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+++ NEWS ARCHIVES 2009 +++
Listing all the headlines for the Guardian Angels in 2009.
Last Updated: July 07. 2009 - Imperial Record 4.514.9.42.



July 07. 2009 - Imperial Record 4.514.9.42.

With the time given for the Meritocratic Counsel to sort the economic crisis out, now being up, the Guardian Angels Chapter moved into the Government Headquarter Districts today.
Lead by Chaptermaster Metatron, the Chapter moved into the districts in what can only be described as a demonstration of power.
Once at the main HQ however, the Meritocratic Counsel was waiting and willingly surrendered the government of the Icar 05 system to its rightful rulers; The Guardian Angels.

This move has been met with relief and joy across the system and many people now celebrate in the belief that better times are coming.
Still, some remain skeptical and have little faith that a military organization will be able to right what specially trained experts could not.

The Chaptermaster himself says that it will be a challenge, but that they are confident that their task will be a success.
The last time the Chapter took over direct command of their Home System, they enacted a curfew and declared Martial Law; shortly after this, things started getting better.
This time however, the Chapter has no intention of going to such drastic measures. What they intend to do instead is to work to get a better overview of the situation. Secure the future of the people, and to ensure the Star System's trading partners that trading with the system is safe.

+ + + + +


The Guardian Angels symbol.
The Guardian Angels logo stands as a sign of Hope
to the people of "Icar V" and "Ultima Prime".

June 30. 2009 - Imperial Record 4.495.9.42.

The pride of the Chapter's Home system and the Eden Sector, docked at the Annulus Space Port today, after returning from her maiden voyage.
The ship is in for a refit and upgrade of her systems, and in expected to be docked at least six to fourteen days.

According to the ship's Captain: "Jack Eneris", the ship, while docked, will allow a limited amount of people onboard for tours, against a rather large fee off course. The Captain also has a shipman's competition, in which five lucky winners will be allowed to go on a tour for free.
Wile in home system, the 10 Guardian Angels stationed onboard, will return to the Chapter Monastery for debriefing and training.

+ + + + +



The Black Pearl
The Black Pearl.

June 29. 2009 - Imperial Record 4.492.9.42.

As the deadline for the Meritocratic Counsel draws near, the Chapter reminds them that they have had plenty of time to try and correct the problems of the Icar 05 system, and that that time now draws to a close.
The Counsel has asked for a delay, to let their last attempt to get the economy going again, work.
The Chaptermaster today replied that they would get until the sixth, something the people at large disagrees with, but still seem to respect.
Still, if the Counsel has not produced results by the sixth, they will be removed from the office of power. - By force, if need be!

+ + + + +


Imperial Aquila

June 26. 2009 - Imperial Record 4.484.9.42.

The Chapter opened access to their last reserves today, to keep the population and infrastructure of their home system going, despite the economic crisis seen by the Eden Sector during the past months.
This money is usually held in reserve in case the Imperium uncharacteristically decides to claim a tithe tax from an Astartes held system.

With these valuables, the Chapter invested heavily in PDF and SDF forces, as well as strengthening their own military arsenal.
This was met with protests from the "Future Alliance", and the many people who now stand with no coverage against what is feared to be the greatest poverty the system has seen since before the Chapter took over.

Still, the Meritocratic Counsel of the Government has assured the people time and time again that no harm will befall them, and with this new cash-flow, secured by the Guardian Angels, the system is secure for at least another four to five months.

Vast amounts of money was also invested in training facilities for the armies, information systems, and for infra-structure upgrades.
The people are growing ever more restless however and the Chapter now fears it will be seeing an increase in poverty, criminal activities and violent protests, as the crisis escalates.

+ + + + +



A coin from the Eden sector carrying the symbol of the Lignator Trading Fleet.
As the economic crisis continues, the Chapter has had
to go new ways to secure it's Home System.


May 27. 2009 - Imperial Record 1.402.9.3.

We have received word from 8th Company today, that the Imperial Crusade at Nestir V, successfully stopped an attack upon Hive Secundus.
Codicer Korvac of the Legio was on the forefront of the battle, but without the strong unity that is held by the Crusade, this victory would not have been possible. - This stands as a stark reminder that 8th Company still does a good job at leading the Crusade;
of that the continued unity of the Imperium still stands and that strength resides in Humanity still.
For the full report, please see the Legio Archives.

