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+++ NEWS ARCHIVES 2006 +++
Listing all the headlines for the Guardian Angels in 2006.
Last Updated; November 22. 2008 - Imperial Record 1.892.8.2.


December 04. 2006 - Imperial Record 1.925.6.2.

The returning Companies landed just outside the Chapter's ground based monastery "the Hand of the Guardian" on "Ultima Prime" no more than three days ago.
Landing just outside Rubicon, the Companies proceeded to march through the White City of Angels to cheers from millions of people who had come to see their heroes return.

The Companies continued up through the Promenade of Victories, passing under each victory arch before finally disappearing into their Chapter keep where they will be preparing for future endeavours.

The refugees returning to the planet with the Chapter where landed directly at the Hand of the Guardian, and from this elevated position, they where privy to see a spectacular view of the Chapter marching through their city to the cheer of millions.
The refugees will be staying at the protected inner city of the Hand until they have finished their integration program, from there they may stay with the Chapter's refugee program for another three years, being educated and introduced to their new society at large.

Although the complete return of the Angels was no more than three days ago, the people of the planet allready feel the improvement tangibly in their lives.
Tension seems to be down, many intergalactic contracts have been signed or reopened, and already food is more common among the public as traders in orbit finally dare to sell their produce in the larger cities.

Soon the planet shall be restored to it's former greatness.
Chapter experts predict that it may take as much as six to eight months, but the Chapter is also determined to help the people as much as they can during this time.

Praised be all; the Angels are Home!

+ + + + +




The Guardian Angels logo stands as a sign of Hope
to the people of "Icar V" and "Ultima Prime".

November 28. 2006. Imperial Record 1.908.6.2.

The Guardian Angels "Naaman" and "Medusa V" Task forces finally arrived in orbit around "Ultima Prime" and "Duin X" today, where they docked to the orbiting shipyards.

The Companies found their Home Planet in a bit more of a disarray than expected as a large part of the Annulus Space Ports have been damaged during the latest Ikaros Warp Storm, and poverty among the people is higher than anticipated.
The companies return home almost two weeks later than expected, still, the return of the Companies brings great hope to the people of "Icar V" and sends a strong signal that the Warp Storms are finally, fully and truly dead.

The Company Masters where the first to set foot upon friendly soil today, as they where greeted by Chaptermaster "Metatron Caelestis", the Chapter's Chief at Arms "Validus Aequitas" and their Honour Guard.
The Company Masters where quickly followed by their Company Standard Bearers, signaling that the Companies are home and that they are here to stay.

From a distance, a large crowd of civilians followed the meeting from behind blockading fences and a heavy military guard.
Large cheers could be heard from the civilians as the Company Commanders arrived in their Thunderhawk, but their sorrow was tangible when the Standard Bearer of 7th Company stepped out of the Thunderhawk with the banner at half pole, showing that their Company has suffered heavy losses and that it is currently Battle ineffective.

The people of "Icar V" will have to wait to see the rest of the Companies however, as they are currently setting up in orbit and are not expected to make planet-fall in another four days, at which time it is also expected that the refugees from "Medusa V" and Naaman will be landed as well.

Currently, billions of people are ready and waiting in anticipation to greet their heroes with a Warm:

Welcome Home!

+ + + + +




The Guardian Angels Fleet in orbit around Ultima Prime.
The ships of the Guardian Angels setting up in
orbit around Ultima Prime's docking stations.
The rest of the Fleet is setting up at Duin X
which can be seen in the backround.

November 08. 2006. Imperial Record 1.854.6.2.

The Companies of the Medusa V and Naaman Task Forces translocated into Home System today and the fleet is currently being monitored via Thermal-signatures.
Due to the heavy traffic in Home System at the moment, the Fleet has opted to only make a short identification communiqué with one of the outer listening-posts so as not to disturb important military and aid communication.

