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Profiling the Guardian Angels Legio B&C representative.
Last Updated; February 01. 2007 - Imperial Record

Sergeant Ferrum in full Battle Armour.
Sergeant Ferrum in full Battle Armour.


Durus Quatinus Ferrum
Codex Space Marines
Deathwatch Killteam Article

Ferrum is a veteran from the Guardian Angels Chapter, formerly serving with 6th Company in the Maelstrom sector.
With 6th Company he had plenty of experience with boarding actions and naval warfare while guarding shipping lanes and fighting against Pirates like Dark Eldar, Orks, and Red Corsairs.
Ferrum earned an honour medal and his crux during a particularly vicious battle in the Fourth Quadrant War that was fought against the Tyrant of Badab.
During this battle, almost half of 6th Company laid down their lives for the Pax Imperialis, and Ferrum was one of the hard fighting Marines that showed extraordinary, resilience, strength and courage on the front lines.

In his many battles, Ferrum has been renowned for his finesse and acrobatics in close combat, and his skill has kept growing over the years. – He still fights with the same Chainsword he used those long years ago, while fighting what was to become the Red Corsairs.

Like any other former member of the Guardian Angels, he is well trained in medicine, technology and science, and also insists on special care for security around psychers. - Still, where his real passion lies, is with the Bolter and Chainsword.

Due to what happened to his Company many years ago, he harbours a special hatred for the Red Corsairs and once he was promoted as a veteran of the Guardian Angels 1st Company, he applied for service with the Legio B&C so he could keep going after the Corsairs constantly.

During his service with the Legio, Ferrum volunteered for the B&C's raid against a hidden base of the Chaos Lord Tomax Hell, and was one of the honoured Marines that helped take that enemy stronghold down. - But victory came at a steep price!
Almost all the Legio Marines that went into the base, submitted their bodies to take it apart, and Ferrum was no different.

During his war torn journey through the labyrinth-like maze of the enemy-infested asteroid base, Ferrum ran afoul of a double dealing deceiver of a Marine, later identified as a traitor Astarte known only as Alpharius.
The battle between them raged from sound tactics through barbaric rage and desolation.
In the end, Ferrum fell; his leg pierced through by a power sword and his body cleaved near in two at the chest. - His left arm was rendered useless as the power sword of the enemy severed nerves, muscle and sinew. - His left primary lung was torn, his chest plate raptured and as he lay there dying, his lungs full of blood, the enemy stole his helmet, tore apart his chest-armour and defiled him horribly by carving a large, bloody A into his chest.

On that day, Ferrum laid his life on the line and was almost taken to sit by the Emperors right side; but as fate would have it, he would not be granted an audience that easy.

As Ferrum lay there dying, the Honorary Legio Brother "Fautor" came upon him and was able to stabilize Ferrum's deteriorating condition with the med-kits they carried.
Ferrum himself, using his Guardian Angels medical training, was with great effort able to walk Fautor through the necessary steps to stabilize his critical condition; after which time he went into the comatose state of suspended animation.

He was carried out of the enemy base by Fautor as the base fell apart and exploded around them. They reached their escape shuttle in the nick of time and blasted off while the base crumbled below. - Through the efforts of Honoured Brother Marine Fautor, Ferrum lived, albeit horribly wounded.

It was close to two weeks before he was awakened again, this time floating in the oily, thick liquid of a medical vat chamber.
Floating specks of memory is all he has from these moments. - White coats in white rooms; liquid and blurred; long needles, sharp pain and senseless periods of drug induced surrealism.

The Legio even reached out to the Guardian Angels for medical advice and gene-seed information in these days, and the courageous Marine's Chapter-of-Origin helped as well as they knew how, including sending him a bionic left arm.

Eventually Ferrum was awoken by the rhythmic beeps of dual heart monitors and when he opened his eyes and returned to the galaxy once more, the first thing that greeted him was a white roof, a soft bed and the smiles of many concerned Legio Brothers; his dear friend Fautor smiling broader and prouder than all.

A few days later Ferrum was already in full recovery, training hard to get back in shape.
Since then he has kept training every aspect of his being, while meditating heavily to come to terms with his own failings.
Under guidance of medical personnel and the spiritual leadership of the Chaplains, he has carved the stylized A from his chest, and today a chest sized mark of the Aquila has taken its place as both a sculpted scar and tattoo.

The wounds of Durus Quatinus Ferrum are now all healed, but his armour has been replaced with another from his parent Chapter.
His Ultima Pattern m.40 a.s.l. Bolter (Zoe) still remains with him, as does his trusty Chainsword (Acer Mucroonis).

Ferrum's dexterity and acrobatics in battle have not lessened notably due to his wounds, but he has still to come fully to terms with his near senseless bionic arm.

Due to his incredible resolve to keep living and fighting for the Imperium; his intense search for perfection and due to his silent, cold-logical manner; Ferrum was awarded with the "Valoris Imperator" after the mission code-named "Legio Counterstrike" and has now been promoted to the status of Sergeant within Legio B&C's "Light of the Emperor" Great Company.

The members of his squad "Nexum" are loyal to the core and like their leader, they have taken to a logical mannerism and search for perfection in all things martial. - Now, they read and support each-other perfectly; their unit acting as of one mind.

The "CPN" On his knee stands for "Capitulus Patria Nostra" - The Guardian Angels motto. = "The Chapter our Fatherland" - meaning something like: Wherever we go, we bring the might of the Imperium, and the Imperium is our home, thus wherever we go, we are home.

His sword (Acer Mucroonis) also has writing on it:
"Lux et Veritas" - "Light and Truth" - In a way summarising both his Chapter-of-origin and his "Light of the Emperor" Great Company.
His sword also has the writing "Imperator Defendo", "The Emperor Protects" on it, which in a way has become his personal slogan.


B&C Sergeant / Codex Space Marine Captain
Power Armour
Bolter w M40 targeter and Kraken Bolts
Chainsword Rending
Bionic Arm
Terminator Honours
Frag grenades
Purity Seals
(CCW - Bayonet)

True Grit
Chosen by Fate

TOTAL: 110 pts.

This Marine comes with the highest regards and recommendations of the Guardian Angels Chaptermaster.

- Metatron V. Caelestis – Chaptermaster of the Guardian Angels.
+ + + + Capitulus Patria Nostra + + + +

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