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+++ 4TH COMPANY +++
Overview of the 4th Company
Last Updated; June 07. 2007 - Imperial Record 1.430.7.2.

4th Company
Motto: Spiculum ac Scutulatus - Spear and Shield.

The Fourth Company is a Battle Company containing 100 Battle Brothers; backed up by Officers from the HQ, Vehicles from the Armoury and ships from the Fleet.
The Battle Companies see the most action and therefore have the highest casualty rate in the Chapter. – Due to this they continuasly recieve reinforcements from the 8th ,9th and 10th Companies.
Usually, the Battle Companies are formed into Battle Contigents that are composed of teams from all the companies as well as being backed up by the HQ, Armoury, and Fleet; naturally including veterans from 1st Company and Scouts from 10th Company.

History and Exploits of the 4th Company

4th Company is renouned for its effectiveness and technological provess, often being the first Company to recieve the latest in experimental technology.
The Company is called "the Speartip" and is one of the most active and well respected Companies within the Guardian Angels Chapter.
Being lead by the highly respected Company Commander; Daniel Patricus D´Angelo, who was instated as the Company Commander after the previous Commander "Tyriel Divinus" was killed defending one of the Chapters experimental machines in a large battle against the Tyranids: a "Hive-Mind Feedback Modulator"; that was set up during the War for the Agri World; Irridia Prime. – A war that was rapidly won when then; Captain Daniel, took charge of the Planetary Defences.

The Company is one of the most active, especially in the War against the Tyranids; showing a great hatered of this xenos species, and they use any excuse to bring death to the greatest enemy of mankind. – After Commander Daniel took command of the Company, they have even adopted the Tyranids as their favored enemy in the Commander's Personal Banner; Carried onboard the Companys Flag Ship, the experimental Battle Barge: Shadow Guard.

Ranking Personalities of the Company

Commander: Daniel Patricus D'Angelo
Captain: Maximus Ensis
Chaplain: Bishop Preston
Librarian: Markus Johnson
Apotechary: Joshua Iasthai Wells
Leutenant-Commander, and Standard Bearer: Alexander Peracer
Chief Technician: Felix Hunter
Master of the Fleet: Raynor Jules
Company Provost Marshall and Designated Champion: Herkules Deander
Chief of Special Operations: Rex Auceps

Fourth Company Banner.


Company Assets - Force Organization Chart



Companies of the Chapter:

-     Battle Company, Veterans, Honour Guard, Psi-Guard.
-     Battle Company, QRF.
-     Battle Company.
-     Battle Company.
-     Battle Company.
-     Battle Company.
-     Reserves Company, Home Guard, S.A.R. - Search And Rescue.
-     Reserves Company, Home Guard.
-     Scouts Battle Company, Adepts
-     Training, A.P.S. Reserves, Home Guard.

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