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Facts about the Mammoth Armoured Reconnaissance Scout Vehicle
Last Updated; July 21. 2005 - Imperial Record 1.552.5.2.

The Mammoth is an Armoured Reconnaissance Scout Vehicle and Personnel Carrier.

The vehicle was primarily designed to transport scouts and equipment in cold weather conditions containing heavy amounts of snow and ice.- It has however also been designed as a scout vehicle in its own right, and is equipped with a radar, an advanced auspex and unit surveillance system, as well as searchlights, infra-red lights and powerful floodlights that are capable of lighting the way in the hardest of conditions, like; thick fog and extreme snowstorms.

In essence, the vehicle is largely based on the Rhino STC template, with a cockpit capable of carrying up to three people, and with a transport capacity of 10.

The back of the vehicle can hold people or equipment on an open platting, or it can be clad with a lightweight plasti-steel canvas housing.

As the vehicle is primarily a scout vehicle designed to be the eyes and ears of the battlefield commander; its engine is designed to be as silent and powerful as possible, so that the light armoured vehicle can sneak up on enemy positions through all manner of rough terrain.

The vehicle can travel on relatively thin ice (50-70cm), but is not amphibious. It does have a diving depth of up to eight meters however, as long as it isn’t transporting people anywhere but in the enclosed cockpit.

In battle capability; the vehicle is counted as an open topped vehicle with a dozer blade; capable of carrying smoke launchers, improved comms, and searchlights.
Normally, the Mammoth is armed with a Storm Bolter, but can also be fitted with a pintle mounted storm bolter and a hunter killer missile. - As a special upgrade, the vehicle can also be upgraded with mines enough for a single minefield.
Being based on the RH1N0, it is notable that the Mammoth also has the RH1N0's durability and reliable engine's.

Some of the Mammoth's operational missions:


Engaging in combat operations

Securing and preparing Battlefields

Serving as observation and listening posts

Ferrying Cargo, personnel and Ammunition

Gathering and reporting information on terrain, weather, enemy disposition and equipment

Collecting data to classify navigational routes, tunnels, bridges, bottlenecks, strongpoints, ambush areas and more.

Remaining a stealthy base of operations for scout teams through concealment and camouflage



Vehicle Designation: USSE-ICHR-5UPR-GA 001

Vehicle Name: Mammoth

World of Origin: Ultima Prime

Known Patterns: I-II

Crew: Driver, Commander.

Powerplant: Quad MkI Adaptable Thermic Compustion Reactor

Operational Range: 300 - 500 Km

Weight: 7.2 Tonnes

Length: 7.0 M

Width: 4.5 M

Height: 4.2 M

Ground Cleareance: 70 cm

Max Speed - On Road: 60 Kph

Max Speed - Off Road: 60 Kph

Primary Armament: Storm Bolter

Seconday Armament: Storm Bolter, Hunter Killer Missile, Mines

Transverse: 360 degrees

Elevation: -70 to +60 degrees ---> +/- 10 degrees on winch

Cargo Capasity: 2 tonnes + 10 passengers & personnel

Towing Capacity: 5 tonnes

Main Ammo: 800 Multi Purpose Bolter Rounds

Secondary Ammo: 800 Rounds, 1 Missile, 20 TMRP6 mines.

Cognetive Engine: Cygnus II

Turret: N/A
Superstructure: 50 mm
Hull: 45 mm
Gun Mantlet: N/A


Type: Light Armoured Vehicle
Crew: Space Marines / Augumented servitor driver.
Points: 65
Front Armour: 11 
Side Armour: 10     |  Open-topped
Rear Armour: 10
BS: 4

The Mammoth may carry up to 10 Scouts or Power Armoured Marines. - It may not transport Assault Marines or Terminators.

Transport Option: Like the Rhino

Access Points: Open Topped.

Fire Points: 1 / 2 - Open Topped.


Reliable Engines:

See Imperial Armour v.II.

Minefield upgrade:
For an additional 15 points, the Mammoth may be upgraded with mine-laying capability.
Once during the game, the player may drop a Castellan minefield anywhere in "base contact" with the Mammoth.
The minefield operates just like a normal Castellan minefield as shown under the Whirlwind entry in the Space Marine Codex.
The Mammoth may not move in the turn that it is laying its minefield.

Mammoth Front


Mammoth Rear


Mammoth Left Side


Mammoth Right Side


Mammoth Side Front


Mammoth Side Rear



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