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Overview of Chapter Assets.
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And Their Number Shall be Greater than the Stars

Regular Codex Doctrine states that no Chapter number more than 1000 Marines.
The Guardian Angel Chapter goes against this Codex rule however; as they have found that this number is not high enough to support a living, and healthy Chapter.

They remember the Emperors original words at the creation of their group, and believe the Emperors word are higher in rank and order than those of Roboute Guilliman. – Further more, they believe the Codex was made for the Marines, and not the other way around.

Much of the Chapters research into the original Codex editions suggests that the Codex originally stated that; No Chapter should number more than 1000 Full Battle Brothers. – The way the Guardian Angels interpret this, is that; the sentence is a suggestion, not a rule – Although it was Roboute that originally split the Legions into Chapters.

Also, the Angels believe that the phrase has been misprinted, and misinterpreted.
The difference between 1000 Marines; meaning 1000 Brother Marines, and 1000 Full Battle Brothers is quite huge, as one allows no more than 1000 Marines, while the other only suggests a limit in the use of Fully trained Marines at Battle readiness.

The Guardian Angel Librarians believe there has been a mismatch between copies of the Codex, and that some of its meaning has been lost in translation through time.

Whether this has been done intentionally, or by accident, they cannot say, but it is their firm belief that it could not have been Roboutes intention to hamper the Astartes so much that they would no longer be able to put up an effective defense of the Imperium. – As is their belief, is something that one sees in the Imperium today.

Whatever is correct, the Chapter holds a bigger First Company than usual; and count the Librarium, Apothecarium, Forge and Fleet Officers as dispatched parts of the First Company, effectively bringing the First Company to well over 100 men.

The fact that the Guardian Angels count Full Battle Brothers only, rather than Brother Marines, means that many of the officers do not count towards the 1000 Battle Brother limit; including the entirety of the Librarium and Fleet Officers.

This also means that the Chapter holds a much larger 10th Company than usual, as Marines in Training certainly are Brother Marines, but have not yet earned the right to go under the title of Battle Brother.

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