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Religion and philosophy of the Custodes Angelus Chapter.
Last Updated; February 03. 2005 - Imperial Record

Faith of the Angels
Most Chaplains of the Adeptus Astartes preach death in their Chapters, but the Chaplains of the Guardian Angels take a different approach. – They speak of life, what makes it worthwhile, and they preach the protection of knowledge, humanity and its soul. – Where other Chapters speak of dying for the Emperor, the Guardian Angels speak of living for Humanity.

The Emperor our Father
Imperial faith states that the Emperor is a God, but the Guardian Angels do not see it this way. To the Guardian Angels Humanity is divine and the Emperor is their revered and unrelenting protector and saviour.
They don’t see the Emperor as a God; they simply see him as a incredibly powerful and talented man that unrelentingly suffers to keep humanity together.
The Emperor is the spiritual Father of Humanity, and the true Father of the Adeptus Astartes.

The Primarchs
The Guardian Angels are from uncertain origins, and due to this they have no direct connection to a Primarch. – Like with the Emperor, they don't see the Primarchs as directly divine, but rather like an extension of the potential for divinity in man.
The Chapter reveres many aspects of the Primarchs, but believe that even in their seeming perfect form, the Primarchs where still open to failure.
It is their belief that any aspect of Humanity may fail if not given the right guidance, and that for all his wisdom, the Emperor, in his long, lonely wait for humanity's rise; eventually "forgot" about this, and neglected his own, thereby opening them to the temptation of Chaos, and eventual fall.
This serves as a constant reminder to the Guardian Angels, that humanity needs guidance, and that the Emperor, through his plan for the Guardian Angels, provided a way back into the light if he should ever fail in keeping Humanity on the narrow path.
So to the Guardian Angels; Humanity and the Emperor, as the culmination of the human soul, are much more important than Primarchs.

Even if the Primarchs play only a minor role in the daily belief of the Guardian Angels, they still try to find wisdom and lessons in their teachings and deeds.
Specifically, the Primarchs play more a historical role to the Chapter, and there is no doubt to them the significance of their legacy.
Specifically they honour the strategic and tactical aspects of Codex Astartes, but see it more as a collection of wisdom in the form of suggestions, than a given set of laws and rules, as they feel that it is necessary to stay dynamic and creative, rather than stagnating and becoming easy to predict.

Even if they do not follow the Codex to the letter, they have quite a high affection and respect for Roboute Guilliman, and it is quite usual for members of the Chapter to go on a pilgrimage to his resting place during their service.
Other places of pilgrimage; are to see the remains of Rogal Dorn, as well as the Imperial Palace, and Golden Throne on Terra itself.

Chapter Sociology
While most Chapters don’t allow members to have families at all; thinking of them as a weak link for the Marine, the Guardian Angels encourage family ties within the Chapter, and some Marines are even allowed to have actual families.
Even though this sort of union is allowed, it is not directly encouraged, as the Chapter sees some problems may result from families. – Only around ten Marines ever have actual families within the Chapter, but almost all of them keep a link to their origins, as a family is seen as a direct link to remind them of their humanity, to keep them humble and not loose their way in an otherwise dark Galaxy.
Beyond this link, the Chapter sees Humanity as their family, and specifically the Chapter. The Marines are Brothers, with the Emperor as their Father, and the Chapter as their Home Land. Thus, wherever they go, they will always be home. Even the Chapters motto and Battle Cry conveys this spirit: “Capitulus Patria Nostra” – “The Chapter, our Father Land”.

Rest and Leave
The guardian Angels are usually granted up to two Terran weeks distributed throughout the year for study, family affairs, and religious pursuits.
This time is often used in prayer and to consider the depth of their responsibilities, maintaining their war gear, as well as training in ways they themselves feel is necessary.
Leave is also granted for special occasions; after a long and hard campaign, as well as to those wounded in combat. – The Guardian Angels believe in resting periods to heal, contemplate and grow in strength of faith, body and mind.

