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+++ THE FORGE+++
Work in progress and special projects.
Last Updated; September 08. 2005. Imperial Record 1. 686 .5.2.


Chapter Website.
Completing the Army Transport.
Adding more Terminators.
Adding more Dreadnoughts.
Adding more Scouts.
Adding none-marine Chapter personnel.
Adding Characters.
Detailing the Companies
Super-detailing the Chapter's History


Updating all Marines to include a custom hi-tech Mk 8 hybrid Power Armour.
Repainting the Chapter in new colours.
Updating Vehicle look with Extra Armour for more Character
Scout Quad Bikes
Hi-tech Attack Bikes.
Hi-tech Bikes.
Buggy Recon & Attack Vehicles.
Adding thematic elements for Arctic, Tropic and Desert regions.
Detailing Special Weapons, Equipment and Armour of the Chapter
Detailing important Places of the Chapter
Adding two Vindicators
Adding more APS Scouts.
Giving the Army magnetically interchangable weapons.
Giving the Army interchangable battlefield based Bases.
Giving the Army Interchangable Camo Schemes.
Finishing an offline Codex with ready Armylists.
Adding more Drop Pods to the Army.
Adding 3 new Whirlwinds.
Adding more Rhinoes with eagle front plates.
Creating the Fleet
Upgrading to City of Death
Upgrading to Appocalypse
Guardian Angels Redux


Project of the Month


Getting the Guardian Angels Chapter battle ready.
Remarking the Chapter with Vitruvian insignia
Writing an extensive Chapter Background.
Adding a Democles Command Vehicle
Presenting the Chapter online.
The Scout Recon Vehicle.
Adding Assault Marines.


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