The Legio Heraldry.
Heraldry of the Legio.

May 13. 2009 - Imperial Record 1.363.9.3.

The people of the Icar 05 system once more protest against the civilian government and demand that the Guardian Angels Chapter take over as the system's ruling body.

Both the Governor and his Counsel, as well as the Chapter's spokesperson urge the civilians to stay calm and remember that the Chapter already issued a statement to the Government saying they have until the start of July to make things right.

So far the people of the system have not been suffering famine or direct poverty. The system's infra structure has been well maintained and the Government holds to that this will continue for many months still.
On the other hand, the representatives of the People of "Icar 05's Future Alliance", show to facts indicating that the star system has had no employment measures or income for the last six months and that the people's aid for the poor still has not come into effect despite that the people have made many attempts to contact the ruling body.

Unemployment numbers are rising rapidly and people are getting poorer for it.
If this continues, says the representatives of "Icar 05's Future Alliance"; then Icar 05 has no future.

The Government on the other hand states that while things are worse now than they were half a year ago, they are not as bad as the "Icar 05's Future Alliance" indicate.

The Guardian Angels wish to make no further comment on the issue, except to say they intend to keep their word to both sides, and that if either side oversteps their bounds, the Chapter will employ harsh tactics to ensure that the Pax Imperialis is kept.

+ + + + +



+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
Imperial Aquila
+ + + + + P A X   I M P E R I A L I S + + + + +

A coin from the Eden sector carrying the symbol of the Lignator Trading Fleet.
The coins of the Eden Sector have been falling in value
due to increased instability throughout Ultima Segmentum.

May 08. 2009 - Imperial Record 1.350.9.3.

Eighth Company reports that the enemy is on the move at Nestir V again.
It seems a landtrain is heading for Hive Secundus and the Imperials are mustering a plan to stop it. - The Chapter Steward and the Chapter at large wishes the Imperial Crusade at Nestir V the best of luck as their struggle to win back the Nestir system continues.
More info can be found here.

+ + + + +



The Imperial Fleet still holds dominion over Nestir V.

April 25. 2009 - Imperial Record 1.314.9.3.

The Chapter Steward met with the head of the Cereberos Imperial Navy Fleet, for a strategic meeting between allies and a possible business venture for the people of the Chapter's Home Solar System; Icar 05.

The meeting was held during a banquet that cost over 3 million Imperial Credits and was funded by the Guardian Angels Chapter. In addition to this, the Chapter used nearly 8 billion of its emergency fund to fund upkeep costs on infrastructure and defences of their Homeworld.

Though the Chapter still wows to ensure the safety of their people, the head of the Treasury, Centurion Black, has expressed concern about that the Chapter's Emergency Fund is starting to run dry.

+ + + + +



Part of the Cereberos Fleet in motion.
Part of the Cereberos Fleet in motion.

April 10. 2009 - Imperial Record

Fourth Company successfully defended the planetary command palace of Aurum Triaris' Capital city "Verum Eastis" as the palace came under heavy attack by a Gene stealer cult that circumvented the palace's regular defences to strike straight at the heart of the planet's command centre.

When called upon, Commander D'Angelo himself, lead a crack team of his best Warriors into the midst of the action and with his expert guidance, the enemy was defeated in less than six minutes.

Truly a marvelous victory for 4th Company!

+ + + + +


Commander Daniel D'Angelo
Commander Daniel D'Angelo

March 24. 2009 - Imperial Record

Battle Force Georgii, lead by Crusade Commander D'Angelo, has arrived in the Aurum system and engaged enemies of the Tyranid and Orkoid genom there.
The Aurum system is something as rare as a naturally occuring 'Trihab System', meaning it holds three naturaly habitable planets, making it ideal as a staging ground for further Battle Operations against the Tyranid incurison within the Eastern Frontier.

The three planets within the system are:

Aurum Primaris
Laying closest to the sun, this warm, dry planet is a Penal World primarly used to recruit penetant prisoners into the Imperial Guard.
Aside from prisoners, this planet does however hold some other important resources and has had a constant Orkoid problem for decades.

