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Chronology of the Guardian Angels.
Last Updated; February 23. 2005 - Imperial Record



Secret construction of the Ark of Terra and its Fleet is begun.


Horus Heresy; Siege of Earth.
Guardian Angels run their program, evacuate Terra, and due to Horuses Sacrelege against the Emperor, are lost to the Imperium.

Fort Barachiel hidden; Guardian Angels in Stasis.
Last of the original Brotherhood of Angels die, much STC knowledge dies with them.

Icar V rediscovered by the Imperium, and settled.


Space Hulk “Vigilo Sodalitas” found drifting in Wild Space by the Black Templars. Under Ordo Malleus supervision, the Black Templars search the ancient ship, and find the Hulk to be fully operational, with Warp shields intact. - Machine Spirit Computer system set to jump into the warp and proceed to given coordinates, then re-enter Real space for 48 hours every 500 Years.

Log indicates the ship left Terra with no logged mission in 014.M31. The Ships logs however indicate the captain hinting to a great treasure of unimaginable value to humanity. (Possibly a complete STC system.)

Logs also indicate where to begin the hunt.
It has later been speculated that this ship was an emergency back-up plan layed out and executed by the immortal Emperor, for maintaining Imperial knowledge.


Hunt ends in the rediscovery of The Ark, and the Guardian Angels. – Ordo Hereticus sanctions the Guardian Angels, and keeps them a secret.
Some of the Chapters STC knowledge adopted by the Inquisition.

Guardian Angels at 1000 men and growing.
The Chapter is still kept as a secret of the Inquisition.

The Guardian Angels are attacked by an Adeptus Mechanicus Force that accuse them of hiding STC secrets.
The Venor Crusade begins.

Venor Crusade brought to an end, and the Guardian Angels are put under Inquisitorial supervisionon on Inquisitorial demand by Inquisitor Lex Promelgatio.

Latest Founding (26th).
Guardian Angels Chapter officially founded by the Lords of Terra, on recommendation from Ordo Hereticus.
The Chapter is introduced as a Chapter specializing in boarding actions and “Proximity Fighting" at cramped positions, like; in boarding missions, and close quarter fighting in underground environments, like deep within Hive cities.

Later this has also evolved to the Chapter getting a rumour for being specialists in taking and holding, or sabotaging such areas as; Tyranid infested nesting caves and deep inside Necron tombs. – The Chapter has also worked alongside the Ultramarines on several occasions, usually filling the role of boarding specialists onboard Tyranid Hive Ships, and backup for ground and subterranean operations.

First Tyranid war.
Three Guardian Angels Battle Companies sent as boarding specialists to help man the Eastern defenses after the Ultramarines tremendous losses at Ultramar.
Guardian Angels provided with a Ramilies Class Star fort from their home planet’s factories as a gift for their continued protection. – This is also a move from the Machine Cult in an attempt to make peace with the Chapter.

A small Battle force of Guardian Angels is dispatched to fight alongside the Ultramarines against the Tyranids on the Agriworld: Deran II.
The Guardian Angels 4th Company arrives late, and are only part of the final battle. – A heavy defense is set up by the Marines, the Imperial Guard and the remaining PDF Forces; But the world is lost. The last forces are evacuated, and Exterminatus is carried out by Admiral Von Hock on orders by Lord Inquisitor Secoino.

Fourth Quadrant War,
Tyrant of Badab. Astral Claws master, Lufgt Huron, revolts near the Maelstrom. – Eventually resulting in the Red Corsairs Chaos Marines.

Three Guardian Angels Battle Companies and their Ramilies Class Star fort rerouted to the area surrounding the Maelstrom, for Space lane control and boarding actions.

Ork incursions in Ultima Segmentum.
First Ork appearance in jungles on Icar V.
Icar V Orks battled by PDF forces and the Guardian Angels 10th Company.

After several weeks, the Orks are finally eradicated by orbital bombardment from the Guardian Angel Battle cruiser “Sword of the Heavens” under the orders of Ordo Xenos.

Guardian Angels provided with two new Strike cruisers and several complete Tactical Dreadnaught Armours by the Inquisition; for the Chapters efforts during the Badab uprising.

The equipment has been requisitioned and rebuilt from Marine Chapters that rebelled during the Badab War, as well as newly crafted equipment.

Guardian Angels first encounter Necrons after having come to the aid of the Imperial Guard.
Battle rages long and hard before the Necrons mysteriously dissappear from the battlefield.

Second Tyranid war against Hive Fleet Kraken.
Guardian Angels 4th Battle Company with their Battle Barge "The Shadow Guard" and its two supporting Strike cruisers; “the Gloriam”, and ”the White Angel”, fight a Tyranid Splinter Fleet on the Agri World Iridia Prime.
Newly appointed; Captain Daniel of the 4th Company is set in Charge of the Planets remaining PDF, and the Planetary Imperial Navy Airborne. – With these forces under his command, the great Captain defeats the Tyranids in record time, and with surprisingly few losses.
The Chapter however loses their experimental Hive mind disruption Generator before it can be properly tested.

Guardian Angels and Adepta Sororitas enter a special pact of friendship and trust; after the Chapter comes to the aid of a Tyranid besieged Chapel Majoris of the sisters Hospitaler.

Inquisitorial supervision ended. -
Guardian Angels officially found not guilty on all charges, as they are completely loyal to hummanity, the Emperor and the Imperium; as well as showing no signs of mutation, heresy or the taint of Chaos.

The Chapter is rewarded with the Inquisitorial diploma of purity and are granted the right to carry out their Chapters belief as part of Imperial dogma.

A small Battle force from the Guardian Angels partakes in the joined Chapter operations of the Balur Crusade against Xenos held worlds along the Eastern Galactic Fringe.
Force lead by Marneus Calgar.

Operation; Enduring Sweep.
The Guardian Angels and Aegyptus Astartes Chapter ally to battle Splinter Fleet; Talos III in the Udigo VI system.
The battle rages in space; with boarding actions, in mining meteors, onboard Tyranid vessels, and on the desert planet of Udigo VI for 42 days before the Tyranids are defeated and the Imperial Guard take over.

Present Day.


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