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+++ THE NAVY +++
Info on the Planetary Navy of the Guardian Angels Chapter
Last Updated; February 23. 2005 - Imperial Record

Navy & Navy Assets
Motto: Gusti Maritima - Guarding the oceans

The Guardian Angels Navy is a little used, special-division of the Chapter; usually administered by the Armoury, but under command of the Chapter Fleet.
Its sole purpose is to support and enable the Chapter to carry out missions in submerged and/or hyperbaric conditions.
This means that the Navy has no set of crew permanently assigned to it; but is instead activated and given a crew when needed. This crew will mostly be Servitors, but also; Serfs, Tech-Adepts, Fleet officers, as well as whatever Aviation squadrons, and Marine Companies they are currently supporting.

The Navy´s Equipment consists of; Portable Sub-stations, HQ ships, Cargo ships, Frigattes, Shoreline landers, submergable combat vessels, retailored Vehicles, Howercraft, and Marine equipment especially suited for submerged and hyperbaric missions; like streamlined helmets, jet-propultion packs, retailored weapons, and liquid breathing systems for hyperbaric conditions.

Portable Sub-stations 3
Essentially these are huge submergable stations that can withstand tremendous pressure, and are capable of housing a company of marines and a few vehicles.
They are mostly under command of the Armoury and operated by Servitors when in use, but are seldom used; as they take to much time to set up.
The Chapter has three Portable Sub-stations: The Triton, the Poseidon, and the Maritime shield.

HQ ships 2
HQ ships are really huge ships that are meant to function as a battlegroups HQ on liquid planets. It is capable of housing a full Company as well as Vehicles and a lot of VTOL capable flyers; and skimmers. – In addition to this, the ship is usually supported by Cargo ships, fighters and frigattes.
The ships are rearly used however, as they are a mess to get planetside; taking four slow moving landing craft to carry a single ship, and quite a bit of time to get up and running ones it is on location.
The Chapter has two HQ ships; The Neptune, and the Trident.

In addition to their submergable and floating HQs, the Chapter has smaller ships and boats for support, like: Frigattes, Cargo ships and Shoreline landers, as well as personal gear suited for submerged and hyperbaric conditions.
It can also be noted that the Chapter has operated under water with a Strike cruiser on one occation.

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