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Main info on the Chapters HQ.
Last Updated; February 25. 2005 - Imperial Record

Motto: Exemplo ducemus - By example we lead

The HQ of the Guardian Angels is an assembly of all the Chapters senior officers, ranking from Captain and up. It is often counted as part of the first company, but it is actually an institution in its own right, and incorporates a lot more than the Chapters officers; as the HQ also includes other fractions of the Chapter, like; The Fleet Company, the Reclusiam, the Librarium, the Apotechary, the Forge, and to some extent; the Logistical support staff officers.

Some members of the First Companys battle force count as part of the HQ, but most members of the HQ do not directly count as part of the first battle company, nor do they count against the Chapters 1000 Battle Brother limit; Unless they count as being an actual part of both fractions, like; sergeants, veteran sergeants, Company standard bearers and Company Champions.

The members of the HQ will have regular positions in other Companies, and will often be assigned to do service in Battle Companies; that in turn will be reinforced by Command vehicles from the Forge.

More info on the different elements of the HQ division:


Chapter Rank-Structure listed by Chain of Command:

A re essentially mindwiped and augumented “slaves” to the Chapter.

Initiate: Initiates are subjects that are being tested as potential marines.


Are initiates that did not make the cut, and other regular humans that have decided or been picked to remain with the Chapter; functioning as servants, deck hands, squires and so on.


Are initiates that have been accepted into the Chapters training program.

These are initiates in the Chapter that have actually started their implant prosedures, but are not yet ready for warfare.

A Scout is a Marine in field-training, that is done with most of his implant prosedures and ready for the battlefield, but not yet fully trained or adapted to become a full Battle Brother. Still, they are formidable soldiers.

Battle Brother:
Allthough all members of Battle Companies count os Battle Brothers, this is also the lowest ranking Marine rank; corensponding to that of private or conscript.

Lance-Corporal / Corporal:
Usually Marines with special field training, like heavy or special weapons training. Special assault-training, or vehicle training.

Company Champion:
Honourary rank of an individual in charge of upholding the Companys honour.

Chief Technician / Technical Sergeant:
Rank of a commanding Tech-Adept (Tech Marine).

Company Standard Bearer:
Honourary rank of the individual carrying a company Banner.

Sergeant are mostly squad leaders, but also vehicle commanders.

Master Gunnery Sergeant / Veteran Sergeant:

Those of this rank are usually squad leaders for particularily important squads, but they can also be vehicle commanders, weapons officers and pilots. In addition to this, Apotecharies and field operatives for the Tech-Adepts count as Veteran Sergeants in rank.

Logistical staff Sergeant:
This individual is in Charge of local battlezone logistical operations.

Chief of Security / Officer of the watch:
An officer in Charge of the security of a spesific area within the Chapter.

Colour Sergeant/ Chapter Standard Bearer:
Honourary rank of the individual carrying the Chapter Banner.

Honour Guard:
Seremonial rank of those in charge of protecting certain individuals or places within the Chapter.

A Captain can both signify one who is in charge of a Battle force, a Battle Company and a Space ship.

A Commander is a rank signifying a commanding officer of a Battle Force.

Commander at sail:
This rank is the active senior officer currently in Charge of a Space ship or Armada.

Master of the Marches:
This is the rank of the officer in Charge of ground operations.

Logistical staff officer:
This is the ranking officer in charge of logistics on a campaign.

Master of the Forge:
This is the officer in charge of all the Chapters technology.

This rank signifies an individual in charge of a joined fleet operation.

Master and Commander:
This rank signifies one who is master of both fleet and ground operations.

Supreme Commander:
Acting Chaptermaster that steps in for the actual Chaptermaster when he is indisposed.

The master of the Chapter – holding the rank of General.

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Provost Marshal:
Individual usually considered part of the Reclusiam; in Charge of security, law and order within the Chapter. – He may at any time arrest anyone within the Chapter; and carry out a full investigation surrounding illegal or alleged illegal circumstances.
In Game terms, this is the Chapter Champion (Champion of the 1st Company).
Other Company Champions are usually considered Provost Marshals for their Company; bearing the rank of Junior Provost Marshal.

Master of the Apotecharion:
The individual in charge of all Chapter medical activity: Authorized to deem anyone in the Chapter infirm and unfit. – Chaptermaster, Captains, and / or the Provost Marshal may veto – in which case a crew of 3 other Apotecharies are brought in for a second expert opinion that cannot be veto´d.

In addition to these ranks, there are the ranks for the Chaplains and their subordinates, the Librarians and the Tech-Adepts.



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