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+++ 8TH COMPANY +++
Overview of the 8th Company
Last Updated; Desember 15. 2007 - Imperial Record 1.955.7.2.

8th Company
Motto: In pace paratus - In peace prepared

Eighth Company is a Reserve Company, numbering 100 men.
The Company is part of the Chapters Home Guard, and only sees action “abroad” if the other Chapters are heavily damaged or otherwise indisposed.
The Eigth Company does have a role as a Quick Responce Back Up Company however, that is sent into an area of Conflict when other Companies are extreemely hard pressed or damaged.
In addition to this, the Company is the one that usually patrols Space in and around the Chapters Home System; Icar V. And finally it serves as a Search And Rescue (S.A.R.) Company.
The Eigth Company holds some of the Chapters youngest marines with the least experience, as they are usually reinforced by 9th and 10th Company.
for the veterans of the Chapter however, 8th is often seen as a bit of an Oddball as far as the Companies go.
8th is known to be a tad darker than the rest of the Chapter and they are also known to carry out missions and manouvers that are considered a bit crazy and certainly un-Codex-like.
The Company's dark, straight forward, hard hitting and brash mannerism is often reflected in its leaders and one can also see traces of it throughout the Company's history.

History and Exploits of the 8th Company



8th Company Banner
Banner of the Eighth Company.

Company Assets - Force Organization Chart


Companies of the Chapter:

-     Battle Company, Veterans, Honour Guard, Psi-Guard.
-     Battle Company, QRF.
-     Battle Company.
-     Battle Company.
-     Battle Company.
-     Battle Company.
-     Reserves Company, Home Guard, S.A.R. - Search And Rescue.
-     Reserves Company, Home Guard.
-     Scouts Battle Company, Adepts
-     Training, A.P.S. Reserves, Home Guard.


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