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+++ NEWS ARCHIVES 2008 +++
Listing all the headlines for the Guardian Angels in 2008.
Last Updated: December 02. 2008 - Imperial Record 1.920.8.2.



December 02. 2008 - Imperial Record 1.919.8.2.

The Support Fleet that has been resupplying Sixth Company at Illumis, left the Illumis system late last night, and will be returning home with a large contingent of Support Personnel that have been spending the last few year in Fleet Service with Sixth Company over Illumis.
No doubt, these people will be very happy to return home once more.

At Illumis, the Support Fleet has rotated support personnel, carried out knowledge transfers, and resupplied the Company with materials, food, munitions, Scouts and much more.

Sixth Company itself will continue to maintain their presence at Illumis.
We wish them all the best in their stay there!

In the meantime, the rest of the Chapter (except 8th), is preparing to depart for the Galactic East, near Ultramar, where they will be batteling the Tyranids.

Locations of the Guardian Angels Chapter's Companies.
Locations of the Guardian Angels Chapter's Companies.


December 01. 2008 - Imperial Record 1.916.8.2.

Today is a sad day, in which we received the report confirming that the Arch Angel "Oriel" of Eighth Company, has been Killed in Action at the Nestir Crusade.
Oriel was a grand hero of the Chapter, serving with us for millennia. – He will be sorely missed, and the Chapter Librarium will record his final deeds with honour.

Later today, the Reclusiam will be administering to a memorial service for our lost Ancient Hero; a time in which the whole Chapter will uphold one minute of utter peace and silence, in memory and honour of Oriel, while we meditate on his many, many great deeds. – After this time of peace, silver bells will ring out, throughout the Chapter to signal the cleansing freedom of his soul, which will now be resting in peace.

It has been several months already, since Oriel fell, and the former Commander of Eighth Company "Iniel Bannister" was implanted into the repaired Dreadnought body instead. Since then, repairs and refitting of the Dreadnought shell has been carried out, and the Dreadnought form is quite different now, as opposed to what it looked like under Oriel's care.

The first picture of Commander Iniel Bannister's new form as a Dreadnought, was also transmitted and translated by the Chapter's Astropathic Choire today, and it is fair to say that Bannister's new form is an imposing one.
No doubt why he now holds the nickname: The Crimson Winged Arch-Angel.

Commander Bannister is already recognised as the Nestir Crusade's Commander and will officially be entered into the annals of the Arch Angels, by the Reclusiam and Librarium later on today. Thus he will be sanctioned as both Commander and Arch-Angel of the Eighth Company, by Chaptermaster Metatron. – Although Captain Kinghorn is scheduled to take over as Commander of Eighth Company after Eighth returns back home.

The best of luck to everyone in the Nestir Crusade.

The Crimson winged Arch Angel - Iniel Bannister - in Dreadnought form.
The Crimson winged Arch-Angel at Nestir V.
Iniel Bannister - in Dreadnought form.
Click the image for a better view.


November 28. 2008 - Imperial Record 1.908.8.2.

Due to financial unrest throughout the Eden Sector, the Lignator Trading Fleet has, after severe political discussions, decided to cut back more than half of its trade-runs.
This will further disrupt the financial situation of the whole sector and it also means that they have chosen not to renew their financial contract with the Guardian Angels Chapter, regarding patrols of their trading routes within the Eden Sub-Sector.

Ultimately this means that the Chapter is cutting all its financial aid to Home System and the Eden Sector at large, as well as ceasing all patrol runs in the Sector, to focus on more pressing conflicts throughout the whole of Ultima Segmentum. – Focusing especially on the Galactic East, near Ultramar, where they will be involved in helping the Legendary Ultramarines, among others, in slowing down the Tyranid advance.

Experts believe it may be a few months yet before the Sector feels the effects of the financial problems and increased insecurity in space travel, due to the Guardian Angels' lessened involvement in securing the Space Lanes.
Yet, an increase in pirate activity, riots, thieving and general unrest is to be expected.