Inner System is already preparing for their arrival, relocating many ships, setting up orbital docks around the industrial moon of Duin X and preparing orbital docks for repairs, refueling, refilling and refitting over Ultima Prime.
On the ground thousands of the Chapters experts prepare to receive the Companies as the Forge and the the Armoury stand by to resupply them.
Even as honour guards and burial details are being set up for the returning heroes who fell, X Company is preparing their graduates for service as full Brother Marines while initiates prepare for Scout duty.

The Medusa V Task Force also brings with it almost 1500 planetless refugees that will be brought under the Chapter's refugee program.
With the returning Companies Hope follows as it has been declared that they will remain in Home System for many months to come, where they will aid the people of Icar 05 with protection and stand as an important factor in getting the Icar 05 economy back on it's feet after it's long Warp Storm isolation.

This homecoming means that eight of the Chapter's ten Companies are Home, something that means a lot to the people of Icar 05; so as can be expected, millions of people are now preparing to receive their heroes.

The Companies are expected to arrive in orbit within the next two weeks.

+ + + + +





Fleet heat signature image.
The first image of the returning
fleet via thermal-signature tracking.


October 28. 2006. Imperial Record 1.824.6.2.

Despite harsh times in the Guardian Angels Home System, the people of Icar 05 decided to celebrate their heroes today, holding a major festival and carnival planet-wide.

The festive occasion marked the creation of the Guardian Angels who both stand as a symbol and embody the protection of the people, but it also marked the mourning of the heroes and regular people who have given their lives for mankind.
This celebration came as a welcome relief of joy and remembrance after such a long and stressful time under the heel of the Ikaros Warp Storms.
Statistics estimate that over 35 000 000 people joined in the festivities to honour the Chapter.

The people honour us, and we will in turn honour them by ever staying vigilant as the praetorians of the human soul and the Guardian Angels of the human race.




+ + + + +



The people of Ultima Prime celebrate the
Guardian Angels Chapter with Fireworks.


October 20. 2006. Imperial Record 1.800.6.2.

After being plagued by isolating Warp Storms for over a year now, the Icar 05 system is finally free of its captivity.
With the Security of Medusa V, Van Groethe's Warp Storm is weakening, meaning that the far-reaching consequences have lessened as well.
Consequently the Warp Storms around the Guardian Angels Home System are finally gone, and this time, experts agree, its for good!

Below follow short summaries of the Chapter's Companies, locations they have been to and Events they have been involved in since contact with Home Command was lost some three months ago.


The Icar 05 Warp Storm
The Icar 05 Warp Storm has finally died!


First, Ninth and Tenth Company have been holding in Home System (Icar V) while Van Groethe’s Rapidity has been overflowing, causing Warp feedbacks and consequently numerous Warp Storms that have isolated Icar V over the last year.

Things have proceeded without major events during the Warp Storm, with the celebration of the Chapter's day of creation and the Day of the Emperor being the biggest events.

Less than a week ago however, the Warp Storm surrounding Home System showed the first signs of weakening and since then the storm has been dissipating rapidly.
Short range Communication was re-established with the Imperium some four days ago and the first of the more brave or reckless Rogue Traders started shipping traffic already two days ago, bringing much appreciated help to the system.
The economy of Home system is still in a horrible state and resources are scarce, but the experts are almost 100% certain that the Warp Storm has finally died down for good now and the Official reopening of Imperial shipping to and from the system was approved by the Chapter yesterday.



Home system - Icar 05
Home system is finally open to communication and space
traffic again, but is still suffering from the long-term social,
economic and psychological after-effects of the Storm.


The Task Force battling Orks in the Maelstrom Sector Illumis Campaign have shortly relayed to Home Command that the battle against the Orks continues with no major events taking place in months before Sixth Company fought back an Ork offensive less than 20 days ago. - This battle does not appear to have any significant impact on the ongoing Campaign however and seems more to be the Orks testing the Imperial defences meaning their strength may yet again have reached dangerous levels.

On a side note, Sixth Company also reports that Eighth Company's Support Fleet has translocated to the Illumis system and is currently holding alongside Sixth Company.

