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The Enigma 42 Medal

The Enigma 42 Medal

The E42 medal was created in ribbon form only.
It's letters are made out of tropical hardwood collected from the Genesis Vale on the planet Enigma 42, and is currently the only remaining evidence that there was ever any sort of biological life there.

The Battle for Genesis Vale was one of the largest single battles the Guardian Angels Chapter has ever been involved in, and as such it is marked as a great event in the Chapter's history, although it only involved 4th Company.



The Battle saw the Chapter successful in it's mission of retrieving the wayward Inquisitor Faynor from the planet, but the Vale and planet itself was lost to the enemy, forcing an Exterminatus to be carried out on the battle zone.

The E42 Ribbon was awarded to 132 members of the Guardian Angels' 4th Company Marines and Support Personnel. - Five of the ribbon medals where awarded post-humanously, and one extra was sent to the Blood Angels, to be awarded to their Last man Standing.

In all, 135 medals where made.
The last two medals are kept in honourary cabinets in the Guardian Angels' Chapter Monastery.
One has an inscription saying it has been awarded to the planet of Enigma 42 and it's lost loyal warriors;

The last medal is likewise kept with a plaque mysteriously proclaiming it to be awarded to S-H C.E.
The plaque simply reads: "Thank You!"




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