Alllthough the experts believe it may be some time yet, before the effects will be felt, one can already feel the tremours to some degree, as the people of the Icar 05 system and throughout the Eden Sector start cutting down on their investments in every avenue possible. – Cutbacks in feeding and upkeep budgets are expected to follow.
On top of this, riots and threats of terrorism have been reported in some Hives of the Eden Sector, but all in all the people are much calmer than originally expected.

Further news will follow as the situation progresses.


Riots in the Eden Sector
Riots broke out in certain places of the Eden Sector
today, as it was made known that the Guardian Angels
no longer will be supporting Trade Fleet Lignator, and
as a result the people will be seing a weakened
economy throughout the entire sub-sector.

November 22. 2008 - Imperial Record 1.891.8.2.

The Guardian Angels Chapter keeps building its strength.
This time, spending no less than 8 million Imperial credits to tool up First Company, the Librarium, HQ Fire control and Orbital Bombardment systems.

In the mean time the economic situation of the Eden Sector is not improving and the Lignator Trading Fleet is threatening to halve the number of its journeys, due to lessened spending-will and business.

This would mean that the Guardian Angels Chapter would no longer need to patrol the trading routes of Eden Sector as heavily as they have the last year, and would be free to explore more direct missions again.

The dark side of the coin, off course, is that this lessened traffic will hit the Chapter's home system with a weakened economy and lower safety status, that may indeed work towards destabilising the entire sub-sector further.

A coin from the Eden sector carrying the symbol of the Lignator Trading Fleet.
The coins of the Eden Sector may soon fall in value due
to increased instability throughout the Ultima Segmentum.


November 14. 2008 - Imperial Record 1.869.8.2.

The Chapter celebrated the 330th birthday of the Chapter Steward today; and they gave the old man, as well as some of the high-ups of both the Chapter and Ultima Prime, the show of their life, when the Ultra Marines joined in and let everyone see a practice match in which the boys in blue fought alongside the Angels, against mechanised opponents meant to represent Chaotic warriors, Tyranids and Necrons.

This was later followed up with an honour march for the general public and much food, fun and festivities in the streets of Rubicon city.
As the Guardian Angels' spokes person says: It is important to stay on good relations with the people that support you in your home, and that you are meant to protect.
The Angels are heroes of the people and that is the way we should act!

The people of Ultima Prime celebrate their heroes.


November 06. 2008 - Imperial Record 1.847.8.2.

Today, the Chapter received a petition to aid the Imperial Guard against Necrons, in what is expected to be a prolonged war for the jungle filled deathworld Thanatos III.
The Chaptermaster is currently considering the situation.
More info can be found here. – Further news is to follow.



August 01. 2008 - Imperial Record 1.582.8.2.

The economy in the Eden Sector is regressing and people fear that harder times may be on the way. Something that is lessening the economy of Icar V and threatening to throw many of the Star Systems' people into powerty.
Due to this, a chrisis meeting was held on Ultima Prime today; but the Chapter is not particularily worried and ensure the people of their Home System, that so far they will not suffer any hardship due to the echonomic or political situations of the sector.

+ + + + +

The Fleet sent to support Sixth Company with the Ork campaign at Illumis near the Maelstrom Sector also arrived in the Illumis system today.
The rendezvous is expected to go well, and Sixth will receive some much needed resupplying of people, food, ammo and parts.


+ + + + +


The Marines of 6th Company still stay in the fight at Illumis.
Sixth Company received some much needed support
and resupplying today, for the continued battle against
the Ork Waaaagh at the Illumis industrial islands,
near the Maelstrom.

July 07. 2008 - Imperial Record 1.513.8.2.

After heavy discussions, the Chaptermaster, Master of the Fleet, Master of the Forge, Master of the Armoury and Keeper of the Valults agreed to spend an additional 11,2 billion Imperial Credits on upgrading the Chapter today.

