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Frequently Asked Questions.
Last Updated; May 24. 2005 - Imperial Record 1.394.5.2.

Here you will find information that may answer your questions regarding the Guardian Angels Chapter, The Game, Space Marines, The Site and More.


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Fluff wise:
The Chapter is a Chapter that celebrates Humanity as the most valuable race in the galaxy. - The Chapter deals openly with the human public, practices and preaches lessons of humanity and knowledge rather that just war.
Their armour is that of white, black, orange and blue, but unlike most Chapters; the Guardian Angels have no reservations against using Camo schemes, and frequently do so.

They are well versed in technology and medicine; are a well respected Boarding Specialists Chapter and are known to shy away from psychers even though they embrace Null-Psychers. - This has brought them on edge with both the Inquisition and the Adeptus Mechanicus, but still, they keep fighting for Humanity and what they see as it's epitome; The Emperor.
For a more complete understanding of the Chapter, begin with the Synopsis.

Game wise:
The Guardian Angels is a Chapter that is extremely diverse with the goal of being able to take on any enemy on any battlefield, in any mission at any time and place.

To do this, the Chapter must be flexible and have the opportunity to field anything from Codex Astartes. The Chapter must be mobile, ready and willing.
To do this, the Chapter must be equipped with bases for any battlefield, have interchangeable weapons and camo; readymade Army lists for any occasion and mobile transporter units.

The Chapter is well on its way to completing this. Now all that remains is economy and time...



In game terms, the Chapter is huge and still growing.
All the contents can’t be listed here, but suffice to say that the Army can easily field a battle force of around 6000 - 8000 points.


Earlier fluff does mention something that can be interpreted as Female Space Marines, but these are most likely only early references to the Adepta Sororitas.
Games Workshop has also earlier made a blister pack with Power Armoured Females.

These models are sometimes believed to represent Female Space Marines, but where actually ment to be Female, Human Adventurers in power armor.
You can see the models in question here:

Although it is the official view of the Guardian Angels Chapter; that there is no such thing as an actual Female Space Marine, there is nothing stating that Females (even Power Armoured ones) cannot be trained and equiped like a Space Marine, and serve in their Chapter. – In fact, the Guardian Angels have one such individual within their ranks; "Angelica Graymantle Angelos", who is a respected officer and ave inspiring Role Model within the Chapter.

In this respect, the medical staff of the Chapters Apotecharion also believe that with the right knowledge, one may be able to reverse engineer the Black Carpace and bioengineer females to fit many, if not all of the biological Astartes implants to a female body. - Still, tradition, knowledge and willingness go against this practice.

Space Marines as individuals are not barbaric creatures that only live for war.
Such descriptions are better suited for Black raged Blood Angels or Demon infested Chaos Berserkers.
Space Marines however are picked from the finest, strongest and most intelligent humans humanity can provide.
These individuals are than trained, scholared and bio-engineered to become all that a human can be in every way - not just for war.

As the Guardian Angels go, they believe that training the mind is just as important as training the body; and they strive towards preserving humanity in all they do.





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