Humanity the saviour
It is the firm belief of the Guardian Angels that humanity is on the road to become a major psychic race, and that if guided in the right way, they may influence the Galaxy, maybe even the entire Universe in a uniquely positive way. – But if humanity is lead astray, it will be the road to damnation.
Due to this, the Guardian Angels see it as their Emperor given duty, to lead and protect humanity in every aspect, so that the positive sides of humanity are nurtured, while the negative sides are weeded out.

The Immaterium
The Guardian Angels look upon the Immaterium as a vast dimension of energy. This energy is controlled and to some degree created by the thoughts and emotions of sentient creatures in the material universe and within the Immaterium itself. – It is their firm belief that the psyche and emotions of all sentient beings somehow affects the energy, and thus the whole being of this dimension. But it is also their belief that the energies of the Immaterium affects and forms the Material Universe.

They believe the Immaterium is something more than the culmination of psychic energy however, as their ability to travel through it would indicate something more than just the belief of ending up in new locations.
The Chapter believes that the Immaterium is filled by a neutral energy that is affected by psychic awareness and emotions. – Unfortunately the Immaterium has become Chaotic and warped by the negative sides of these things, thus explaining the existence of demons, and the Chaos Powers that the Guardian Angels merely see as glorified demons.
The Chapter believes that the Immaterium must be brought back under control, and that there are only two ways of bringing the Immaterium back in control, so it can be used for good purposes:

One is to kill every sentient creature in existence. But this would make the Immaterium even more turbulent, feeding the war and its control over the Material Universe, eventually making this an almost impossible feat.

The other lies with Humanity, as they are showing extreme Psychic potential, culminating in the Emperor who shines like a Psychic beacon, making the Emperor the physical presence of the Human Soul.

If Humanity’s psychic potential can be harnessed and controlled so it can be used for good, it can reset the Immaterium and bring about peace to all of existence.
– Unfortunately it is extremely unlikely that the Xenos races will go along with this plan, and therefore they must be exterminated, or at least brought to a state of utter psychic weakness. – This however means more war, and that Humanity is not ready for the ascension yet. Their psychic potential must be built, kept healthy and strong; and Humanity must be guided along the narrow path where one wrong step may lead to damnation. – Luckily Humanity has the Emperor to guide them, but in the mean while it is up to the Guardian Angels to be the guardians of Humanity’s body, and the praetorians of the Human soul.

Humanity, and what makes us human
To the Guardian Angels, it is the soul and spirit of mind that defines a human, not the shape, type or amount of organs within the body.
Thus they have no problem accepting abhumans as part of Humanity, but it was long discussed within the Chapter whether Null-psychers really can be considered human, as they seem to have no soul.

Psychers and null-psychers
Eventually it became the belief of the Chapter that null-humans indeed have a soul, but that this soul is the antithesis of a psychic soul. Thus it absorbes energy, rather than radiating it, effectively creating a vacuum within the Immaterium, and leaving holes that would weaken a regular soul's link to the Immaterium. – This would result in people feeling powerless, out of place, hollow and afraid. – All due to a shift in their very existence. – Still, it is widely believed among the Guardian Angels that untouchables are Human, even if they are uniquely different from the norm.

Psychers are a delicate subject within the Chapter.
The Emperor strictly forbade any Chapter to use psychers, and to this day, the Guardian Angels heed his words. – Thus Psychic Marines are outlawed within the Chapter.
The Chapter also believes that humanity will eventually evolve to become a superior psychic race, but that that time is far away, and that humanity’s psychers are still to weak and/or unstable to be trusted. – Thus they regard all psychers with carefully weighed suspicion.
The time that the Chapter spent under the scrutiny of the Inquisition, following the events of the Venor Crusade, furthered the Chapters distrust of psychers; as the Inquisition took advantage of the Chapter on many occasions, and never showed the proper respect or understanding of human life. A respect the Chapter looks upon as the most normal thing in the Galaxy.
Due to this, the Chapter has become very self-conscious about the Inquisition, and often find themselves on edge when it comes to Inquisitorial demands. – Still they do carry out tasks on Inquisitorial order.