The Chapter's Fleet and fast support will receive special attention, while only a minour ammount of these resources will be set aside for support and personnel.
More precisely, extra funds have been set aside to reestablish 8th Company and for a long needed upkeep to the ships of the Fleet.
The family of Cobra support ships will be given particular attention, but most likely some for the Chapter's Capital Ships will also be receiving more funding.

7 billion of these Imperial Credits were however used for the benefit of the people of the Icar V system, as the Guardian Angels invested in the aquiering and repairs of 12 new inter system freighter, monitor and defence ships for the Icar V system. - most of these ships even have limited Warp capability.
A small sum of the money also went to upkeep and renovation of official Imperial buildings in the Capital City of Rubicon.


Rubicon city
Rubicon, the white city of the Guardian Angels.

July 01. 2008 - Imperial Record 1.497.8.2.

Today. the Guardian Angels' Forge was authorized by High Command, to use 2.1 billion Imperial credits on upkeep of the Fleet and rearmament of 8th Company.
These funds will mainly go towards aquering a new Strike Cruiser, or if possible, potentially to salvage and repair the ramains of the Dutyful.

In addition to this, the funds will also go towards retooling the Company's Vehicle Pool, as well as equipment, ammunition and other costs surrounding the successfull rebuild of Eighth Company.
Lastly, the rest of the Chapter's Fleet will se funds used towards renovation, upkeep and new investments wherever possible.

The Guardian Angels Fleet in orbit around Ultima Prime.
TheGuardian Angels Fleet in orbit around Ultima Prime.




May 26. 2008 - Imperial Record 1.483.8.2.

To everyone's great surprise, 8th Company's Commander: "Iniel Bannister" has reemerged as the head of the Imperial Crusade at Nestir V, in the form of a Venerable Dreadnought at Nestir V Crusade.

With their Dreadnought Commander in charge, 8th Company have officially taken over Command of the Nestir Crusade, after a decimating attack by Chaos upon the Legio Flagship "the Bloodied Scion", and the mysterious disappearance of the Crusade's former Commander: Captain Alexander Holus of the Legio.

The Company carries with them, the weight and authority of no less than three Inquisitorial branches, and that of Captain Alexander Holus himself; as well as from several other high ranking Crusade Commanders.
Read more on the subject, within the Legio's own Librarium Recors:
Part one can be found here.
Part two can be found here.
Part three can be found here.

Nestir V logo
The frozen logo of Nestir V.
+ And a Desktop image as well. +


May 24. 2008 - Imperial Record 1.478.8.2.

Today a selection of New Eighth Company, which was founded to take over for the original Eighth Company, after it was declared as lost a few months back; secretly arrived in the Nestir system with 8th Company's Fleet and support personnel, alongside Inquisitor Rugajov's Civilian Fleet and his flagship The Goldfield Voyager.
Their goal is to reinforce Eighth Company and the Crusade at Nestir V, as well as to evacuate civilians from the planet.

The Imperial Fleet holds dominion over Nestir V.

April 01. 2008 - Imperial Record 1.330.8.2.

After years away from home, 6th Company's Commander has finally decided to deliver an official request to return home after the Iron Eyes Imperial Guard Regiment relieved and took over a large part of the PDF's responsibilities at Ork invaded Illumis.
The Ork threat on the planet has dvindled allmost to the point of nothing in the previous months, and The Iron Eyes seem to have the situation well in hand.

This means that 6th Company's Commander feels their presence on the planet is no longer needed and that it is time to leave, in order to regroup, perform some much needed upkeep and refocus their efforts elsewhere.

This plan is however rejected by the Chaptermaster who instead decided to send Sixth Company a Resupply Fleet with provisions, ammo, parts, equipment and misc materials needed for upkeep. – He also sent scouts and serfs so the non-marine support personnel of Sixth Company, who want to be rotated back home can do so.

