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The Chapters info, knowledge-base, communications and intel Division.
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Librarians & the Librarium
Mente et manu - With mind and hand

The Librarium of the Guardian Angels
Is submitted to the rule of the Reclusiam, and while the two institutions are separate, they fill much of the same roles, and in essence operate as one institution.
Where the Chaplains are in charge of learning the Chapters members about spiritual aspects, the Librarians are the Chapters teachers on the cognitive plane.
Where the Chaplains keep the records of life and death, the Librarians keep the records of Strategy, tactics, history and many other teachings.

As psychers are outlawed in the Chapter, the Librarians of the Guardian Angels hold a purely functionary rank, describing their role as well as their position:

The Lexicanian gathers intel. on the battlefield and prepare a briefing report about the battlefield and enemy.
On a battlefield, Lexicanians can be found onboard command vessels, HQs and vehicles. – Often Lexicanians will be in charge of scouting operations, as well as the use of CATS, servo skulls and other apparatus for gathering intel.

The Codiciers evaluate the reports of Lexicanians and provides a strategic overview of battles for the Chapter's records; they gather info during battles, and add them to the Chapter's historical records, collecting and comparing tactical and strategic advances.

The Epistolary is in essence a communications officer on the battlefield.
He is also in charge of screening new initiates for psychic talent, keeping the Chapter free of Psychers, and guarding those psychers that may be within the Chapter at any time.

The Chief Librarians are superior in rank, and are in Charge of the Librarium and databanks where the Chapter keeps its collection of knowledge.
All Librarians are also charged with training the Chapters members in different cognitive subjects, and are used as respected teachers throughout the Chapter.

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Dress Code
In day-to-day activities, a rich blue monastic robe is worn to signify their status as Librarians and mentor to new initiates. On the battlefield however, they carry regular uniform armour and are rarely seen outside a command post.

The Untouchables
Much like the Adeptus Sororitas have the “Sisters of Silence” that guard Black ships from psychic powers, the Guardian Angels have a small collage of such untrained null-psychers. – The Untouchables are part of the Librarium, and are mostly used to screen and train new initiates. – Although sometimes they are also used as part of a guard force for Psychers within the Chapter.

Servo Skulls and Cherubim
Just like the Reclusiam, the Librarium uses Cherubim in their daily work.
They never use them on the battlefield however, but use Servo skulls instead; employing them in such missions as messengers and scouts. – In addition, the servo skulls serve the Librarium during day-to-day activities, but are rarely seen outside the Librarium itself, as the little machines are a bit unpopular.



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