Aurum Secundus
Is a relativly warm and humid Fuedal World, classed as an Agri World used to feed the inhabitants of the Aurum system.
Large portions of the planet is covered by oceans, while the continents are filled with vast jungles, swamps and agricultural areas, interspersed with many walled Feudal Cities.
Like Aurum Primaris, this planet too has been suffering from Orkoid infestation and the relativly primitive Planetary Defence Forces have had a hard time keeping the number of Orkoids down.

Aurum Triaris
Is a relativly dry, yet cool planet housing ceveral enormous Hive Cities.
This planet has been classed as an Industrial Hive World and houses the majority of the Aurum system's population.
Here the populace works hard to produce weapons, munitions and household items for the Imperium, while the Space Port 'Aurum Quintus' in orbit sees to it that trading ships unload and load wares in the proper manner.

The Chapter's "Battle Group Georgii" arrived in system seven days ago and have agreed to help the system rid itself of its Ork infestation. — In return, the Chapter has demanded unhindered use of the system in their battle against the Tyranid incursion.

After their arrival, "Battle Force Georgii" has placed one Company at each planet, with Third at Aurum Primaris, Fifth at Aurum Secundus and Fourth at Aurum Triaris.
So far Fifth Company has meet with the most resistance.
The Companies have not only encountered Ork forces as originally reported though, but the Third and Fifth Companies have both also encountered Tyranid Vaneguard Forces on their planetary charges.

More than 20 Drops have been made to counter these enemies allready, and of these twenty battles, only one has been unsuccessful.
With these strikes, orbital bombardments, artillery and more, the Chapter's Librarians calculate that the Chapter allready stands responsible for pacifying more than 6000 enemies and securing many key strategic areas.
In exchange for this huge death toll, the Companies have only lost four Marines and five Scouts, as well as Six other Marines that are to wounded to keep fighting without a long recouperation time.

Naturally with these new finds, the enemy forces are much greater than the Aurum system's Councel of Govornment reported and this has taken a greater than expected toll on the Battle Group's wargear; so after Commander D'Angelo meet with them personally on Aurum Triaris, the Councel of Aurum agreed to resupply the Chapter with any and all weapons and ammunition lost in these purifying missions.

We look forward to seeing this system
cleansed of the enemies of Mankind!

+ + + + +


Aurum planetfall

Aurum planetfall

Aurum Primaris
Aurum Primaris

Aurum Secundus
Aurum Secundus




March 10. 2009 - Imperial Record

The Imperial Crusade at Nestir V, lead by 8th Company's Commander Bannister, has not responded after ceveral attempts to hail them through Astropathic relay.
It is as of yet uncertain exactly what is causing this communication failure, but for now the Astropaths of the Chapter believe it is nothing serious.

Ademdum I:
A redirected message to the Legio revealed that the loss of communication simply is an Astropathic relay enhancer that has broken down after the power station at Hive Primus was damaged, and that the Crusade currently is working on repairing it.

Ademdum II:
Contact with the Nestir Crusade restored.

+ + + + +


+ + + + + NESTIR V + + + + +
Imperial Aquila

March 06. 2009 - Imperial Record

Construction of Black Pearl is complete and the ship was launched today in a grand ceremony marking the completion of decades of work put in by the people of Icar V at the Annulus Space Port.

The ship has been constructed as an experimental Mars Pattern Battle Cruiser made mostly out of parts salvaged by the Guardian Angels Chapter, from Hulks they have cleansed throughout the years.

The construction of the ship has cost the Sector more than 7 billion Imperial Credits and it is expected that another 3 billion may be needed before it is absolutely complete.
Still, this ship is worth it as the many parts that put it together are highly advanced Archotech not readily understood or available anymore.

Naturally the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Imperial Navy have kept a very close eye on this project and Tech-Priests still continue to monitor the ships systems throughout her maiden voyage, as the highly advanced technology onboard may prove to be unstable at times; though no major problems have been encountered so far.

As many as 80 000 people have been employed to construct and man the ship, with 25 000 of these people employed at the Annulus Space Port, simply to keep the port ready for her rearmament, repairs, refittings, resupply and to repopulate the crew if needed.
The Guardian Angels Chapter has agreed to station 10 Marines onboard as extra security and this team will be completely rerolled every five years, with overlapping changes of half the team every 2,5 years.

