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Transcripts of the emergency communication in the campaign for naaman,
Last Updated; November 11. 2005 - Imperial Record 1.860.5.2.



+++ Fate is strongest when tempered with hope +++
Imperial ++++date: +++ Undecipherable +++
To: Ranking Master Validus, of the Guardian Angels Chapter.
From: Chaplain +++ Undecipherable +++ the ++lamanders 3rd Company.

Subject: +++ Undecipherable +++ loss of communication from the Imperial Planet +Naam++

Galactic map; Quadrant 2 (2).

+++ Undecipherable +++ Request intervention from +++ Undecipherable +++ +++ Undecipherable +++
the Guardian Angels Chapter +++ Undecipherable +++ Suspect +++ Undecipherable +++ Salamaders otherwise +++ Undecipherable +++ Splinterfleet "Linnorm" +++ Undecipherable +++ Hive Fleet Kraken, Ultima Segmentum, Ultramar System.

+++ Undecipherable +++ Naaman +++ Undecipherable +++. Rich in biomass, no major industri, scarcely inhabited +++ Undecipherable +++ history +++ Undecipherable +++ Small +++ Undecipherable +++ short day/night cycle +++ Undecipherable +++ Temple  dedicated to the Emperor
+++ Undecipherable +++


+ + + + + +



+ ++ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
From: Arx Silex - Commander of the Guardian Angels 3d Company.
To: Commanding officer of the Salamanders 3d Co. - Adeptus Astartes Chapter.
Sender: Astropath Pallia Noclius #GA12ic5.
Location: Iridia System, Paramento sector, Ultramar Frontier.
Relayer(s): Cida Plarcius  #FT165gs19, Astropath: Setrius Tisanes #B12V8.
Receiver: Astropath: N/A
Sending Date: N/A
Code type: B42.

Thought of the day:
+++ Contact with alien races always renews one's faith in humanity +++

redirecting to Naaman

Good day to you Commander!
I hope this message finds you in good health...

Our Home system is currently shrouded in a Warp Storm and our
Chapters HQ is unable to fully redirect Companies outside of HS.
Your message was received and redirected by Home system however,
but due to the obscuring nature of the turbulent Warp Storm, we have
received your message in fragments.
Still, we have deduced that the planet mentioned may be in danger,
and our Librarium holds the necessary information for travel to the
system. - The Librarium however lacks sufficient tactical and
historical data on this system. - We strongly recommend you resend
the message via the Astropathic Command relay centre at Atilla.

Furthermore, 2nd and 3d Co. of the Guardian Angels Chapter have
begun preparations for departure to NaamAN at the Galactic
coordinates:  25 - (9) . 0 . 0 - 0 . @
The Companies will possibly be followed by the Chapters Ramilies
class Starfort; "The Patria Nostra".

Estimated travel distance from 2nd & 3d Co´s current position; 53141 Ly.
Estimated Travel Time: 1 - 2 months
Companies set-sail date: N/A
E.T.A. 1.5 months from senders date.

The Guardian Angels are sending the following forces:
11 Astartes Navy Battle-ships - Teleport, Orbital bombardment and Exterminatus capable.
137 Navy support ships
2 Full Astartes Battle Companies - 360 Brother Marines
Motor Pool: 342 (346) variable Astartes Class machines.
1500 supporting personnel

May the Emperor´s light shine on you all!






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