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+++ GENE SEED +++
Info on the Chapters Gene Seed stock and recruitment.
Last Updated; April 26. 2005. Imperial Record 1.314.5.2.





Guardian Angels Medical symbol.

The Guardian Angels Apothecary Symbol.

The Angels always have one wing in heaven,
the other is dipped in a bowl of blood
- Civilian proverb -


The Guardian Angels gene-seed is from unknown origins.
There have been speculations in the past that the Chapter originated from the Imperial Fists. Some have fronted beliefs that there are ties to the Blood Angels, others again have statuated the Ultramarines as the Chapters original gene-seed. – It has also been speculated that the Chapter is founded from the Legio Custodes, or the mysterious remains of the loyalist Death Guard; or due to the pearlescent nature of the Chapter's armour, it has even been speculated that their origins lie with the once so respected Luna Wolves.

Whatever the truth is, it is unknown to all but the most senior members of the Guardian Angels and the Emperor himself.
What is known is that the Chapter shows no signs of mutated or defect gene-seed. – There is no physical or psychological instability, and all implants are functioning at optimal levels.
In fact the Guardian Angels have fever deaths and instabilities than is normal in implantation procedures.

This may be due to the Chapters highly skilled and technologically advanced Tech-Adepts and Apothecaries, but it may also be noted that the Chapter only recruits men with fair skin, blond hair, blue eyes mesomorphic traits and bloodtype O-, as all the seventy original marines chosen for the Guardian Angels had this genetical makeup, and the chapter believes they have a higher success-rate with implants in humans from this gene-stock.

While this means that the Chapter has an original skin and hair colour that is blond, with blue eyes, they do not stay that way. – Due to the Melanchome organ, they are blond and fair-skinned in temperate climates, while in warm or desert climates, their skin hair and eyes go darker and darker until completely black. – While in complete darkness, they would eventually reach an albino-like state.

The Chapter didn’t start delivering gene-seed to the Adeptus Mechanicus for screening and tests, before 992.M41. – They do so reluctantly as they look harshly upon the incidents that occurred during the Venor Crusade, when the Chapter and a fraction of the Adeptus Mechanicus where at war.

This means that the Chapter has its own holding of gene-seed, and use this when making new marines, rather than anything from the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Furthermore, they do not allow the Machine Cult to take part in their implantation procedures, as the Chapter to a large degree distrusts the members and ways of Cult Mechanicus.

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