The Chapter's lack of psychers has given them a special problem, as they still need to screen and test their initiates and members for psychic talent.
The Chapter has solved this by using extensive genetical testing, as well as special rituals and training; involving psych-out grenades and working in the presence of null- psychers.
To carry out these tests, the Chapter has its very own null-psycher division within the Librarium. – These special individuals are not actual Marines, but work as Librarians for the Chapter, and are usually referred to as “the Brothers of Silence”.
At any one time, they may not number more than 100, and may not see combat.

Navigators and Astropaths
One may think that these individuals pose a problem for the Chapters psycher-suspicion, but they dont. – At least not a big problem.
The Chapters reasons that navigators where originally created for their very purpose. Probably by the Emperor himself, and it has never been positively proved without a doubt that these highly valuable individuals are actual psychers.

Astropaths on the other hand are definitively psychers. But they are psychers bound to the Emperor through the soul binding, and therefore should pose little to no threat.
Still, the Chapter always provide such individuals as Navigators and Astropaths, not to mention any other psycher that may come to pass, with a host of at least five Marine “honour guards” that are to accompany them at all times within the Chapter.
It falls to the Chapters First Company to fill the role of Psi-Guard, and with the Brothers of Silence, they form every squad of “Honour Guards” for psychers within the Chapter.
It can also be noted that the Chapter keeps a vide array of technology and resources at hand, that to some extent can replace these psychers should the need arise.

Emperor, the Psycher
On many occasions, Inquisitors have accused the Chapter of going against the Emperors will. – Their reasoning being that the Emperor is himself, a psycher, and that due to this the Chapter must look down upon the Emperor, seeing him as an abomination that is not to be trusted.
This is as far from the truth as one can get however, as the Chapter do not hate or look down upon psychers, they are merely extremely on guard around them.
As for the Emperor, they believe that he is the only truly evolved Psycher, and the most powerful psycher in existence. He is in utter control; mastering his surroundings in the Material Universe as well as in the Immaterium, and can therefore be trusted like no other.

To live for the Emperor and Humanity

When we are born into this world, we usually do so crying, while those around us are smiling. After that, it is up to us to live our lives in such a way that when we die, we can do so smiling, while those around us are the ones crying.
- Master of the Reclusiam;
Chaplain Teneo of the Guardian Angels.

Many institutions of the Imperium believe that the highest service one can do for the Emperor, and for the Imperium; is to die.
The Guardian Angels are of a completely different opinion. They believe that the highest service one can do for the Emperor, and for Humanity; is to live.
To lay down ones life for it, yes, but not to die...
The Guardian Angels feel that those who died in the Emperor and Humanity's service; Did not die in wane if it was done for a good cause. They believe that the best one can do is to keep living, learning and enduring; as is exemplified in the Emperor himself.
Before a Battle, other Chapters often speak of dying for the Emperor, while the Guardian Angel's Chaplains usually speak of living for Humanity.

The place of the Adeptus Astartes in Humanity
In many ways, the Adeptus Astartes are vastly superior to regular humans, but the Guardian Angels believe there is no significant difference.
What makes a human, human; is the soul. And, under their tough armour, multitude of implants and superior training; a Space Marine is still “only” Human.
It is the sacred duty of the Adeptus Astartes to protect Humanity in every way, until such a day has come; that Humanity no longer needs them...

Indoctrination, Training and the pilgrimage of the soul
The Guardian Angels recruit from hundreds of worlds, but mostly, they recruit from their home-world Icar V.

They always look for those with exceptional skill and talent, seeking to find those that have potential to be strong, dexterous and fit, looking at their family history as well as the subjects themselves. This is done in secret, and if the Angels find a suitable candidate they introduce themselves to the subjects’ family, where upon, if allowed they conduct a series of tests on the child they have been keeping an eye on.

