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Symbols, icons and Markings of the Guardian Angels.
Last Updated; October 19. 2006. Imperial Record 1.799.6.2.

The M5A3 Silver Medal
The M5A3 Medal.

The Following people where awarded the M5A3 medal; may they carry it close to their hearts with pride, that it may ever remind them of the M5A3 Alliance's sacrifice and friendship!

=][= Inquisitor Xenthor =][= (Guardians of Bifrost)
==Me== (AotL)
alea acta est (Black Templars)
alexious (Ultramarines)
Apemantus (Imperial Fists)
Arbites_Augmentented (Ultramarines)
Archangel (DA successors)
Archangelus (Inquisition)
Argonaut (Angels of Vigilance)
Asklepios Invictus (Legio Invicta and Ordo Crux)
AWOL (Templars)
aznsk8s87 (Last Sons of Helaman)

BadKarma703 (Black Templars)
Bagration (Black Templar)
Baron Jac l’aire (Inquisition?)
Battle-Brother Pinard (Black Consuls)
Berevius_the_Justifier (Iron Tears)
bighatdino (BT)
black hawk marine (black hawks)
Blaze Knight (Ultramarines)
Blood serpents retribution (blood serpents)
Boris Bot (BT)
Brother Alex (Doom Dragons)
Brother Bahram (Lion Guard)
Brother_Bethor (Dark Angels)
BrotherCaptainAchilles (Ultramarines)
Brother Captain Adeon (Crimson Fists)
BrotherChaplainDarius (13th Company)
Brother Evar (Imperial Fists)
Brother Magnus (13th company)
Brother Octavianus (Herolds of ultramar)
Brother Pariah (Ultramarines)
Brother Vidius (Sons of Carelias)
Byronas (Dark Angels)

Captain Arakis (Dark Angels)
Captain Archais (Mortifactors)
Captain fuzzball (Ultramarines)
Captain Hat (Black Templars)
captain_shrike (Iron Hands)
Carnus Caedes (2nd Co. of the Manticore Chapter)
Castellan Artedan (Black Templars)
Ceres (Dark Angels)
Chaplain Chazzicus (Sanginuine Dragons)
Chaplain Erasmus (Crimson Fists)
Chaplain Zarathos (Dark Angels – Ravenwing)
chenley (Black Templars)
chilipot (Dark Angels)
Colonel Buttons (Grey Knights)
Commander Lucius (Blood Ravens)
Commissar Nathaniel (ultramarines)
Contaminus (Ultramarines)
Coop_DH (Dark Angels)
Cpt_Tiberius (Black Consuls or Space Sharks)
Crimson Fist (Crimson Fists)
crossmagus (Brotherhood of the Lion)

Daniel D'Angelo (Guardian Angels)

Decoy (Space Wolves)
Dewclaw (Knights Templar)
dex_911 (Crimson Fists)
DIKU (The Cult of Sanguinius)
Dingareth (Iron Hands)
Druss the legend (Angels)

E + F
Exquisite Evil (Iron Hands)
ezma (Sons of Iphicles)
fearlessgod (Silver Skulls)
Firedrake28 (Flesh Tearers)
Forx (Silver Devils)
furian (Sisters of Battle)
Furion (Deathwing)

gazmac (The Sons of Hephaestus)
gebann (Black Templars)
Gillyfish (Dark Angels)
Grand Master Belial (penitent Fallen Dark Angels)
grand master jack (Dark Angels)
Grand Master Kronos (Deathwing)
Grandmaster damion (Darkangels)
grazer (Blood Angels)
Green Lantern (Green Lantern Space Marine Corps)
Grendelus (Dark Angels)
Grond (Night Stalkers)
Gustavus_Windblade (Space Wolves)

Hasoroth (Mourning Templars)
Havock (Black Dragons)
Heru Talon (Warp Falcons)
Hovoc (Iron Hands)
howling_griffon (Howling Griffons)

I + J
Icehornet (Hadwin Stormtooth and Great company)
Ilmarinen (Deathwatch Kill Team)
Iron Father Wood (Iron Hands)
jahxius the interrogator (Daemonhunters)
JamesI (marines and deamonhunters)
Jokoe (Blood Angels)
Jwave (Ultramarines 2nd Company)

Kalius (blood angels)
keith (Iron Hands)
KnightofUltramar (Ultramarines)
KnightsOfMars (Knights of Mars)
Kor (Raptors)
Kyarl Deathaxe (The Grieving Templars)

