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+++ THE FLEET +++
Info on the Space Fleet of the Guardian Angels Chapter
Last Updated; Desember 15. 2007 - Imperial Record 1.955.7.2.

The Battle Fleet
Motto: Per Ardua ad Astra. Through struggle; to the stars

The Guardian Angels have a truly powerfull fleet that has been the mainstay of many of their campaigns, and has increased their reputation as boarding specialists and Space fighters from their earlier days.
The Fleet is usually divided into three Battlefleets, with individual ships on patrol or special missions; where the Battlebarges or Ramilies class Star Fort is used as the Battleforces HQ, their home away from home.

One such Battle fleet is in their home system, where vessels lie in drydock for repair, refitting and refilling. – Naturally the Home Fleet also has active ships patrolling the system, but the Chapter likes to work in tandem with the Imperial Navy, in Dominion Fleets; and leave much of the work to them.

Another Battle fleet is stationed near the Maelstrom, where they guard shipping lanes and hunt pirate vessels.

Probably the most important of the Chapters battle fleets, is the one stationed on the Eastern Fringe; near Ultramar:

This Fleet works in tandem with the Imperial Navy and the Ultra marines in the continous war effort against the Tyranids.
The Guardian Angels where initially engaged in this war, as boarding experts; and have been instrument in bringing down quite a few Tyranid ships from the inside.
But as time has passed, more forces from the Guardian Angels have joined the Tyranid war, and have also been engaged in more and more planetfall operations; including subterainian missions.

Guardian Angels Battlefleet


Officers of the Fleet
At any time there is between 80 and 100 Brother Marines active as Fleet Officers within the Chapter. – These are a Company in their own right, under the Command of the HQ. – For all purposes, they are a seperate institution within the Chapter, even if they are a part of the HQ, and are sometimes regarded as part of the First Company.

Motto: Mors Ab Alto - Death from above

In addition to the Space Fleet, the Chapters Fleet numbers all aviation machines; both space and inner-atmosphere capable vessels, as well as that the Chapter Navy is under command of the Fleet. – Sometimes squadrons of the Chapters skimmers are also assigned to Fleet duty; usually in the form of fast moving Land Speeder Tempests escorting Transport aircraft.

The Aviation Company is part of the Fleet, but more spesifically; they are the vessels, pilots and crew that form up the Chapters Space to Inner-Atmospheric Air Support:

For the most part flying equipment and personnel; drop-missions into hot zones.
But they also provide the Chapter with on-ground air-support, inner atmosphere, orbital and deep space dog fighting; Escort missions, evacuation missions, surgical bomb-runs, all out air-strikes, and recon-intel missions.
The Chapters Aviation Company consists of Fleet officers, especially trained Marine Pilots, none-marine pilots, Servitor pilots; as well as servitor gunners and personnel.
In addition to this, the Chapter will often have backup from Imperial Battlefleets, as they tend to work in tandem with these to form up Dominion Fleets.

Fleets ships and Assets
The Fleet is built up from several Space-ships, landers, flyers and more.
In addition to this, the Chapters Planetary Navy is under Fleet Command.
A closer look at the Fleets Ships and Assets can be found here.

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