Usually such subjects will range between four to six years old, and will be taken into the care of the Guardian Angels for two months, where they undergo physical, psychological and psychic testing to find those with the right genetical makeup; a good mind, personality, physique and demeanour. The children are given medical care, training and begin basic schooling at the Guardian Angels training facilities.

After two months the children that are unlikely candidates are returned to their families with a small compensation for their time away from home.
The children that did pass all the tests are treated to a last visit to their family before being sent to the real training, but no children are taken against their will, and none are taken against the family's will. – Amazingly they still get most recruits to go.

Back at the Guardian Angels training facilities, the children begin learning about Imperial history, social sciences, etiquette, languages, Imperium economics, fine arts like; poetry, music, drawing, painting and sculpting. They are taught mathematics, Imperium culture, literature, laws, religion, chemistry, physics, biology, basic medical training, discipline, morals and ethics.
They are also given physical training, survival skills, martial arts, weapons training, equipment training as well as basic strategy and tactics.

At around the age of ten the children start on their implant procedures, and hypno therapy sessions.
As time progresses, they also move on to higher levels of learning, and are introduced to new subjects, like; Psychology, love and courting, family affairs, house-keeping, politics, metallurgy, electronics, mechanics and inter-dimensional theories. Operating war-machines and other transport mechanisms, survival, warfare, strategy and tactics. – Not to mention indoctrination into the Chapter's history and beliefs.
At this age they also begin a higher rate of physical training. They train in live survival and war exercises; although the Guardian Angels take great precautions that no one dies in these exercises, teaching the children to look out for one and other.

As they get older, the Neophytes continue their training. They are introduced to history, combat techniques, and the technology of various Xenos races, as well as continuously getting harder combat drills and hypno-therapy. Most of them even start fieldwork as scouts lead in relatively safe areas by a Veteran sergeant on missions that last from days to months.

At the age of eighteen, most of the Neophytes have completed their implant insertions and become fully fledged Brother Marines, serving as scouts in the 10´th Company.
At this age they must undertake a pilgrimage to one of the loneliest, darkest and most uninhabitable places thinkable. They must go through a period of utter isolation on a desolate planet devoid off anything but cold rock.
In this time the person behind the Marine is subject to darkness, loneliness and despair. He is subject to the most horrible scenarios during the initiation process, facing his deepest fears and the darkness loneliness of the Galaxy.

Eventually they must face these things openly, and see the Darkness of the Galaxy. There he will find the light of the Emperor, reflecting the companionship of Humanity itself; For like it is stated in the holy words of the Emperor: “Only when faced with the utter depths of loneliness and darkness will our souls learn to look for the light in all things human, and only then can our own souls truly begin to shine!”
After this ordeal, the trainee stays for ten days and ten nights in prayer before finally ending his solitude.

Once the ritual is complete, the individual is welcomed back into the companionship of the Brotherhood, and in the lesson has learned to honour the Emperor, but also to honour the Chapters Brothers in arms, as well as all of humanity for their persona, their intelligence and companionship.

After this ritual, the Guardian angel gets a skinplant of the chapter symbol tattooed on his left shoulder. Some also get a single tear tattooed under an eye to symbolise their understanding of the Emperors lonely suffering.
The skinplant they get is like a tattoo that is usually black. But when concentrating the Marine can activate his Skinplant so that it glows in a dim white light. – This is a symbol to all Guardian Angels that that the individual has faced his fears and seen the darkness and loneliness of the Galaxy, has bested them, and that he forever will have a deeper understanding of the value of humanity, the Emperor and himself.
Finally after their pilgrimage, the Angels undergo extensive psycho conditioning and evaluation, then they are granted another ten days for prayer and study.