The ship's huge frame, makes 'The Black Pearl' the second largest ship in the Eden Sector, and her advanced technology defines her as one of the best Imperial Navy ship within the Sector as well.
It has been planned for her to patrol the Sector's many shipping routes, but the Captain and his counsel now speak of traveling to the Eastern front where they wish to support the Fleet of the Angels against the Tyranid incursion.

The Mechanicus have naturally wildly objected to this change in plans, while the Navy still has not commented.
As for the Guardian Angels Chapter, the Chaptermaster has welcomed the offer of support, but holds that for now the ship should continue its testing runs and serve out a term as a patrol ship before considering other duties.

+ + + + +



The Black Pearl
The Black Pearl in flight.

March 01. 2009 - Imperial Record

Third, Fourth and Fifth Companies left for the Eastern Front today, where they will set up supply stations and a front base in the battle against the Tyranid invasion.
This force will also set up the Ramilies class starfort: "Patria Nostra".
The Chapter is expected to be fighting alongside the Ultramarines in some of the battles along the eastern frontier, near Ultramar.

The main Battle force here is primarily set up to fight Tyranids, but it is expected that other enemies will be encountered as well. - Especially Orks, as the Ork menace has increased greatly here over the last years. - A few warbands of marauding Pirates and Chaos forces may also be in the path of the companies, so the forces are prepared for all of these.

Due to his extensive knowledge and experience with the Tyranid Xenos Genus, The Battle Force, which has been given the name: "Battle Force Georgii", will be lead by Commander of Fourth Company's "Daniel D'Angelo".

+ + + + +




February 27. 2009 - Imperial Record

After over a year of fighting, the Imperial Crusade within the Nestir system, have finally defeated the enemy fleet, and cast the Arch-enemy out of the Hive cities.
following their defeat within the Hive City: 'Primus', the enemy fled into the planet's extensive sub-terrainian world and are currently being hunted by the Imperials.

Taking the cities, the Imperial Crusade has defeated the enemy, freed the planet's citizens and started emergency repairs to the planetary infrastructure.
A memorial service and celebrative ceremony followed the Imperium's defeat of their enemies within the Hive's, as this marks a long fought for victory in the war.

Still, there may be some trouble left within the Nestir system, as the Imperial Guard General Storm Hawkin Frost brought some troubling facts to light.
The enemy is not yet defeated and the threat they pose to the Nestir sub-sector seems much greater now that General Storm has reported on her findings.

The full info on the end of the initial Campaign
within the Nestir System can be found here.

Victory over Primus
Under the guidance of Crusade Commander Iniel
Bannister, the Imperial Crusade now holds
dominion over the Hive Cities of Nestir V.


February 22. 2009 - Imperial Record

Following a long journey, the Support Fleet that resupplied Sixth Company at Illumis arrived in Home System on the first of February, some two months after departure from the Ork infested planet in the Maelstrom Sector.

After this, the Fleet has been moving at impulse speed through Home System to finally arrive at the docking stations of the Annulus Space Port late today.
The ships arrived safely and bring with them many civilian workers who have been serving the Chapter at Illumis for the past few years.

We are very pleased to see these brave representatives safely reunited with their families today and the Chapter is arranging a celebration in honor of them and their families here on Ultima Prime.

+ + + + +

The Guardian Angels Fleet in orbit around Ultima Prime.
The Guardian Angels Fleet in orbit around Ultima Prime.

February 20. 2009 - Imperial Record

Today the Chapter received a huge shipment of ammunition.
Usually this would not warrant much attention, but given the bad times the Eden Sector is going through and the difficulty in shipping this is causing, receiving this batch of ammunition was very welcome.

The shipment has been delayed by almost four months due to different problems both at the Forgeworld and with shipping itself. Now though it has finally arrived and no matter how bad things get with the shipping and trade problems of the Eden Sector, the Chapter will now be well supplied with ammunition ranging from regular las-packs to the most advanced Bolter rounds, Plasma batteries, Earthshaker rounds, Plasma Torpedoes, Lance missiles, and much much more, for the foreseeable future.

