Guard, training and Support Companies.
This Contingent is located in the Chapters home system; Icar V, and usually operates out of their home planet and planet-bound Monestary.

The Contingent consists of: 1st, 9th, 10th Comapny, and the Adepts Army.
Home Guard is also supported by PDF, the Imperial Guard and the Imperial Navy.
1st Contingent Organisation

Battle Group 02 - S.W.A.T. - Specialist War-group - Anti-Tyranids.
Motto: One ne passe pas - No one shall pass

!!! Note that this Battle Group is currently ON HOLD. !!!

The largest of the Chapters Battle Groups, fighting in the War against the Tyranid Hive-Fleets and Splinter-Fleets along the Eastern Galactic rim and Ultima Segmentum Proper.
The Contingent consists of: 2nd, 3d, and (4th) 5th Comapny, as well as being backed up by 1'st Company, 10'th Company and the Chapter's Initiates Army,
The Contingent operates as a Major joined Fleet operation, often working in tandem with the Ultramarines, The Imperial Guard, Imperial Navy, and other Imperial fractions.
The Contingent uses the Chapters Ramilies Class Starfort (The Patria Nostra) as their main HQ.
2nd Contingent Organisation

Battle Group 03 - Maelstrom Safeguard
Motto: Oderint Dum Metuant - Let them hate, so long as they fear

This Battle Group´s main task is to aid the Imperial Battlefleet in safeguarding space-lanes, trade routes and convois around the Maelstrom Sector, as well as hunting down pirates and fighting renegade Space Marine Chapters.
In addition to this they are sometimes employed by Ordo Xenos for Boarding Operations.
The Contingent is sometimes aided by the Imperial Fleet.
The Battle Group is completely Fleet-Bound, operating out of its Flagship; The Venerable Battle Barge: "Terra Cognita".

The Contingent currently consists of: 6th and 8th Comapny , however 8th Company is missing alongside their Strike Cruiser. The rest of the 8th Company's Fleet is grouped up with 6th Company at the Illumis system in the Maelstrom Sector untill further notice.

3d Contingent Organisation



Battle Group 04 - Medusa V Task Force
Motto: There is still Hope!
"Medusa V, Our Bolters Pray for You!"

This task Force was put together to support the Crusade sent to help Medusa V.
The Task Force is on a vital mission to secure and stabilize a major Warp anomaly called "Van Groethe's Rapidity", or "Hell's Slingshot" for short.
If they fail, the Chapter's home system may be drowned out by a local Warp Storm being feed of "Hell's Slingshot", condeming billions of sould to the Emphyrean and loosing the Chapter it's Home System as well as many other vital resources.
Due to this, the Battle Group is composed of many vital Companes: 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th Company fractions with full support.
The Medusa V Battle Group is lead by the Legendary Tactical Master Daniel D'Angelo.


Battle Group N/A - Corr Task Force
Motto: Nostra fero excessum, ad Nostra fero vitae - We bring death and we bring life

This Battle group was formed after the Chapter recieved an emergency communiqué requesting help against a vastly superior Necron Force on the Planet Corr located within the Jarred's Belt system in Segmentum Tempestus, but since then they have also uncovered treachory among Corrs PDF. - The Companies now fight both the Necrons and the Traitors.
The Contingent consists of: 5th and 7th Company, as well as being backed up by the Company fleets. - In addition to this they are backed up by the Imperial Guard, the Inquisition, the Machine Cult Skitaari and local PDF forces.
4th Contingent Organisation


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