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+++ 1ST COMPANY +++
Overview of the 1st Company
Last Updated; May 22. 2005 - Imperial Record 1.387.6.2.


01st Company
Motto: Arma pacis fulcra - Armed strength for peace

The Chapters first Company is quite special, as it indirectly incorporates the HQ and Fleet Company into their numbers. Essentially however, the First company is a 100 man Veteran Company; holding highly accomplished and respected warriors who are the Chapters Elite.

The first Company holds responsibility of most of the Chapters honour guards, as well as the Chapters Standard Bearer and Champion. – For additional guard duty (like psycher guards, VIP Guards, Ordo Xenos Deathwatch Service, Legio B&C Secret Service, Navigator-House Guard and Rogue Trader Guards), the first Company has a special formation called the Guard Company; who do not count against the Chapters Battle Brother limit, as so many of them serve outside the Chapter itself.

Unlike in most Chapters however, the first Company of the Guardian Angels are not the only ones to wear Tactical Dreadnought Armour, as the Chapter Companies have relied heavily upon this superb armour during many of their Ship to Ship Conflicts.

Finally, the members of First Company are considered specialists in many respects, including the Chapters former specialty of Confined Space / Proximity Fighting, and Boarding Operations.

The Guard Company
Due to the amount of honorary Guard duty the Chapter has to fulfill, it has a special Guard division within the 1st Company. This Company section is usually counted as a Company in and of itself, although it is under the command of 1st Company.

The Guard Company is not necessarily composed of the most elite Brothers, but their numbers are never taken from Ninth or Tenth Company.
Due to this divisions special composition and service, It's members do not count among the 100 man limit of 1st Company and are not considered to count against the Chapters Battle Brother limit.

The Guard Company is in charge of guarding all VIP´s and Psychers within the Chapter; including sending Guards to serve on Navigator House and Rogue Trader duty.
Marines in the Guard Company also often serve with the Chapter's Psycher Guard among the Brothers of Silence.

Service within the Guard Company is rerolled every three years.


In game terms;
It is worthy of note that all the Company's squads MUST take veteran sergeants; Battle Force rosters for 1st Company MUST max out it's elite choices before filling non-compulsary troop selections, and it is preferable that 1st Company rosters contain two or more HQ units.



First Company Banner

Banner of the First Company.

History and Exploits of First Company



Company Assets - Force Organization Chart



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