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+++ NEWS ARCHIVES 2007 +++
Listing all the headlines for the Guardian Angels in 2007.
Last Updated; November 22. 2008 - Imperial Record 1.892.8.2.


December 24. 2007 - Imperial Record 1.###.#.#.

As tradition would have it, the Guardian Angels presented its people and allies with presents this year. Presents that are a reminder of the ever vigilant Imperium in the form of inspiring arwork for all to see.

We hope you will all have a Merry Chrismas and a Happy New Year!



Gifts from the Guardian Angels    Gifts from the Guardian Angels
Gifts from the Guardian Angels    Gifts from the Guardian Angels



December 15. 2007 - Imperial Record 1.###.#.#.

Ever since they contracted with the Chereberos and the Hyperios Fleets, the Guardian Angels have carried out their promise to invest heavily in industry, business, wellfare and military sectors.
In addition to this, they have used more than 12 billion Imperial Credits from their own coffers to downpay massive loans the people of Icar 05 have been forced to accuire from private contractors, during their Star System's previous suffering due to Warp Storm aftermaths.

IIn addition to this, the Angels have taken upon themselves, the burden of loaning 30 billion Imperial Credits from the Imperial Burocracy, to invest in industry, health and wellfarel programs, as well as jobs for the people of Icar 05.

These investments have proven to be a great success, and the Guardian Angels' home system and people have begun to thrive as the Star system once more grows in popularity among Imperial Traders and the Imperial Warmachine.

Guardian Angels' Chapter Fleet Symbol
The Guardian Angels' prowd Chapter Fleet Symbol

September 18. 2007 - Imperial Record 1.###.#.#.

The Guardian Angels engaged in an unusual business agreement today, signing up in part to be mercinarys for the Imperial Navy Fleet "Cereberos", and to a lesser degree, the Merchant Fleet "Hyperios", that are both major Eden Sector Fleets.
This means the Chapter will be paying more attention to the shipping lanes used by theese Fleets and that they will be escorting them through "challenged" areas in the Eden Sector.

The Chapter has contracted for payment for their services and the payment they receive will largely be used to enhance the infrastructure of the Icar 05 system, to ensure the safety of the system's people and to further the industrial and economic growth of the Eden Sector, as well as strengthening their own ranks, position and standing.


Part of the Cereberos Fleet in motion.
Part of the Cereberos Fleet in motion.

June 08. 2007 - Imperial Record 1.434.7.2.

Today, 4'th Company finally docked at the Annulus-Space-docks above Ultima-Prime, meaning the Company has returned from it's mission at Enigma 42.
Commander D'Angelo has delivered a full report to the Chamber of Angels and the Chaptermaster, describing the events that took place at E42. - Including images.
The Company has also been awarded with the E42 Medal.

That is all!



The last view of Enigma 42.

Mission to Kar Duniash

Guardian Angels entering a
deal with the Ultra Marines

The Refugee Program

The Lionheart sails again!

6'th Company

Promising news concerning 8'th Company


April 30. 2007 - Imperial Record 1.325.7.2.

After the Crusade for Antioc, a handful of Imperial Heroes from all branches of the Imperial fighting machine, have been honourably awarded with the distinguished Cross of Antioc. - Anyone awarded with this heavy medal is considered to be truly and utterly loyal to the Imperium of man.
The Chaptermaster wishes to congratulate our intrepid representative of the Legio B&C; Durus Quatinus Ferrum, and all other nominees with the award.

Here follow the names of the nominees:

Aurelius Rex
Brother Tyler
Commissar Molotov
Rogue Trader
Several Concerned Cricketers
Colonel Welker of the Mordian 81st
Buzz Navy
Captain Arakis
Chaptermaster Greymantle
Imperial Cannon Fodder
Sigismund Himself
Brother Khine
Brother Nihm
Lord Humongous
Plague Beast

For further information on the Cross of Antioc, please see its archived page.




Added: April 29. 2007 - Imperial Record 1.303.7.2.
Updated: May 03. 2007 - Imperial Record 1.335.7.2.

