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Profiling the Guardian Angels Legio B&C representative.
Last Updated; May 03. 2007 - Imperial Record 1.335.7.2.


Sergeant Ferrum in a tunnel during a boarding mission.
Legio B&C Sergeant Ferrum here seen without his helmet.

Sergeant Ferrum seen from the front.
Sergeant Ferrum of the Legio in full Battle Gear.

A Pict capture of Ferrum from the right.
A Pict capture of Ferrum from the right.

A Pict capture of Ferrum from the left.
A Pict capture of Ferrum from the left.

Ferrum seen from the rear as he prepares to take on a daemon.
Ferrum seen from the rear as he prepares to take on a daemon.

Ferrum in battle with a Red Corsair during the Crusade for Antioc.
Ferrum in battle with a Red Corsair during the Crusade for Antioc.

Ferrum's Fall.
Ferrum Falls at Antioc.


B&C Original Legio Counterstrike:
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Legio Counterstrike, Part 01
Ferrums lethal battle

Ferrum Saved.
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The Crusade for Antioc:
Crusade for Antioc - Prologue
Crusade for Antioc Round 01
Crusade for Antioc - Ferrum helps retake the Gaias Space Fort
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The Battle for Purgator Part 01
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Ferrum's Antioc Adventure Ends

Nestir V
Honourable mention



"Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind."
- Durus Quatinus Ferrum. 1'st Company Guardian Angels
Company of Light, Legio Bolter & Chainsword -


Name: Durus Quatinus Ferrum
Born: 804.M41
Origin: Ultima Segmentum. - Icar V system.
Assigned to: 1th Company - Honour Guard, Chapter Legio representative.
Rank & Occupation: Honrary Captain of the Guardian Angels 1st Company.
           Currently seving as a sergeant in the allied Legio Bolter & Chainsword.

Race: Human; Homo Sapiens Sapiens. - Geno Altered; Adeptus Astartes
Gender: Male
Height: 207cm
Weight: 172 kg
Eye Colour: blue - Melanochrome variance
Hair Colour: blond - Melanochrome variance - Usualy shaved bald.
Skin colour: Caucasian - Melanochrome variance
Body Profile: Mesomorphic
Blood type: 0+

Health Record:
No notable physical illness, beyond Chapter indoctrination standards.

During a particularily dangerous mission with the Legio, Ferrum suffered near lethal injuries at the hands of an arch-enemy's power sword.
His left leg was pierced and flesh burned away, however the thigh bone was left intact. - This injury has since been repaired with vat cloned flesh.
In the same incident he was cleaved down the left side with a Power Sword.
The cut was clean, but it severed muscles, tendons and nerves in his left arm, nearly destroyed his left primary lung and damaged his melanocrome organ along with much of the musculature and nerves in the left part of his chest.
Ferrum suffered heavy blood loss and nearly died; only through immidiate help, evacuation and medical attention did he survive.
The enemy also left him with another terrible wound by carving a huge A into his allready damaged chest.

Since then, Ferrums wounds have healed or been repaired.
He was left in a comatose state for a long while as his body was repaired by Artificers, Apotecharies and nano-module medimechs.
His leg is healed and fully functional, his left lung and arm where amputated and replaced with a bionic lung labeled GA.L.06. and a Sensory Grade Bionic Left Arm labeled GA.BA.mk-S.19. - His chest also recieved further bionic modification to muscles, nerves and rib plate support structure.
The damage to his Melanochrome organ has been repaired by his bodies own self repair capabilities.
The A carved into Ferrum's chest left him with a horrible scar, but it has now been repaired and exchanged for a scarring-tattoo of the Imperial Aquilla.

At the Crusade for Antioc, Ferrum was subject to heavy internal and external first, second and some third degree burns, as well as breaking 22 minour and major bones; getting light blunt trauma; a light concussion; a dislocated right shoulder and irreparable damage to his bionic arm, when falling from orbit to the planet's surface. - These injuries where later repaired and healed to some extent; including installing a new bionic arm during the Crusade itself.
Following this, Ferrum then fought while still suffering heavily from his injuries, when the Legio Battle Barge "Purgator" was boarded by traitor forces.
This battle resulted in Ferrum's bionic arm again being damaged and his bionic chest being cut open to such an extent that his old injuries reopened; Causing neurological feedback overload that had Ferrum go into Suspended Animation.
These injuries and bionic damages where later mended and repaired after he unintentionally spent close to a week in stasis.
The Apotecharium has detected a slight decrease to his left heart's efficiency after he was cut open the second time (by a Traitor Word Bearer).
It is expected he will recover fully with time however.

