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Info on the Armoury of the Chapter.
Last Updated; February 25. 2005 - Imperial Record

Tech-Adepts & the Armoury
Si vis pacem, para bellum
Those who wish for peace, prepare for war

The Armoury contains all technology; Food, spare parts, ammunition, vehicles, arms, armour and gear etc. that is at mission-readiness.
It is the responsibility of the Armoury to constantly keep the Chapter and its divisions at optimum combat-readiness and efficiency. – Often making supply runs through hostile enemy territory and directly into hot-zones.

Due to their special faith concerning Humanity, the Emperor and the Machine God, not to mention the incidents that occurred during the Venor Crusade; the Guardian Angels are very careful of who they use as Techmarines.
In fact the Chapter doesn’t have any regular Techmarines, as they refuse to send any Marines to receive tech training within the Machine Cult. – Instead counting on their STC systems and knowledge to uphold the Chapters function.
In fact, the Chapter usually refer to their Techmarines as Tech-Adepts rather than Techmarines.

The Tech-Adepts of the Chapter are indoctrined in the Guardian Angels faith and philosophy, and they must swear to the Emperor rather than the Machine God, for it is the Emperor that is the Ghost in the Shell. It is he who controls the events, he is the Deux ex Machina, the embodiment of the human soul, and without it the machines would be nothing but empty dead husks of metal.

The Chapter also reasons that Xenos races have technology – ergo, no Omnissiah Emperor link – even if much of the Xenos tech is actually stolen from humans.

While the Tech-Adepts have more than enough to do every day; keeping all machines, weapons and armour operational, as well as aiding the Apothecarion, they also have the responsibility of teaching Marines and their serfs about technology, and educating new Tech-Adepts.

Dress Code
In day to day activities, the Chapters Tech-Adepts and their helping hands dress in a red or fiery orange overall. – When not working on Machines or technological subjects; for example in research, training or off-duty, Tech-Adepts usually wear a burgondy coloured monastic robe.
On the Battlefield the Tech-Adepts usually wear armour in the same colour as their fellow marines, only standing out due to their servo harnesses and technical equipment.

Weapons & Wargear

The Chapter has a huge list of irregular and regular Weapons and Wargear they use, or do not use. – This list contains equipment from things used by the Chapters Companies, Space-Fleet, Navy and more.
A list and descriptions can be found in the Weapons & Wargear section.

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