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History in the Making for the Custodes Angelus Chapter.
Last Updated; May 06 . 2005. Imperial Record 1.334.6.2.

Dark and light is angel sight: the battle brave, and souls are saved.
Demons flee and we're set free, when angels there attend.
- Civilian poem -


Currently the Chapter is heavily involved i fighting the Tyranid Hive and Splinter Fleets of the Eastern Galactic rim and overall Ultima Segmentum.
The following Companies are comitted to guarding the Eastern Galactic rim:
1st, 2nd, 3d, 4th Company.  -  These Companies are currently involved in the evacuation of and war for the Ferral World "Namaan" that has been invaded by a vast Tyranid Splinter Fleet.

The Chapter's 6th and 8th Companies are involved in patroling shiping-lanes, and fighting of piratical raiders in and around the Maelstrom Sector.
6th Company is currently fighting an Ork invasion on the industrial planet Illumis Prime, while 8th Company is tasked with aiding the Imperial Navy in securing shipping lanes in and near the Maelstrom Sector, but also support 6th Company on occation.

Recently, the Chapter's 5th and 7th Company relocated and are moving in to join the Chapter's main force near the Naaman system, where the Chapter is setting up a deep space headquarters to avoid getting trapped by the grist of the Warp Storm raveging their Home System's outer defenses.

Finally, as always; the Chapter has a strong home Guard defending their home system; Icar V, and training new initiates that have been indoctrined into the Chapter. - Currently the defence force consists of: 1st and 10th Company fracions as well as 9th Company, and the Initiates Army, along with PDF and visiting Imperial Guard and Imperial Navy Forces.


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