The Supply Fleet will stay with Sixth Company for four months to provide proper competence transfers and training between the old and the new Support Personnel, during the transition period.

The reason for the Chaptermaster's decision is that the Chapter needs a presence near the Maelstrom Sector due to threats in that sector, and the increasing difficulty that has become apparent as of late, involving Warp Travel.
There is still a good chance that Sixth Company may still be relieved at a later time, by another Company.

Banner of the Iron Eyes. 114th Imperial Guard Regiment.
Banner of the Iron Eyes 114th Imperial Guard Regiment.
As recorded by Imperial Guard Field Reporter Frode of
the Eden Sector's very own Bulletin Board News (BBN).

March 08. 2008 - Imperial Record

In a mighty battle against the forces of Chaos on the ice planet Nestir V, Commander Iniel Bannister fell today and was mortaly wounded when he was impaled on a Cathedral roof spear.
Commander Bannister was an instrumental Commander in the Nestir Crusade and he showed great courage and inspirational leadership towards Eighth, ever since he was forced to take over as their Commander after Ragnarokk.

He will be succeeded by his Captain: Draco Kinghorn, as Commander of the Eighth Company, and he will be remembered with Honour!
The report initial battle report of Bannisters last Battle can be found here.
The report of his final battle, can be found here.

Commander Iniel Bannister of the Guardian Angels' 8th Company
Commander Iniel Bannister of 8th Company



March 02. 2008 - Imperial Record

Commander Daniel D'Angelo of 4th Company was inserted as a teacher of strategy and tactics at the Guardian Angels' University of Angels today.
Here he will be administering to the older scouts and train them in both classroom, sciences, as well as in fieldwork and live exercises.
His spesific field will be the subject of the Tyranid race and how to fight them.

The Chaptermaster felt this move was nessassery due to D'Angelo's increasing popularity among the Chapter at large, as well as due to D'Angelo's extencive experience in the battlefield both on ground and in space throughout countless theateres of war within the Ultima Segmentum.

It is our great hope that Commander D'Angelo's presence will help to boost morale even more among the many students at the University of Angels.

Commander Daniel D'Angelo
Commander Daniel D'Angelo



February 26. 2008 - Imperial Record

Support from the new 8th Company, was sent from Icar 05, to join 8th Company at Nestir V today. – One of their most important tasks will be to secure and retreive the wreck of the Strike Cruiser "Dutiful", at her  crash site in the Nestir system.
More support personnel, and possibly war effort support is to be sent later, in the form of either 2'nd or 7'th Company.

8th Company´s Stike Cruiser, The Dutiful crashes with a Chaos ship in order to save a Cargo Ship full of refugees.
8th Company´s Stike Cruiser, The Dutiful crashes with a
Chaos ship in order to save a Cargo Ship full of refugees.
The Dutiful is wrecked, but she takes two Chaos Cruisers
with her in the process. – A dutiful death indeed!



February 18. 2008 - Imperial Record

A few months back, the Imperium demanded the formation and training of an Icar 05 Imperial Guard Force for heightened readiness against the Tyranid Hive Fleets. – Home System responded by hiring more than 50 000 volunteers that received training as professional career soldiers, and also supplemented this with an additional 33 000 draftees that will serve a five year tour of duty.
To top it off, 2000 convicts were drafted as special teams that will serve out their sentences in the Icarian Guard Force.

The Guardian Angels Chapter, alongside their own Guard founding: "The Adepts Guard", have been training the soldiers to make them as good as they can be, and today the force successfully carried out capture missions and guard duty in three different locations of the Eden Sector.

The missions were carried out in a satisfactory manner, largely without incident, and the newly founded Guard Regiment will be returning home for additional training and strengthening of the force.
The Guardian Angels have personally overseen this founding, and have also sanctioned support and resupplies from its Planetary and System Defence Forces, with equipment worth close to 12 billion Imperial Credits.