The Legio B&C has long been involved a War to reclaim the Ancient Forge World Antioc from the hands of Chaos; and fighting alongside them all th way, is our own Legio representative Durus Quatinus Ferrum who has put up a valiant effort.
Follow his story and the exciting conclusion to the Antioc Crusade AoD now:
Ferrum's Return and Batttle onboard the Legio Battle Barge Purgator
The Conclusion of the Antioc Crusade
Ferrum's final story at Antioc

All the Antioc Stories:
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Crusade for Antioc Round 04 - 06 and Epilogue
Ferrum's Antioc Adventure Ends




Firestorm over Antioc

April 21. 2007 - Imperial Record 1.303.7.2.

Two weeks ago the Imperium agreed to help the Ultima Prime with more foodstuff, medicine, and economic aid; due to their sacrifice and loss during the Medusa 5 incident and the following Warp Storm feedbacks that so affected Icar V.
The Chaptermaster is happy to report that this aid has been welcomed with open arms and that the Ultima Prime Dockyards have again been opened for further free use by the Imperial Navy in the battle against the Ultima Segmentum Hive Fleets.
Hopefully this aid will be the first step towards a better, stabilized future for the Guardian Angels home system and it's people.

Furthermore, 4th Company has completed it's mission at the E42 system, and are currently returning home to help secure Home System, from destabilizing further.
We eagerly await their return and the report on what transpired at E42.

Finally, the Hunter Class Escort Lionheart has been repaired and has left drydock for testing and patrol duty in the inner system, only to report that 8th Company's Support Fleet has finally arrived in Home System. - It's ships are currently undergoing a check-up at the Ultima Prime Dockyards while the Company's personnel are given debriefing, psychological and physical evaluation, as well as some well deserved shore-leave.





March 22. 2007 - Imperial Record

Fourth Company arrived in the E42 system today and expects to be planetside within a day; where they will help the Planetary-Defence-Forces eradicate a Xenos infestation and reestablish Imperial order to the planet.
They will also attempt to capture the rogue Inquisitor Faynor whom seems to have gone radically against the Imperial Laws and has been tapering with Xenos tech.

Furthermore, a shipment of foodstuff arrived to home system as part of the Imperial helping program after the Warp Storms of Medusa V incident; but all further help from the Imperium has been denied, as the planet is under Astartes rule.
Imperial law then dictates that it is not necessary for the planet to pay titches, but the Icar V system has been paying titches all the same. - Still, this is apparently not enough for the system's loyal subjects to get help from the Imperium at large.
The Chapter has therefore decided to stop all payments of titches to the Imperium and to charge higher prices at the Ultima Prime dockyards, which are frequently used for supplies, repairs and refitting by the Imperial Navy.
Furthermore, all contact with the Imperium may be halted for the time being.
The Chaptermaster makes it very clear that the Imperiums blatant disregard for the Chapter and Star Systems previous generosity will not be tolerated to stand, and will not soon be forgotten!





Fourth Company's Flagship at the Enigma 42 system.

March 12. 2007 - Imperial Record

For weeks now, Fourth Company has been training and preparing to aid the Imperium in it's War on the Tyranid incursion to the East.
Fourth has been extremely insistent that they return to the warzone despite the Chaptermasters wishes to keep as many Companies as possible in home system to secure the safety and welfare of its people and economy after the resent Warp Storms died down.

Due to their Adamant attitude towards going back to war, they have however been granted the resources, manpower and training hours to hone themselves back to complete strength, and today Fourth Company's Commander announced that their goal is complete and that Fourth is ready for War.
After a thorough inspection the Chaptermaster agreed that they are indeed battle worthy and he has approved Fourth Company to depart for War once more.
They will be leaving this evening.

In the meantime Home system is still a mess after the Warp Storms have left the systems economy in a critically bad shape.
The Chaptermaster has been working feverishly towards getting more support and help from the Imperium at large, and also at reopening trade routes and the industry that the Imperial War Machine brings. - But so far no help has been forthcoming and the industry is at a standstill.
More and more people are going into unemployment and the food reserves are close to critical, meaning the Chapter will need to open it's own reserves for the people within two weeks. - Work continues to improve the situation...

The remains of Eigth Company's Fleet are still in transit to home system and have reported being around half way home.
As for Sixth Company, the Orks' siege of Illumis continues and Sixth has reported that the Orks have been growing in strength lately and that they are probably massing for an attack, meaning the Imperial forces are on full alert.
That is all!

