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The Star of Medusa

While the Medusa Star was awarded to all the Guardian Angel Chapter's soldiers during the Medusa V Campaign, three high-ranking members stand out, as they where awarded with the Gold & Rubies version of the medal for their Heroic efforts during the war.

These persona are listed below:

* Daniel D'Angelo
Supreme Commander of the Guardian Angels Task Force to Medusa V and Commander of 4th Company.

* Raynor Jules
Star-Fleet Admiral of the Guardian Angels Task Force to Medusa V and Commander of 4th Company's Fleet.

* Leo Ferros
Secondary Commander of the Guardian Angels Task Force to Medusa V and Commander of 7th Company.



The Medusa V Campaign
The Merit of Terra ribbon
The Merit of Terra

The Star of Medusa ribbon
The Star of Medusa

The Valoris Imperator ribbon
The Valoris Imperator

The Order of the Storm ribbon
The Order of the Storm

The Medusa V Adeptus Astartes Alliance Medal ribbon
The M5A3 Silver Medal

The Medusa V Adeptus Astartes Alliance Medal in Gold ribbon
The M5A3 Medal in Gold

The Administratum Medal ribbon
The Administratum Medal

The Star of Medusa

This highly ornamented medal is the general service medal of Imperial High Command; awarded to soldiers of all ranks for active military service during the Medusa V Campaign. - Regular field personnel where awarded a silver version while officers received a gold and platinum-plated version.

On the back-side of the Star, there is a line that reads:
"Medusa V - Forever in our Hearts and Thoughts"

In most versions awarded, the five gems are Rubellite Tourmaline Cabochons, but there are also some that held real Rubies. - The Ruby versions where exclusively awarded to high-ranking officers and to Heroes of the Adeptus Astartes.

Due to the relatively high value of the medal (approximately 1200 Imperial credits for the regular ones), it has on occasion been sold by needy Imperial Guardsmen. - While this practice is frowned upon, it is rarely punishable as the medal is the property of the soldier. - Due to the honour and promotional benefits following the medal however, this practice is rare, and no Ruby versions are known to have been sold.

How many of these medals have been awarded is unknown, but the numbers would indicate that somewhere around 10 000 000 medals where awarded with over 60 000 gold versions and presumably over 1200 Ruby medals. - Many medals where however awarded postmortem and quite a few on paper alone.


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