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A Librarium-Recording of the major gathering, conflict
and Mega Battle for the Research Facilities of Enigma 42.
Last Updated; June 04. 2007 - Imperial Record 1.423.7.2.



Commanders debriefing
ID: 4238007.M42
Daniel D’Angelo
Commander, 4th Company
Guardian Angels Astartes Chapter.

Upon our arrival at Bios, the capital city of Enigma 42, we found that the place was already in ruins.
There was no sign of civilians; neither in surface scans of the Genesis Vale, made from planetary orbit, or in observations made by ground personnel.
It is presumed that these poor souls perished in the attacks made upon them by the Imperium’s enemies. – I am grateful that this was such a small community, mostly consisting of traitors to Imperial law. – Still, it is painful for me to imagine the horrors these humans must have gone through.

– I must question the wisdom of going toe to toe with superior numbers of Khorn Berserkers and Ork Nobs, but I must also admit that their effort was valiant, and their leader was particularly fierce in battle, killing more Orks and Chaos warriors than can be remembered. – Only through a force of Berserkers and Nobs far superior in numbers was the enemy able to overcome his diligent skill and ferocious bravery in battle; and by the end, only a single man from their company was left unwounded, even though he fought to the last. – True Heroes all of them!

More importantly however:
What the Eldar Chieftain told us is of great importance to the Chapter.
Before the battle, the Eldar Farseer indicated that he had seen Space Marines in the same colours and markings as the Guardian Angels, in the sector his Saim-Hann clan hails from. – If imperial records are even remotely accurate, this could mean that our lost Eighth Company may be located in or near Segmentum Pasificus, bordering to Segmentum Obscurus. – So far we have been concentrating our searches on the western region of Ultima Segmentum and east of Segmentum Solar, but I now strongly recommend that we expand our communication-searches to include Segmentums Pasificus and parts of Obscurus in hopes of relocating Eighth Company.


That is all.

A short introduction
The Story so Far
Enigma 42

Forces of Order
Imperial Guard
Faynor's Men
Space Marines

Forces of Disorder
Chaos Marines

The Battle
The Mission
Special Rules

Concluding Story
E42 images

Behind the Scenes
Things to Bring




Orks Charging in the jungles of E42.

Rex Auceps tries to convince Inquisitor Faynor to come
back peacefully, a suggestion that is harshly revoked.

The Blood Angels Advancing on enemy positions.

Saim-Hann Eldar on the move (as always).

Lead by their Chaplain, the Blood Angels Charge into Combat.

Guardian Angels battle daemonic creatures in the city ruins,
while making a tactical withdrawal with the captive Inquisitor.

Having arrived via Drop-Pod, the Angels quickly get involved in a
Deadly battle against daemonettes to win time for a tactical retreat

Having set up the Company's Nest in a ruin covered by the
rear-echelon, the Company Apothecary “Joshua Iasthai Wells”
stands by to receive wounded at the casualty-collection-point.

The Eldar continue to battle the Necrons while withdrawing.

The Orks battle the Necrons to the bitter end.

In the end, the Necrons rule the battlefield

4th Company Commander
Guardian Angels, Astartes Chapter



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