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Stories, Battle Reports and other written material.
Last Updated; May 03. 2007 - Imperial Record 1.335.7.2.

Welcome to the Bibliographical section of the Librarium.
This section of the Guardian Angels Databse contains the unclassified bibliography of literary work, reports, theoretical dispositions and so on, that are relevant to the Chapter in some way.

The Bibliographical section of the Librarium is categorised by:
Fiction - Material describing Chapter relevant occurances.
Battle Reports - Tactical & Strategic Action, Relevans and Analysis.
Other Material - White papers, research and more.
Strategy & Tactics - Strategic and Tactical analysis, implications & applications.


The Naaman Campaign:
Added: November 11. 2005 - Imperial Record 1.860.5.2.
The naaman Communication Transcripts.

Research & Theory:
Added: June 01. 2005 - Imperial Record 1.415.5.2.
The Principles of Warp Travel.

01. The Corr Campaign:
Added: April 05. 2005 - Imperial Record
       Chapter 01. The long night.

B&C Original Legio Counterstrike:

Added: April 21. 2007 - Imperial Record 1.303.7.2.

Legio Counterstrike intro
Legio Counterstrike Part 01
Ferrums lethal battle.

Ferrum Saved. - This part of the story has been Lost!
Legio Counterstrike Part 02
Legio Counterstrike Part 03

The Crusade for Antioc:
Added: April 21. 2007 - Imperial Record 1.303.7.2.
Crusade for Antioc - Prologue
Crusade for Antioc Round 01
Crusade for Antioc - Ferrum helps retake the Gaias Space Fort
The Fall of Ferrum - A Legendary Tale
Crusade for Antioc Round 02
Ferrum's Return
The Battle for Purgator Part 01
The Battle for Purgator Part 02
The Battle for Purgator Part 03
Crusade for Antioc Round 03
Crusade for Antioc Round 04 - 06 and Epilogue
Ferrum's Antioc Adventure Ends




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