There was a slight mix-up with the delivery and some of the Red Plasma Crates did not arrive. Instead the Chapter got a batch of Inferno and Hellfire Bolt Rounds and as this type of ammo is very hard to get hold of, ten crates of it is a welcome mix-up.
This ammunition type is certain to come in very handy in the War against the Tyranid incursion that the Chapter is preparing for in the eastern frontier of Ultima Segmentum.

The Forgeworld has been made aware of the mix-up and have said that the Chapter will be first in line to get crates of plasma if enough such ammo is left after their immediate production has been shipped to its other clients.

A great big thank you goes out to Legio B&C, for without their support and connections, this shipment of highly specialized ammunition would never have been possible.

Thank you Bolter & Chainsword!

+ + + + +

B&C Dice from Q-workshop.
Example of ammo crate for the main ammo.

B&C Dice Bag from Q-Workshop.
Example of the main ammo transportaition bag.


February 18. 2009 - Imperial Record

Home system has finally started feeling the effects of the economic downfall throughout the Eden Sector and the Government's investments in new industry, Atmospheric cleansing and technological progress have so far proven unsuccessful at improving the situation for the general public.

The Guardian Angels are looking at several strategies for further securing the population of their home planet, but strongly hold to that it is necessary to invest in the groundwork of a civilization first. — Securing such things as food, shelter, heat and safety.

The Chaptermaster addressed the public openly before the civilian government today and sternly reminded them that the line between a thriving civilization and a brawling, savage anarchy is thin and lies within these immutable basics.
He also reminded the Government that an army marches on its stomach, and that the Government's priority should be to secure these things first and foremost.

The Guardian Angels Chapter has given the Government a time limit of four months. If they cannot sort the problem by then, the Chapter is taking command of Home System and instilling a state of emergency, followed by Martial Law.

A coin from the Eden sector carrying the symbol of the Lignator Trading Fleet.
Coins of the Eden Sector are falling in value due
to increased instability throughout Ultima Segmentum.

February 15. 2009 - Imperial Record

In preparation for a major overhaul, the Legio B&C, which has stood as a unifying force among the Chapters of the Imperium for ages, has asked many Chapters for financial aid to complete their overhaul upkeep.

Despite the economic situation throughout the Eden Sector, the Chapter still decided to donate as much as possible when asked.
We are certain this will benefit us all, now and in the future.
The Bolter & Chainsword needs your aid!

+ + + + +


February 03. 2009 - Imperial Record

Following the petition from Thanatos III for the Chapter to aid the Imperial Guard against Necrons, in what was expected to be a prolonged war on a jungle-filled moon classified as a deathworld, the Chapter received word today, that help will not be needed after all.

The Imperial Guard General in charge said the Chapter's aid would have been welcome, but that he no longer thought it was nessassery.
As such, the Chapter will refocus the efforts
of it's 7th Company.

+ + + + +

+ + + + + PAX IMPERIALIS + + + + +
Imperial Aquila
+ + + + + THANATOS III + + + + +

January 01. 2009 - Imperial Record

Despite the economic problems continuing throughout Ultima Segmentum, as the war on the eastern frontier intensifies; the new year was celebrated in the Icar V system today, and millions of people took to the streets to celebrate the continued existence of the Imperium of mankind.

The Chapter has been asked by representatives of the people, to take over government of their home system in the same way they did after the Icar warp storms of 006.M42. – At the time, against the people´s will.
No demand has as of yet been put on the civilian government, but the Chaptermaster is taking the suggestion into close and serious consideration; so the civilian government has been notified of the issue.

In the meantime preparations for an offensive on the east of Ultima Segmentum continues; with the 1st, 2nd, 3d, 4th and 10th Companies all preparing to leave for this prolonged and massive war.
It has been decided that parts of 1st and 10th Company will stay behind, alongside all of 9th, to guard home system.

5th Company will continue its efforts in aiding the Sons of Doom at Uilidia, in what is largely seen as being a diplomatic mission.

6th Company will continue its presence at Illumis in the Maelstrom sector, as a precautionary safeguard for the Chapter, where they will continue to make strikes against the Ork hordes on the planet; although this has with time, also come to be seen largely as a diplomatic mission.

