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Main info on the Chapters Medical Division.
Last Updated; February 25. 2005 - Imperial Record

Apothecaries & the Apothecarion
Motto: Eripendo Mortis, Victorea Prosum
By snatching away from death, contribute to victory.

All members of the Guardian Angels are trained in medicine, and they have extremely good insight into medical subjects.
Purity is a very important thing to the Chapter, and during their training a large amount of the initiates take a special interest in medicine; resulting in that the Chapter has a larger quantity of Apothecaries than normal.
It is also a requirement that individuals graduating to Veteran Sergeant status eventually take an advanced medical training. – Therefore one may sometimes find Veteran sergeants with medical equipment to help his squad in battle.

While the Apothecaries have enough to do during an actual battle, it is after the battle that their real job begins.
After a battle, the members of the Apothecaries need to collect the dead and their Progenoids, carry out obtopsies. Catalogue and administer care to the injured. Cleanse equipment and make sure that no toxic or dangerous substances leak into the Chapter.
This is especially important when fighting Orks, Tyranids, Mutants, and the minions of Chaos. – Especially the minions of Nurgle.
To help them, the Chapter have special cleansing rituals for all Marines and Equipment after battle, including; Super sonic showers, Ultra violet radiation showers, anti bacteria equipment, anti radioactivity foam, medical scans, medicines, burning, sanding, acid / base baths, psychological debriefing, hypno-therapy, as well as regular soap, water and anti septic liquids.

During the initiation process, it is the Chapters Apothecarion that carries out medical surveys of the new initiates, scan their genetical makeup, and test their physical potential. –They are also in charge of collecting Progenoids, growing and inserting the Marine organs, as well as keeping the Marines chemically balanced.
In addition to this, it is the responsibility of the Chapters Apothecaries to train its members in matters of medicine, administering hypno-therapy, medical care and tissue rebuilding through the use of specially built Bacta Tanks.
Finally, they also work with the Tech-adepts of the Armoury to make and install Bionic replacements for severally injured Marines.

Dress Code
In day-to-day activities, the Chapters Apothecaries wear white monastic robes with a red cross on each shoulder, while in battle; they wear regular armour with Apothecary upgrades – like the Reductor and Narthecium.

In addition to Medical training and a high number of Apothecaries, the Chapters uses specialised Servo skulls that are equipped to scan and catalogue battlefield injuries, as well as deaths. – These Servo-meds can also administer minor medical aid, and help Apothecaries in field-operations.

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