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Info on the Chapter Church and beliefs.
Last Updated; November 10. 2005. Imperial Record 1.858.5.2.

Motto: Memento Mori - Remember the dead

Role of the Chaplains:

In everyday life and Training
The Chaplains are widely respected mentors of the Chapters members. They tend to much of the cognitive training of the new recruits, and also function as confidants for the Chapter, filling the role of psychologist and priest, and giving advice and guidance on many subjects and problems of everyday life.

The Chaplains also tend to the holy places of the Chapter, and can often be found in the Chapters botanical gardens, or within the Chapters beautiful Chapels.
It is also the Chaplains job to arrange and care for the Chapters holy days and pilgrimages, as well as the burial rites and services within the Chapter.
In addition to these things, the Reclusiam plays an important part in the administration and judgement of punishment for those who fail in spiritual matters.
Finally, the Reclusiam is in charge of the Librarium, and in charge of screening and testing members for psychic talent. – Especially in new initiates.

In Battle and War
A a Guardian Angel Chaplain is not often seen, at least not at the front lines.
The Chaplains are mostly there to help the Apothecarion, Librarium and Support.
It is quite normal for Chaplains to give inspiring speeches before battle however,
to help the men focus on their mission, and not loose their way.
The Chaplains also tend to bless the Battleforce in a ritual of preparation for war.
Sometimes however, Chaplains will fight in the front lines, standing out as great heroes that hold the men together against all odds.

While Chaplains sometimes go into the thick of fighting, it is actually after the battles their real job begins. After a battle it is the Reclusiams responsibility to psychologically debrief the marines and everyone else from the Chapter that took part, administering treatment where necessary, and hypno-therapy for those that may have had truly dramatic experiences.

Finally it is the responsibility of the Reclusiam to gather and cleans the dead before carrying out honour services, burial rites, and informing family and friends of their loss. – This is usually teammates and the Chapter at large.

Dress Code
While most Chapters Chaplains wear black armour and a skull mask, the Chaplains of the Guardian Angels usually wear armour of white and gold, allthough some company Chaplains still stick to confirmity of black armour.
They do wear a skull mask in honour of the undying Emperor, but often conceal it beneath the hood of their monastic robe that is sometimes worn over their armour when going to battle.

In everyday practice, it is rear that the Chapters members wear armour, instead donning white and blue monastic robes, or special uniforms. – The Chaplains of the Reclusiam however wear black monastic robes.



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