In the Emperor we trust and the best of Luck to Fourth Company!



Fourth Company's Banner.
Fourth Company's Banner and Motto:
Sword and Shield. - The Spearhead.



February 08. 2007 - Imperial Record

Our intrepid Hero, Durus Quatinus Ferrum has fallen at Antioc.
During service with the Legio B&C our very own representative has been engaged in battles retaking the Gaias Space Fort over Antioc. - Following this he fell.
The story of his fall is sure to be told by countless people as part of Imperial Heroic Legend and Astartes Myth for eons to come.
Follow the improbable and breathtaking story of his fall on it's own by clicking here.



The Fall of Ferrum.


February 01. 2007 - Imperial Record

The Legio Bolter & Chainsword has assembled a large Crusade against the Chaos Forces of Tomax Hell and is currently at war with them.
Their goal is to retake the Forgeworld of Antioc and our very own Guardian Angel representative at the Legio, Durus Quatinus Ferrum, is in the thick of the action.
So far he has been instrumental in retaking and defending the Gaias Space Station; a vital control hub for the Planetary Defensive Network.



Sergeant Ferrum in full Battle Attire.
Sergeant Ferrum in full Battle Attire.

February 01. 2007 - Imperial Record

In a sad turn of events, the Chaptermaster has declared 8th Company as lost and work on reorganizing the Chapter to create a new 8th Company has already begun.
All the Battle Company Marines of Eighth Company went MIA along with it's flagship the Dutiful, in the Ragnarokk Event almost eight months ago after their efforts to stop the forces of Chaos from creating a titanic Warp Storm feedback in the Ragnarokk system failed.

It is believed that Eighth Company was either consumed as the Ragnarokk Star System's sun went Nova, or that they where lost in the Warp due to the catastrophic Warp Storm that followed.

The rest of their Fleet was safely anchored up near the Illumis system and thus escaped the fate of Eighth Company. This support Fleet is now returning home to Icar V, their banners at half pole and the Company Staff, the last six Marines among them - Fleet officers all, and their 1200 support personnel, are said to wear black in mourning of this horrible loss.

+ + + + +



This case is pending investigation and has currently been sealed by the Inquisition.
This case is pending investigation and has
currently been sealed by the Inquisition.

February 01. 2007 - Imperial Record

The Chaptermaster has used the opportunity of almost all the Chapter's Companies being home, to reorganise the Chapter.
The Companies have been shifted slightly to ensure continued strength and proper combat experience from real battlefields, while members of Companies that have seen much combat lately have been shifted into the Guard Companies for guard service and a heightened focus on education, training and moral.

The Chapter has also been working heavily towards repairing, refining and resupplying Chapter equipment and especially it's war ships.
The Chapter has also almost completely reverted to it's old Chapter symbol, discarding the Icaros Angel of death for the original Vitruvian planetary circle.
The Chapter has sent two supply ships to Illumis where they will resupply Sixth Company in their continued effort against the Orks.

Finally Second and Fourth Company have been prioritised in the reorganisation, refitting, resupplying and repairing programs, and these Companies are even now preparing to go to war against the Tyranid fronts along the far reaches of Ultima Segmentum's Eastern frontier, once more.

+ + + + +




The new Guardian Angels style  double Shoulder pad.
The new Guardian Angels style
double coloured Shoulder pad.

February 01. 2007 - Imperial Record

It has been a while since the Chapter's last newsletter, but that time has not been spent idly as the Chapter continues it's efforts to help it's home and the Imperium.

Over the last few moths, the Guardian Angels have helped secure their Home System; they have helped those of their people that have fallen into poverty due to the hardships put upon them by the Icaros Warp Storm, with more than two billion Imperial credits invested in food, and shelters.
This has in turn helped lower crime rates and thus further secured stability and helped both the Angels and their people as they work hard to further secure economic stability, health and welfare in the Icar V system.
The Medusa V refugee education and integration program is also continuing as a great success and so far only six refugees have chosen to leave Icar V in order to be reunited with relatives elsewhere.






The people of Ultima Prime once more put on a show
and celebrated their Guardians with Fireworks.



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