At the age of twenty, most scouts have become full battle brothers and take to fighting in the thick of battle. They are awarded power armour, a personal bolter, equipment, and a personal bunkroom.
At this time they are also allowed to start the study of a subject of warfare especially to their liking, and soon become experts in their field.

The Guardian Angels continue their training all their lives, with four resting periods of about a week every year where they are allowed to stay with family and friends, or spend their time in study or prayer.
This time of “rest” is seen as vital within the Chapter, so the Marines do not lose their link to Humanity and become bloodthirsty, barbaric berserkers that only live for war.

The Fallen Angels
The Guardian Angels harbour no love or understanding for the forces of Chaos.
They feel that such individuals have turned their back on the Emperor, and that indeed their very souls are lost to Humanity. – Thus the forces of Chaos are no longer human, they are soulless creatures driven by demonic spirits that wish only to further the instability of the Immaterium for their own gain.
This is the very essence of what the Emperor and Humanity are trying to defeat, and so the Guardian Angels see it as their duty to destroy such foul fallen ones wherever they find them.

Traitors and Forgiveness
It is believed by the Guardian Angels, that some traitors may be absolved in the early stages of their falling.
A traitor may see the error of his ways, and will then be summarily executed; giving the poor creature the only forgiveness they may have. – Letting their soul fly free to be judged by the Emperor. For all souls of humanity eventually end up back in the concentrated psychic presence of humanity; that is the Emperor.
There is another form of traitor however. Those who know no better:
It is widely believed by the Chapter, that it is acceptable to forgive traitors of the Imperium so as to bring them back into the Emperors light. This is done with the understanding that the soldiers of an army are not always aware that they are going against the Imperium – They are only carrying out orders, and so doing their duty while being kept in the dark by their superiors. A strategically competent officer however should know better, and should never be forgiven for ordering his men away from the Emperors light.

To the Guardian Angels, the Xenos are considered a problem because they are unlikely to work with humanity in their struggle to bring peace to existence.
Due to this, the Xenos races must be exterminated, or brought to such a weak existence that they no longer matter.
Other than this, the Chapter see the Xenos races as parasitical pirates and thief’s, trying to steal from and upset the balance of humanity.
They also believe that the Xenos have stolen much of their technology from original human designs.
Although the Chapter see the Xenos as a problem, it does not mean that they are unwilling to make compromises.
If one Xenos race is destroying another Xenos race, than that is fine, and in this way the Chapter may ignore, or indirectly “work with” other races. – Still, the Chapter sees the Tyranids and Necrons as the worst of the Xenos races, and work hard to keep these races down.

Masters of the Librarium
As the Chapters Librarium is quite different from regular Chapter Librariums, the Librarium of the Guardian Angels is under the Command of the Reclusiam.
This means very little in practice, but does mean that the Librarians and Chaplains of the Chapter often work more closely together than one might expect.

Cherubim servants for the Reclusiam and Librarium
During their time under the scrutiny of the Inquisition, at least one Inquisitor would always be stationed with the Chapter. – One of these Inquisitors introduced Cherubim to the Chapter, thinking it a funny little joke on his part, hinting to a connection between the Chapter name and the little winged creatures.
At first the Chapters senior officers where appalled at the idea of the creatures, but eventually the Chaplains concluded that they; on behalf of their soul, where human.
Thus the Chapter adopted them, and today they are an accepted and respected part of the Chapter, forming small families, often refered to as "Choires", that work for the Chapters Reclusiam and Librarium. – Much like their Masters; they are rarely seen on the Battlefield, but are sometimes used as messengers, observers, spies, and servants even there. – Other roles carried out by the Cherubim are as Imperial symbols, haulers, helpers in different fields of study like; Mechanics; Librarians; Security; Tailoring; Stenography; and religious services in prayer, rituals and Choir-singing.
– All services they carry out with pride and dignity.

