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Overview of the Chapters Companies.
Last Updated; February 23. 2005 - Imperial Record


The Companies of the Chapter are in essence the fighting forces of the Guardian Angels
Each Company is capable of functioning as a combat efficient task-group in its own right,
and with around 100 men per Company, each Company can be considered to be a small Army.
In addition to its manpower, a Company has a given amount of the Chapter resources, and is usually backed up by different units from around the Chapter, like; The HQ, the Fleet, the Navy, the 10th Company and so on.

Some of the Companies are also specialists in some respects,
and used for missions of a Character that is best suited to their Company.

The Companies are as follows:

-     Battle Company, Veterans, Honour Guard, Psi-Guard.
-     Battle Company, QRF.
-     Battle Company.
-     Battle Company.
-     Battle Company.
-     Battle Company.
-     Reserves Company, Home Guard, S.A.R. - Search And Rescue.
-     Reserves Company, Home Guard. QRF. S.A.R. - Search And Rescue.
-     Scouts Battle Company, Adepts
-     Training, A.P.S. Reserves, Home Guard.

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