Leif Weregeld (Erik Redwolf's Great company)
Lemariont (Dark Angels)
Liam (Ultramarines)
Librarian- Melechor (Iron Hands Sand Strikers)
Lionsbane (Space Wolves)
Lord_CERBERUS (Fleshtearers)
Lord Commander Vulkus Dorn (Iron Hands and Black Templars)
Lord Gordonis (Angels Repent Blood angels)
Lord Hjamlar (Wolf Lord Hjamlar Bloodmoon)
Lord Ragnarok (Ravening Wolves)
LordXaras (Black Templars)
lotsa_terminators (Black Templars)
Lucas Van Gallieon (Blades of Deliverance)
Luther - the fallen (Blood Angels)

manheim (blood angels)
Mark of the wulfen (Blizard Wolves)
Markconz (Iron Hands)
Marshall Bohemond (Black Templars & Knights of Poseidon)
Marshall J Sinistar (Black Templars)
Marshall Orion (Black Templars)
Master Draedan (Deathwing)
Meatgrindger (13th Company)
melee (Bonedigger Mafia)
MemphisMark (Ultramarines)
Miaowara (Legio B&C or Emperor's Samurai)
Monkey Pirate (Witch Hunters)
monstagames (**unnamed** chapter)
Morticon (Children of Sanguinius)
Mrph45 (DA)
Mugdava (Relictors)
Mugruk (Black Templar)
mysteryman (space wolves and SoB)

Nicorex (Void Hunters)
Nidhogg_Rider (Order of Shining Purity and "We got Lost" Chapter)
Night Dragon (in the name of the Emperor and Sanguinius)
Novaraven (Sisters of "The Order of the Emerald Chalice")

O + P + Q
Obliterator (Sisters of Battle)
outrider (DA)
Phaezen (Ultramarines)
Philip (Crimson Fists)
powder_baby (BAs)
Punkfish (Blood Angels)
Psychologic (Order of the Burning Leaves)
QuantumCollider (Ultramarine)

Race Bannon (Gray Death Legion)
Raptor 78 (Blood Ravens)
Reaver (Dark Angels)
roachvan (Dark Angels)
Roenel (salamanders)
Rymeer (Crusading Lions)

Schmitt. (Light Crusaders)
Seahawk (Ultramarines)
Sh4dow (Red Spears)
Shadow Walker (Raven Guard)
shadowSpyder (Black Templars and Raven Wing)
Shinobi_soldier (Dark Angels)
siegfried (Wolflord Saebjorn Thunderwolf)
Silver Wings (Dark Angels)
sjon (Blood Angels)
Smashgob (Imperial Fists)
Speelyi (Blood Ravens)
Spiral (Dark Angels)
Squigsnok (Dark Angels)
Starwax (Dark Angels)
Strensk (IF)

T + U
the-betrayer (Angels of Lament)
The4thHorseman (Blood Angels)
The Gunslinger (Templars)
UrbanKnight (Dark Angels)

Valaris (Taskforce Redemption)
Varath- Lord Impaler (Imperial Fists)
Vashiel (Ultramarines)
Vismund Cygnus (Ultramarines 8th Company)
Von Richthofen (Black Templars)

Warboss toad of the blood angels (Blood Angels)
Weird Al (Knights Templar)
wolek (Space Wolves)
Wolf Lord Greymoor (Storm Hounds)
Wolffje (Angels of Fury)

X + Y
XgenAdam (Dark Angels)
Xman (Imperial Fists)
xRagex (Storm Slayers)
YaZoR (Dark Angels)

ZAChos (Ultramarines)
Zako (Ultramarines)
Zephyro (Predators)
Zeuspro (Ultramarines)
Zgar (Ultramarines)

List Courtesy of Chaplain Lucifer of Legio Bolter & Chainsword.

The Medusa V Campaign
The Merit of Terra ribbon
The Merit of Terra

The Star of Medusa ribbon
The Star of Medusa

The Valoris Imperator ribbon
The Valoris Imperator

The Order of the Storm ribbon
The Order of the Storm

The Medusa V Adeptus Astartes Alliance Medal ribbon
The M5A3 Silver Medal

The Medusa V Adeptus Astartes Alliance Medal in Gold ribbon
The M5A3 Medal in Gold

The Administratum Medal ribbon
The Administratum Medal


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