Notable physical features:
Ferrum has a large scarring-tattoo of the Imperial Aquilla etched into his chest.
He bears a profound round scar on his left thigh after a burning injury.
The left side of his chest bears a 32 cm long, red scar where he was cut open.
His chest's left side is also partly metalic due to his bionic implants.
Ferrums left arm is a silver and black plas-steel and adamtine S grade bionic arm with the serial number: GA.BA.mk-S.19. etched into it.

Psychological / Emotional Profile:
During his service with 6th Company, Ferrum was subject to a spesifically harsh experience where a large quantity of his Company was killed at the hands of the Red Corsairs. - This seems to have left a particular hatred of said enemy faction.

It does seem that this near death experience has left Ferum slightly mentally scarred as he sees his defeat as a great failure.
However, under consultation with Chaplains he has managed to turn his guilt into a mental drive for martial perfection, and his hatred of the Red Corsairs has most definitivly not suffered from his injuries.

At Antioc, the time Ferrum spent in stasis did not affect him mentally, as he was already in a state of suspended animation, but he was left somewhat confused as to the memories of the Purgator Battle.


Service Record:

808.M41 Indoctrined into the Chapter's training program

815.M41 Starts his direct service with the Scouts

845.M41 Completes his graduation to full Battle Brother at the head of his class.
Is accepted into 6th Company to serve as a Full Battle Brother.

898.M41 Ferrum is given rank as Sergeant.

898 - 901.M41 Ferrum serves as a boarding expert with Sixth Company, fighting against Pirates Dark Eldar and Orks.

901.M41 Fourth Quadrant War,
Tyrant of Badab. Astral Claws master, Lufgt Huron, revolts near the Maelstrom.
– Eventually resulting in the Red Corsairs Chaos Marines.
6th Company takes heavy casualties and Ferrum is on the front lines.
After the Battle he is awarded an honourary "Blood of the Emperor" medal and a Crux Terminatus for showing extraordinary, resilience, strength and courage on the front lines.

901 - 998.M41 Ferrum serves as a boarding expert with Sixth Company, fighting against Pirates, Dark Eldar, Orks and Red Corsairs.

998.M41 Ferrum is elevated to an honourary Captain of First Company and indoctrined into the Masters Honour Guard.

999.M41 Ferrum is granted the honor of joining the Legio B&C as the sigular member taking over after Brother Ravus Pallium was lost to the great downtime of the B&C where a large contigent of the Legio was lost to the Warp.
Later in the year he aids the Legio in an extremis level mission to board and destroy a Red Corsair astroid base believed to be the hide-out of Tomax Hell, a daemonic enemy to the Legio and a major chieftian for the Arch Enemy's forces.
Ferrum in nearly killed in the mission and is later awarded the Valoris Imperator for his service.

=][= Restricted by the Inquisition =][=
Ferrum takes part in the Imperial Crusade to retake the Forgeworld Antioc.
He is instrumental in taking and defending the planetary defense network's control hub "Gaias", in the form of an ancient Space Cathedral.
Later he destroyed two Chaos space transports, shot down three chaos fighters and rescued a Inquisitor after having survived falling from orbit.
Following this he returned to help defend the Legio Battle Barge "Purgator".
He was awarded the Cross of Antioc for his exemplary service to the Imperium.

Medals and honours:
Blood of the Emperor Honorary Medal.
Iron Skull.
Crux Terminatus.

Medal of purity.
Imperial Laurels.
Deathwatch Honoris.
The Valoris Imperator.
The Cross of Antioc.


Cost: 110 pts.

Stats Profile: Counts as a Deathwatch Codex Space Marine Captain with Legio B&C Special Rules as detailed below.

Special Rules:
These rules are a spesified in the B&C's 2007 AoD.

Deathwatch Space Marine Captain at 45 pts. base cost.

True Grit is free, M40 targeter bolter ammunition may be bought as per the official Deathwatch rules.

Parry veteran skill (7 pts.):
Ferrum may force an enemy character to re-roll the highest Close Combat "To Hit" roll. Parry may not be used with ranged weapons or clumsy ‘strike last’ Initiative 1 weapons such as power fists or thunder hammers.

Chosen By Fate (15 pts.):
If Ferrum is instan-killed by any method (Force weapon / Instakill from a hit of strength twice (or more) his toughness) he may roll a D6. On 4+ he is not insta-killed, but instead suffers one wound.
Note: This will still kill him if he only has one wound left.

Special Equipment

Acer Mucroonis - Ferrum's Rending Chainsword
Ferrum's Chainsword is a special Rending version that costs 5 points but get the ‘Rending’ special rule. Note that it is distinct from the normal Close Combat weapon, but still give the +1 att. bonus.

Ultima Pattern M.40 a.s.l. Bolter (Zoe)
Bolter with M40 targeter and Deathwatch Ammo.

Power Armour
Bionic Arm
Terminator Honours
Frag grenades
Purity Seals
Close Combat Weapon - Bayonet and Chain.

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