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A Librarium-Recording of the major gathering, conflict
and Mega Battle for the Research Facilities of Enigma 42.
Last Updated; March 15. 2007 - Imperial Record



Welcome to the BBNcon IV info pages!

Ok, so yet again it is time for a BBNcon and this time we are looking at the Biggest Battle we have ever taken part of.
The Gathering of Armies, Friends, Allies and rivalling Enemies begins on Friday the 23d and will continue on to some time late on Sunday the 25th.

There will be many battles with dedicated war-rooms and a Mega Battle taking place where everyone can join in.
A dedicated Hall of training, repairs and upkeep (painting and modelling room) will be available with plenty of light, although if we get as many visitors as originally announced it may get a bit cramped for space.

For those of you who aren’t taking part in the battles, or upkeep sessions, there will be training simulators (console games) lead by drill-sergeant Xris, and movies to excite, inform and entertain you all.

And naturally there will be food.
We have our very own Bone-singer chef who has volunteered to bring an Eldar Wraithbone Pizza Stone on which he will shape the goodness of the universe into real Italian style pizzas. – Remember, everyone brings a bit to the feast, so bring what you think is good on a pizza, and also bring lots of other food, snacks and drink.– But take into consideration that its a strictly alcohol-free convention, so no brown paper bags pocket bottles!

Sleeping will be hard to do as we are on the battle zone day and night, but I am sure that weary travellers will find a spot in which to rest their heavy lidded eyes when things get blured and badly out of shape.
Hopefully we will have free tickets for our parking lot sorted in time, so if people get really desperate they may be able to sleep in their car, or in the dungeons close to the lot where they can fight of rats and other vermin.

Our Bonesinger Chef has naturally reserved the kitchen as a resting area, and I’m sure Drill-Sergeant Xris will be occupying his command-seat by the training simulator (couch by the projector and consoles).
If worst comes to worst I’m sure people who are desperate enough may join up with the Ork Warboss in his dark, dank cave.

And finally we may be getting our very own v.i.p. mystery celebrity-guest from Tufte il. Honouring us with a visit to this con. – This guy even has the King as a fan!!

That’s all for now.
Remember to check out the Things to bring page and all the background material for the E42 Battles.

May everyone have a Great Convention!

Chaptermaster of the Guardian Angels Chapter.

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The Story so Far
Enigma 42

Forces of Order
Imperial Guard
Faynor's Men
Space Marines

Forces of Disorder
Chaos Marines

The Battle
The Mission
Special Rules

Concluding Story
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Behind the Scenes
Things to Bring


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