January 07. 2008 - Imperial Record

The Chapter's contract with the Chereberos and the Hyperios Trading Fleets, exspired today, after the Fleets no longer saw any reason to continue having the Guardian Angels patrol their shipping routes.
This was allegedly due to that no attacks had been made against the Fleets throughout this entire period.
Fleet Hyperios did show some conserns towards losing their powerful protector and Fleet Chereberos commented that they would not hesitate to work with the Guardian Angels again. – Both Fleets seemed quite pleased with the protection they had received under the protective wings of the Guardian Angels.

The Chapter will now divert its efforts to the shipping lanes of Trading Fleet Lignator instead though; as theese shipping lanes have seen a bit of pirate activity.
Trading Fleet Lignator, is a six part Trading Fleet belonging to the Lignator trading house and family. – Well known for its stability, integrityand honesty.
It is one of the largest civilian trading houses in the Eden sub-Sector and is best known for its trade in fine wood, designer objects, art and information.

The Trading House also trades in everyday items and provides sales for others.
Combined, the Lignator Fleet is the largest native Trading Fleet in the Eden Sector, and the second most popular.
The Fleets flagship is the Securis; a 9 km long hybrid combination of a bulk carrier and a luxury liner, carrying over 120 000 crewmen.

This new deal will ensure that the Guardian Angels can provide their forces and Icar 05 with an additional 350 to 400 million Imperial credits a year.



A coin from the Eden sector carrying the symbol of the Lignator Trading Fleet.
The most common coins from the Eden sector carry
the symbol of the Lignator Trading Fleet, and come
in different tones and values throught the sub-sector.

Gold with silver markings hold a value of 1000 Imperial Credits.
Silver with gold markings hold a value of 100 Imperial Credits.
Silver with silver markings hold a value of 50 Imperial Credits.
Silver with black markings hold a value of 10 Imperial Credits.
Silver with blue markings hold a value of 5 Imperial Credits.
No markings indicate a value of 1 Imperial Credit.

These coins are only at full value within the Eden sub-sector
itself. In its neighbouring sub-sectors, the coins hold a value
of about 75% of full value, and at its secondary neighbour, a
value of about 50%. – Beyond this, the coins are commonly
only worth the metal they are made of, except to a few select
collectors of obscure Imperial collectable items.


January 01. 2008 - Imperial Record

It is as of yet uncertain what actually happened to the Eighth and why they disappeared, but their Astropathic report indicates the destruction of their Strike Cruiser, the Dutiful at the giant ice planet Nestir V, when the Company interveened and destroyed two Chaos Cruisers in a staggering show of self sacrefice in order to save a civilian fleet carrying Imperial refugees.

The loss of such a proud and mighty old vessel as the Dutyful, is a terrible blow to the Chapter, and leaves both the Chapter and the entierity of Home System in shocked sorrow and remembrace.
Still, the news that Eight Company is alive and largely intact, is tremendous news, after they were reported as Missing In Action and declared lost by the Chaptermaster close to a year past now.

The Company has reported that it is currently under the protective wing of the Legio, and that alongside ceveral other Imperial forces, they are engaged in a mighty Crusade against the forces of Chaos, in the Nestir system to the south west in Ultima Segmentum. - News of the Campaign at Nestir, can be followed here.

Eleven months ago, reorganisation of the Chapter, and heavy recruitment, as well as training of Scouts began as a program to replace the lost Company, but these forces will now instead be redistributed according to the needs of the Chapter at large.
Eight has suffered heavily and so a large part of the "New Eighth", will be reenforcing Eighth at Nestir V.

Preparations are already underway and there can be no doubt that Eight Company will be very happy to meet up with their Fleet once more, get resupplied and reinforced by some sorely needed manpower.

To the lost Marines of Eight Company that have now returned to us, as well as to those that did not make it, the Chaptermaster speaks for the whole Chapter when he says:

Welcome back Eighth! – We salute you!


8th Company insignia
8th Company's Insignia banner.









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