Prayer and Daily Rituals
Every member of the Guardian Angels is expected to join in prayer at least one time per day. – Usually this is at morning mass, but the Chapter's members often pray at other times as well.
These prayers are not directed towards any specific God, but are meant more as a reminder to themselves, of what is important in life, and towards what goal they should strive.
Although the prayers are not directed towards a “God”, the Chapters members usually direct them towards the Emperor, as he is the ultimate presence of humanities divine psyche.

Another important part of the Chapters Rites are times of nourishment, where the members of the Chapter get food and drink especially suited to upholding their physique and bodily balance. – The times for different meals are spread out over the day, and different companies usually eat at different times.

Hygiene is also an important thing to the Chapter, and it is not unusual to use “roman baths”, and saunas as ways of cleansing ones body and soul while relaxing.

All of these “rituals” are considered important to the Chapter in many ways; including the social aspect, and in keeping ones humanity throughout the horrors of war.

A Typical Off-duty Guardian Angels Daily Routine

04:00 Morning Prayer
The day is begun with meditation, Morning Prayer and contemplation within the Company Chapel, led by the Master Chaplain. The Company standard and relics may be displayed and the brethren repeat their oaths of loyalty to the Chapter, Humanity and its Emperor.
At this juncture the highest-ranking officer usually goes over what the Chapter is doing, where, and their status. He also tells the men what they know of what is going on in the Imperium. At this time he may also choose to address the Angels on other issues, delegate orders, make any appropriate announcements (such as awards and promotions) and dispense summary punishments as deemed necessary.

05:00 Battle Practice
The first battle practice of the day begins with meditation, followed by studying of techniques, battle theory, strategy and tactics, knowledge about Xenos, and about weaponry.
Bodily training may consist of running, strength training, ball games, water games, snow games, zero G games, athletics, or high gravity training, then stretching. After this they move on to the main program; martial arts, where they train both with and without weapons, concentrating on techniques, speed, agility and strength needed to kill Xenos.

07:00 to 07:25 Health care and Battle gear shine up

07:25 Inspection

07:30 Breakfast
At this time the angels take their first meal to sustain them and give them energy for the days activities. If they are out among other humans, it is common curtasy to let them have some of the Chapter's food before the brethren are allowed to eat.

08:00 Morning Firing Rites
After breakfast, the brethren undertake the first firing rites of the day. A variety of weaponry is used but the emphasis is placed on practice with the Space Marine's personal weaponry. Awards are made for consistently good marksmanship and punishments are inflicted for poor weapon discipline and accuracy. In the field this time is used for maintaining gear and fine-adjusting weapons.

10:00 Training
Combat training continues with live-firing exercises, simulated battle conditions and simulated or real Xenos enemies.

12:00 Midday Prayer
The brethren are gathered once more to give praise to the Emperor and humanity.
At this time it is common to also set aside time for study of more peaceful subjects than the art of war, and on occasion, the Chapter will invite a normal human as a teacher on a subject.
Often this time is also used for the study of biology, medicine and healing.

14:00 Tactical Indoctrination
Hypnotherapy and psycho conditioning are used to rapidly assimilate the Chapter tactical doctrines on a number of subjects, and lessons learned from the morning battle practices are examined.

14:55 Inspection

15:00 Battle Practice
Afternoon battle practice usually revolves around squad and company level tactics and reinforcement of the tactical indoctrination segment. Specialist squads such as devastators and assault troops will often use this opportunity to hone their particular skills while the tactical brethren practice close support with Dreadnoughts, armour and personnel carriers.

19:30 Supper
Supper usually consists of protein rich food, but the chapter also sees to it that all other nutrients are provided for the Angels.
Alcohol is not usually taken among the Angels, but at special occasions they may be allowed a feast with alcoholic beverages.
As in breakfast it is considered common courtesy to invite other humans to share in the Chapters food.

20:00 Final Fighting Exercises
The chapter uses this time to practice combat in night fighting conditions, underwater, in zero gravity, through dense fog or smoke or in other exotic conditions.

