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Support elements for Warfare.
Last Updated; November 10. 2005. Imperial Record 1.858.5.2.

Motto: Construimus, Batuimus - We Build, We Fight

The Forge is the Chapters Tech-division;
Dealing with everything that has to do with machinery and technology.
Mostly consisting of Tech-Adepts and Servitors.
Even though the Forge is actually the term for the Chapters factories; creating and repairing everything from pocket knives to Space Stations, the Armoury; containing all operational technology and gear, also falls under the juristiction of the Forge.

The Mark of the Machine Cult
Allthough the Chapter does not venerate the Machine God, or interact much with the Aaadeptus Mechanicus, they still use the Machine Cults symbol for Machinery, as they have found this to be a quite effective symbol; espesially to avoid a lot of special attention and uncomfertable questions.

Technology and the Omnissiah
Imperial faith statuates that the Emperor is God, and that the Omnissiah is an aspect of the Imperator. – Thus the Machine God and the Emperor are one.
The Chapter is completely opposed to this however, and refuse to believe that the Omnissiah is any sort of God. – Nor is the Emperor a God, and thus the Omnissiah can not be part of him.

The Chapter reasons that humanity had technology before the Omnissiah, and that it is Humanities ingenuity and creativity that created and controls technology; not some unseen, alleged Machine God.

Further more, while the Chapter does use Machine Spirits, they do not believe that they are entirely necessary in all machines. Nor do they feel the need to go through the highly pompous and sometimes-dangerous rituals allegedly needed to appease the Machine God and the many Machine spirits.

The Chapter has also been known to build their own machines that are not sanctioned by the Machine Cult, and even to use what is believed to be Xenos Technology on some occasions.
It is this controversial belief and reasoning that almost got the Chapter destroyed during the Venor Crusade. – Had it not been for the timely intervention of Ordo Hereticus, the Chapter may well have been declared Excommunicate, and marked for Exterminatus.

Even to this day, the Chapter bears a grudge against the Machine Cult, and they relentlessly refuse to send Marines to training with the Adeptus Mechanicus.
Still the Chapter manages to function without any problems, much to the great frustration of the Machine Cult.

Lately, the Guardian Angels have started working more closely with the Adeptus Mechanicus, as they are a vital part of the Imperium, but they still distrust them, and refuse to work directly with them on any project at all.
In fact, when the Chapter first encountered the Necrons, they immediately suspected the Adeptus Mechanicus of being behind their appearance, or at the very least that there was some link between them.
This was later proven to be false, but every time the Guardian Angels now encounter and engage a Necron force, they are vividly reminded of what humanity may become if they where led by the Adeptus Mechanicus alone.

Xenos Technology
While never having used actual Xenos technology, the Chapter has used variants that can remind the untrained mind of Xenos tech.
The truth of the matter is that the Chapter holds pieces of STC knowledge that is unknown to the Machine Cult, and that the Chapter feels much of the technology employed by Xenos races, has actually been stolen from older human technology; such as anti grav-technology and EMP equipment.

The Venor Crusade
The Venor Crusade was instrumental in forming parts of the Chapters current beliefs and status, and is an important part of their history.
More info on the Venor Crusade

The Chapters STC system
One of the Chapters many “secrets”; is their access to an extreemely complete Standard Template Construct, that they use to the best of their abillity in order to maintain the Chapters Machinery, and create “new” war machines.
Their STC is located onboard the Ark of Terra, hidden deep within the Ark of Terra.
It is part of a super computer and directly linked to the Chamber of Angels and the Chapters Dreadnaughts that again interlink the Chapter to a psychic relay that can uplink the Arch-Angels and the Guardian Angel Command Centre to all the Chapters Space Ships, satelite networks, HQs and monitoring stations; menaing that they can get live feeds from Battle Brothers “on the ground”, and give strategic and tactical advice on the fly.
In addition to this, some Chapter members use memory enhancing inplants that allow them to store and recall large amounts of data; and throughout the Chapter, large amounts of STC data is hidden within the heads of its members.
These memory enhancers are especially common among Librarians and Tech-Adepts, but all Arch Angels (Dreadnaughts) also have vast caches of STC knowledge within their armoured shell.

Demolitions, engineering and resque
Allthough most of the Chapters fighting forces are capable of demolitions work, it often falls uppon the Tech-Adepts and servitors to carry out this work a bit away from the frontlines. In addition to this, they are often employed in operations of engineering; setting up battlefield locations, preparing battlefields, laying down temporary bridges and so on.
Finally, the Armoury is usually the ones that go in and extract damaged or destroyed vehicles from the battleground; using special search and resque vessles.

Custodes Cybernetica
Pax per scientiam - Peace through science

Within the Armoury, there is a group of Tech-Adepts especially charged with keeping and maintaining the Chapters Dreadnaughts, robots and cyborgs. – Looking after their mechanical and organic components, machine spirits, and Ai.
These individuals only handle this equipment, but that is a lot of equipment; as the Chapter usually has around 7000 Servitors, Servo skulls and robots active within the Chapter – Not to mention the Dreadnoughts.

Servo Skulls Imperial Robots and Servitors
The Guardian Angels Tech-Adepts sometimes use Servo skulls to aid them in both research, repairs and Battlefield operations.

It can also be noted that they, unlike most other Imperial institutions; still use robots for many tasks, and actually prefer them to the humanly destructive Servitors for battlefield service.

Still, servitors are used more and more, and can be found carrying out all sorts of tasks within the Chapter, such as, manoeuvring ships, planes and support vehicles.
Aiding in repairs, logistical tasks, medical assignments, cleaning, and many, many more day-to-day activities.

The Biologium
Aere perennius - Truer than steel

Not directly a part of the Armoury, but under its command, the Biologium has members from both the Apotecharion, the Librarium, the Armoury and its own resident personnel.
The Biologium is in charge of breeding, keeping, grooming and handeling animals within the Chapter, as well as handling the Chapters natural resources, like; training grounds, agricultural and recreational areas. As well as food supplies...

The Beastiary is a sub-division of the Bilogium that trains and provides the Chapter with animals for combat, like: Scout dogs for 10th Company; Capable of Guarding, Tracking, Sniffing out mines, and doing battlefield message runs in hard-communication areas.
Riding animals like; Horses for 10th Company and Riding-Lizards for the Battle Companies engaged in Jungle Operations.
Hunting and tracking falcons, as well as many, may more animals.

The Botanium is the other half of the Biologium.
The Botanium is a collection of experts like; Aagronoms, foresters and botanists, that take care of all the natural resourses, recreational and wildlife areas of the Chapter.

All in all, the Biologium is a little seen, but essential part of the Chapter´s training and upkeep.

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