The Chaptermaster and the full extent of the Chapter and all its allies also wish to congratulate the Royal family of Illumis; specifically King Bjerved and Queen Elisabeth on recently receiving firstborn princess Aurora, into the family!
It is believed that this momentous event will spur a motivational upsurge in the Draconian efforts of the Queen´s regiments, against the continued existence of the Greenskins; and that this will further weaken the Orks, if not completely wiping out the already weakened Orkoid presence on the planet

7th Company has finally been given the greenlight on battle worthiness again, after they sustained heavy damage during the Medusa V Campaign.
They have been restocked with material and have been given over Marines both from 9th and 10th Company, as well as recruits and personnel from the University of Angels and the Adepts Guard.

With more than two years in training as a united Company and several live Fleet escort missions under their belt, the Chaptermaster is now ready to call the Company "Battle Worthy" once more. – Congratulations!
7th will however stay behind in Home system for the time being, serving as a Home Company reserve until the Chapter decides whether or not to go into the conflict at Thanatos III.

8th Company keeps leading the Imperial Crusade at Nestir, into a new year; in its continuous conflict against the forces of Chaos.
The Imperials now have the Arch enemy on the run and we expect this conflict to be over within the end of the year.
Furthermore, thanks to the new supplies and Marines provided by the 9th and 10th training companies; 8th has reported in that despite reduced Fleet support, it is now at 70% capacity.

With both 7th and 8th having needed massive rebuilding within the same decade however, this leaves the Chapter with precious few reserves, and an intensification of the recruitment and training programs have been ordered.

The Guardian Angels Chapter is however not the only force preparing for a conflict against the eastern Tyranid front.
Standing side by side with the Chapter, is more than 2500 soldiers from the Adepts Guard; more than 35 000 support personnel; more than 85 000 troops from the Icarian Guard; as well as over 5000 volunteers from the Icar V PDF and SDF.

To top this off, close to half of the Eden Sub-Sector Navy, featuring over 2000 aircraft and an additional 4 Imperial Navy Segmentum Cruisers, carrying support personnel, including over 60 000 Mariners will be joining in the war.

Hard economic times coupled with a need to increase military activity to as of yet unforeseen and unparalleled proportions, has also seen the sector receiving a great increase in volunteers and recruits for military service.
– This is one tough force and the enemy has it coming to them!

On another note, as tradition would have it, the Chapter Steward celebrated the New Year with some of his closest Marine Staff, as well as a few civilians, during the initial New Year ceremony.
This year it was the Chief of the Forge; the Commander of 3d; the Captain of 4th and the Commander and Captain of 7th Company.
After the traditional celebratory show, the Chapter Steward then moved on to the Chaptermaster´s dinner and toast, with representatives of every Chapter branch available, present; as well as three civilian refugee children and their foster parents, that were all rescued from the war torn cities of Medusa V; and that now live as full citizens of Ultima Prime.

A special message also went out to the Companies that sadly could not be present at the festivities. These were the: 5th, 6th and 8th Companies, as well as the Marines seconded to the Navigator houses, the Rogue Traders, the Legio and to the Ordo Xenos of the Inquisition.

After this, a message went out to three important allies of the Guardian Angels:
The Ultra Marines, who are currently fighting a desperate war on the eastern front.
The Legio B&C, who are always an inspiration.
And finally, the Fighting Tigers of Veda who have always also been a great inspiration, but that seem to be having some motivational problems right now.

In closing, the Chaptermaster held the Chaptermaster´s Speech to the people of Icar 05; thanking them for their efforts and understanding, before closing with the same words that will be closing this news update:

Despite, or more precisely, especially during times of hardship that put us to the test – like the one we are well into now, – it is important; no, imperative that we stay tough, stay devoted, stay the course and stick together.
We may live in hard times, but stay the course and look towards the future!
And with that, all that remains for me to say is this:



Redux logo
Despite economic trouble throughout the segmentum,
the Chaptermaster intends to carry on with the Guardian
Angels´ Redux program this year, meaning the completion
of quite a few long planned upgrades and changes.

Ultima Prime logo
Most of the Chapter celebrated the new year right back at
home, and despite that the Companies are preparing for
war, they had no problem finding time for the people of
their home planet "Ultima Prime" and star system "Icar 05".

The people of Ultima Prime celebrating their heroes at
the beginning of yet another year in the Imperium of man.


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