22:00 Evening prayer
Evening prayer is viewed as a time for contemplation and giving thanks for the day's lessons learned. Once more praise is rendered to the Emperor for the inception and existence of the Chapter. Gene-seed sampling may be undertaken at this time as it has by now been stimulated by the day's activities.

23:00 Maintenance Rituals
Each Space Marine is expected to maintain and repair his own armour and weaponry according to standard rituals. Seriously damaged or defective gear is surrendered to the Tech-Adepts of the Forge for inspection and repair. Every effort is made to ensure that a Space Marine keeps the same set of equipment after their investiture so that they develop a close bond and understanding of the machine spirits they will rely on in battle.

23:30 Free time and Evening Meal
This meal is usually small and more of a snack than anything else, rather than a meal, the Angels may use this time as free time to take care of personal needs, for meditation and reading up.

23:55 Inspection

00:00 Rest Period Begins
Space Marines do not truly need sleep thanks to the Catalepscan Node -- an implant in their brain that enables them to rest half of their brain at a time whilst still maintaining awareness with the other half. However extended interference with the circadian rhythms of sleep has been shown to impair efficiency and induce personality disorders. To prevent this, the Guardian Angels enter a dreamless fugue state for four hours per day when not on campaign.
On holy days and leave, the Guardian Angels are allowed up to nine hours of sleep to let them dream.
This is done out of respect to Humanity's ability to dream, to the Emperors eternal sleep, and because the Guardian Angels have found it helps them become more alert.

The daily plan is often changed, and is usually only kept to its standard format in the home system. On campaign it varies heavily, and the youngest initiates to the Chapter are treated as normal humans, following a completely different schedule.

Although the times are often changed, the Commanding Officers try to keep the contents of the plan the same, except when on campaign, where most of the time will be spent fighting.

Holy days of the Chapters
Every year, the Guardian Angels celebrate a number of occasions.
On such special days all members of the Chapter who are present at the Hand of the Guardian will gather in the Chapel for prayers led by the Master Chaplain and the Chapter Master. After the time of prayer, they hold a day long celebration which traditionally includes contests of skill in body and mind.

The Guardian Angels will usually include the people of their home planet in these celebrations, and walk among them in the streets of the city surrounding The Hand of the Guardian; Rubicon.
The Guardian Angels invite regular humans to join their celebration in all ways, and Rubicon becomes a city of festivities with a carnival, circuses, Tivoli affairs, progressions and increased marketing. On such days it is quite common for the population of Rubicon to increase threefold, and sometimes the humans of the planet, or at least Rubicon will continue the celebrations up to a week or more.

The Holydays indoctrinated in the Guardian Angels Chapter are;

New year:
Remembering The Emperor:
Tribute to Humanity:
Chapter creation:
Honouring the dead:



Death and burial within the Chapter
Upon the death of a Brother Marine, the body is returned to the Chapter if possible. There it is purified and readied for funeral services. After the funeral rites are done, with nine shots fired in salute and the ancient hymn; “Taps” having been played; the Angel's body is shot into a star where it is cleansed of any impurity and consumed by the fire – Often with a small assembly of close Battle Brothers, friends and family present, as well as an honour-guard burial detail, and all Brother Marines who can be present, standing in mournful, and respectful silence.
Often such burials are huge affairs with many dead to be cleansed, and many mourners assembled in a large hall from where they can see the caskets fired into eternity.

During the cleansing ceremony, a Chapter Chaplain holds a memorial for those present.
For those Angels that still have a living family, a Chaplain subordinate, called a Sauriel, is sent to the family with a letter from the Chaptermaster, a memorial mark and a compensation for their loved ones death. Then this messenger sees to it that a service of memorial is conducted for the family if they can not attend the official ceremony.

The Angels deeds are written in the annals of the Chapter's exploits, and their names are entered into the book of the honoured dead by the Chaplains and Librarians in charge of recording the lives and deaths of all Chapter members.



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