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Profiling the Chapters leading Medical Officer.
Last Updated; July 18. 2005 - Imperial Record 1.544.5.2.



Short Story:
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"Practitioners of medicine, like practitioners of war;
labour unrelentlessly to destroy the very reason for their own profession".

- Gabriel Angelos of the Guardian Angels -


Name: Gabriel Angelos
Born: 845.M41
Origin: Ultima Segmentum. - Icar V system. - Ultima Prime. Rubicon Sector.
Assigned to: 1st Company - Medical Support - Apotecharion - The Forge.
Rank & Occupation: Chief Medical Officer of the Guardian Angels.

Race: Human; Homo Sapiens Sapiens. - Geno Altered; Adeptus Astares
Gender: Male
Height: 222cm
Weight: 156 kg
Eye Colour: blue - Melanochrome variance
Hair Colour: blond - Melanochrome variance
Skin colour: White - Melanochrome variance
Body Profile: Mesomorphic
Blood type: O-

Health Record:
No notable physical or mental illness, damage or surgery beyond Chapter indoctrination standards.

Notable physical features:
Gabriel is almost a head taller than a normal marine, with the bulky and muscular form to go with it.
As armour goes, brother Gabriel can often be found wearing a portable surgeons harness along with a medical frock containing extra medical equipment - even over the power armour in battle.

Psychological / Emotional Profile:
Gabriel is exceptionally intelligent and harbours an amazing innate ability for understanding the medical side of strategy and tactics.
He is an expert medical doctor, and surgeon as well as being trained in ordontology, psychology and officers training.
Notably, brother Gabriel is also learned as a Tech-Adept, and has served in this regard in the past.
Today Brother Gabriel is the highest-ranking medical officer within the Chapter, the most skilled field surgeon, and a highly respected Mentor.

Brother Gabriel upholds the norm of the Chapters human oriented faith, and seems to be extremely open and tolerant towards all the Chapters members; including the human staff, and can often be found in their company, as well as in the company of other regular humans - where he attends to injuries; physical, mental and emotional.
Gabriel has however been noted to have little tolerance for failure or slow downs among his staff; whether it be in the safety of the Monastery or on the Battlefield.

Service Record:

Medals and honours:


Cost: 85 + pts

Stats Profile: As regular Apothecary

Special Rules: As regular Apothecary


Special Equipment

Gabriel is always equipped with; A Master-crafted Plasma Pistol, A Power Sword, Terminator Honours, a Narthechium, and a Reductor.

In addition, it is highly recommended that Gabriel be given an Artificer Armour, and that he is upgraded with an Adamtine Mantle to represent his Medical Frock.

Surgeons Harness
With opponents permission, Brother Gabriel can be upgraded for an additional 45 points, to include his Surgeons Harness.
The Surgeons Harness works in many ways as if an additional Apothecarion was present in the unit; enabling Gabriel to save an additional failed save per turn, as per the normal Nartechium rules.
The Harness gives him two additional attacks in close combat, and it's medical systems along with its bulk, gives him the equivalent of one extra wound





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