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+++ 10TH COMPANY +++
Overview of the 10th Company
Last Updated; July 17. 2005 - Imperial Record 1.542.5.2.

10th Company
Motto: Certa Cito - Swift and Sure

10th Company is a Training and Scouting Company; at any time numbering 500 members. Only 100 of these are designated Scouts however, while the rest are Adepts and Neophytes in Scout training – Functioning much like elite Imperial Guard training.

Led by the Companies strict but just Captain; Michael, he Chapters Scouts often back up the Chapters Battle Companies, and can fill many roles within these Companies, like; Heavy and special weapons teams, Sniper teams, Proximity Fighters, Scouts, Rear Guard, Infiltration, message runs, Asymetric Combat, Deep Cover and Stealth missions. – Not to mention Hot Battlezone Missions.

As well as these things, they carry out special missions of mobility where fully armed and Armoured Marines would run into problems, like;
In tight spaces at Boarding missions, underground and in Hive Cities.

In addition to supplying other Companies with special support, they also reinforce them, and carry out missions as a Battle Company in their own right.
To aid them the Scouts of the 10th Company have access to equipment not usually available to marines, like; Quad Bikes for terrain based recon and fast moving flanking operations. Buggies and Snowmobiles for recon, transport and heavy weapons support in combat operations.

The Company is also assigned with Ravenclaw Class Corvus V.T.O.L. MkIV Dropships, Parashutes and Grav-shutes for airial insertions.
In addition to this they may apply to the Armoury for use of Rhinoes and other full Company Battle gear.

Finally, the 10th Company has an Elite division; designated A.P.S.

A.P.S. (All Purpose Scouts)
Motto: Velox, versutus, vigilans - Swift, skilled, alert

The A.P.S. division was introduced to the Chapter as an elite force
meant to scout out and clean up hard to reach places onboard Spacehulks.
As opposed to normal scout units, they wear fully environmentally sealed body armour.
More info on A.P.S. here.

History and Exploits of the 10th Company



Company Assets - Force Organization Chart


Companies of the Chapter:

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-     Reserves Company, Home Guard, S.A.R. - Search And Rescue.
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-     Scouts Battle Company, Adepts
-     Training, A.P.S. Reserves, Home Guard.


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