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The goings of the Illumis Campaign in the Maelstrom Sector.
6th Company vs. Orks.
Last Updated; July 27. 2005 - Imperial Record 1.568.5.2.


Strategic Map of the Illumis industrial islands.


Ork invasion of Illumis escalating

After beating back the original invasion of the Orks during their landing on Illumis, the Chapter’s 6th Company managed to destroy the Ork invader’s weapons and industrial facilities; effectively halting their military expansion, and ability to re-emerge back into space, or take to the skies.

This has lead to the Orks invading the largest industrial complex on Illumis.
The PDF stationed here, tried holding back the Ork tide for several weeks, but eventually came to realize that they where fighting a lost cause.
As the Orks took and held the most important gateway to the island, by land, the Orks where free to move in and secure the industrial and refinery complexes. - Not having the manpower to launch an attack upon the region, the PDF commanders called upon the Guardian Angels for aid, and once more, the 6th Company answered that call.

When the 6th Company’s battle force entered the area, they found it heavily guarded, and the Orks had dug in with bunkers and a heavily defended fort structure.

Flanking on the Ork fort’s weakest sides, the 6th Company attempted a tactical vice maneuver upon the Orks, and found that they where able to draw the Ork main force out into open battle while artillery fire provided by Whirlwind support, opened a hole through the frontal defenses of the Orks.

Under heavy and disciplined firing-lines, the Ork left flank began to fall, while the right flank was pounded by the Battle force’s fast attack units and flamer teams.

The Orks right flank held strong however as hordes of gretchin poured out at the Marines. – Worse still, the Ork left flank was reinforced by the dreaded Ork dreadnought designated Orksa Stompa.
Under the scrutinizing eye of what many take to be the Ork Warboss, the Orks on the left flank held more thoroughly than expected, and several Marines where caught up within reach of the powerful warmachine.
Making the situation even worse, the Orks had held back hidden reserves, and where protected by a custom made Orkish forcefield.

The Ork reserves flanked out the hard pressed Marine forces, and where able to halt the Whirlwind firing capacity.
Seeing no other option than to pull out the Battle Force to regroup, the 6th Company command decided to send in Ravenclaw dropships for pickup, while the Dreadnought Appolyon was redirected in his drop pod to land on target near the Ork command bunker in the now nearly defenseless Ork fort area.

Appolyon continued to crush the fortified bunker while tying up the Ork leaders inside. – Unfortunately, Appolyon was seriously damaged in the attack. – Maybe even beyond saving…

As the Ravenclaw dropships came down from the skies to pull out the struggling, fallen, dead and wounded Marines; Master Chaplain Vadin McHammer, leading the airlift mission, could see a squad of scouts and the left flank’s heavy support being threatened by the power of Orksa Stompa.
Courageously, Master McHammer threw himself from the fast descending Ravenclaw dropship and ignited his jump pack to come down behind the giant warmachine of Orksa Stompa; elegantly blowing it apart with two well placed shots of his plasma pistol.

The Marines where now safe for pickup, but not before a squad of Ork bikers caught Chaplain Vadin in a hailstorm of remarkably accurate shots.
Master Vadin, having his back turned; took several hits and was seriously injured. - He is currently recovering at the Apothecarion onboard the “Terra Cognita”. - But thanks to his efforts, there will be no such recovery for the dreaded Orksa Stompa.

The conclusion of the battle is a decimated Ork force and a major blow to their morale with the loss of their Boss. – They still hold the industrial complex however, and with its aid are sure to grow even stronger than before.
The industrial complex is also one of the most important road nodes on the island, and the Orks can strike out at almost all the island’s strategic locations from here; including its Space Port that is sure to bring the Orks back into space.

On the 6th Company’s side; they have a recovering Master Chaplain, as well as a Tornado, Whirlwind and attack bike in for repair. – One destroyed Rhino and potentially a lost hero of the Chapter.
Four Marines where killed along with an augmented servitor; and another five Marines would have died had it not been for the Chapters notable medical knowledge.
Still, a total of 21 Marines have been wounded, many of them seriously, and they are all currently recovering at the Company Apothecarion.
We can only find comfort in knowing that the Orks, despite their victory; lost their Boss and suffered far greater losses. – In numbers at least.
- Even now, Imperial forces are planning a counter strike to halt the Ork advance once more.

In conclusion; the industrial pipes of Illumis island run black with the smoke of Ork workshops, polluting the ground and clotting the sky with thick oily clouds.

This is truly a dark day on Illumis!


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Dropping in on the Orks.
Venerable Brother Appolyon dropping in on the Orks.



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