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A Librarium-Recording of the major gathering, conflict
and Mega Battle for the Research Facilities of Enigma 42.
Last Updated; June 07. 2007 - Imperial Record 1.430.7.2.

The planet of Enigma 42, overlooking the Genesis Vale as it is destroyed by orbital launched Mass drivers and Virii Bombs.

The Battle for Enigma 42 raged for three days and nights.
Here are presented some of the moments from that memorable battle.

Blood Angels awaiting orders at night

Standing by as morning breaks!

On the Move, Dawn Patrol.


Blood Angels advancing through the jungle

Blood Angels patrolling the grasslands


Forward to Victory!

Terminators Advance!



A short introduction
The Story so Far
Enigma 42

Forces of Order
Imperial Guard
Faynor's Men
Space Marines

Forces of Disorder
Chaos Marines

The Battle
The Mission
Special Rules

Concluding Story
E42 images

Behind the Scenes
Things to Bring





A Blood Angels Chaplain leads the Attack


Blood Angels engage the enemy


Blood Angels do not fear Orks!


The Last Action Hero!

Chaos lurks moving along the tree-lines


Chaos lookout surprised by Eldar Scorpions


Chaos Advances through Bios City

Chaos Roll On!

Berserkers strike at the Blood Angels


The Angels battle overwhelming numbers

Scouts and Guardians side by side

Eldar confused by Necron lightning strike


A Falcon Tank-Shocks a group of Necrons

I am a leaf upon the wind, watch me soar!

Night time surveillance of Eldar standing by


Night time surveillance of Eldar advance

Saim-Hann Guardians on the move

Saim-Hann awaiting orders


The Eldar Farseer Battles the Necrons

Reapers ready to unleash Hell!

Eldar Scorpions advancing through Bios


The Scorpions strike at a Chaos bastion

The Serenity of Night, in Bios City

APS enjoy a morning in the jungle


A Guardian Angels APC to the Rescue!

Commander Daniel leading his men

This is Danny!


Daemonic Incursion

Eat This Daemon Scum!

Faynor's Guard are loyal to the last man


Securing a ruin for a frontal Base of Operations

Casualty Collection Point

This ruin is Clear!


Looking for Faynor

House Search

Night Patrol under a smokescreen


Street Overwatch

4th Company's Standard proudly displayed

Reinforcements arrive via Drop Pod


Land Raider Crusader - Target Acquired!

Captain Ensis charges under Drop Pod cover

Scouts moving into the streets of Bios City


Rex tries to persuade Faynor into surrendering

Relocate to New Position!

Jungle Scouts on their guard


A rainy morning patrol

Last Man Standing!

Necrons gain the high-ground


A Necron Flux-Arch rips our Crusader apart

The Crusader is smoking all night long

The Necron Lord in a Shroud of Darkness


The Necrons own the battlefield

Ork Humour never dies

Orks surprised by a materializing Monolith


The Orks advance alongside a Monolith

The Orks sneak through the streets of Bios

Grots praise Gork & Mork


A Ork Slaver drives his slaves forward

A lone Ork lost in the jungle



Red ones apparently go faster

Eldar advance for battle

Overview I


Overview II

Overview III

Overview IV


Overview V

The Enemy advances for battle

Hold the line!


The Orks rush towards the Eldar lines

Satellite Overview

Aftermath in Bios




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