Eighth Company's flagship the "Dutiful" is still missing alongside Eighth Company itself after their failed mission to Ragnarokk where "Kar-Duniash" now reports that much needed Imperial support never arrived.
After the Company's last, fragmented report, the Company is presumed to either have perished when the Ragnarokk system's sun went nova, or to be lost in the Warp.

The Chaptermaster says to prepare for the worst,
but to hope for the best!



The Marines of 6th Company still stay in the fight at Illumis.
The Marines of Sixth Company are still batteling
the Ork Waaaagh at the Illumis industrial islands.


Due to the Chapters recent operations against the Tyranids and consequent familiarity with the now dead Naaman System, Second, Third, and Fifth Company had set up and held the Chapters secondary base of operations (GATHQ01) here, where they have been guarding and operating the Ramilies Class Starfort "Patria Nostra" alongside small task-groups from First and Tenth Company.

Fifth Company's Strike Cruiser "Hope", earlier damaged in a Warp Storm, has been fully repaired and the stay here has been routine.

Second, Third and Fifth Companies, guiding the "Patria Nostra", are currently in transit to Home System, thus further reports on the Naaman Campaign and the Naaman system's ultimate fate must wait.
The M5 Task Force that temporarily held their position here as well have been in contact with Home Command, shortly relaying the events of their mission to Medusa V before they to translocated into the Immaterium, heading for home.

ETA in home system is around one month due to escort duty for the slow mving "Patria Nostra" Star Fort. - We wish them God Speed and a happy return!



The Shadow Guard consolidating at Naaman.
The Chapter has been using the Post-war Naaman system
as a secondary base of operations while Home-system was
cut of by the M5 Van Groethe induced Warp Storm.


The Task Force to Medusa V arrived late due to the turbulent Van Groethe Warp Storm, in which they where caught in a Warp flashback during translocation.
This incident caused the Task Force to arrive a week late, suffering minor damage to the Shadow Guard, some deaths onboard and a few personnel injuries - including the re-emerging of Commander Daniel D'Angelo's previous disease.

Upon arrival in the Medusa V system, the Battle Fleet was involved in a major fleet based battle, including a Tau Tech attack upon the Task-Force's Flag Ship, 4th Company's "Shadow Guard" which was subsequently beaten back by the Chapters Tech-division specializing in electronic warfare: S.T.A.Y. B.A.C.K.

The Task force was greeted by Astartes High Command headed by the Ultramarines before being assigned positions in orbit and battle zones on the ground.
Fourth Company was assigned to Astartes Battle group Deimos in Telosia and was mainly stationed at the Deimos Space Port, but also served at the Machavius Fuel Relay and in the last days of the War was restationed to aid in the defence of Machavius Hive.

Seventh Company was part of Astartes Battle group Cito in Telosia and was mainly stationed at Machavius Hive where they aided in holding the city against invading Necron and Chaos forces, but also shortly served at the Machavius Fuel Relay, beating back a major Ork offensive.

Fourth Company's Battle barge, the "Shadow Guard" was briefly used as a base of operations for the Adeptus Astartes Alliance forces at Medusa V, but mainly served to help evacuation runs and spread propaganda. - The rest of the Fleet aided in patrols, escorts and evacuation of Medusa V's civilians.

During the war for Medusa V, the Guardian Angels Task Force was involved in over 20 operations, most of them "major scale".
The Task Force was involved in decisive battles against the Archenemy, against the Orks, and against the Necrons.

During the opening weeks of the war, the Companies where involved in major engagements across the Telosia Sector, but in the last weeks the battles shrank to skirmish size and became more frequent as the war evolved into a desperate city fight where the goal was to get as many civilians as possible out while halting the efforts of the Arch-enemy at turning Medusa V into a Daemon Planet.

It is with great pride that the Imperial Battle Group to Medusa V relayed the success of this endeavour; evacuating close to 90% of the planet's population and thereby destroying any chance of Medusa V becoming a daemon planet.
A great honour has been bestowed upon the Guardian Angels and many honours and medals where awarded to us for our involvement in securing this task.

Still, the price was high, for after losses and redeployment, the contingent from Tenth Company is no more, seventh Company is combat inefficient and Fourth Company is still down by 12 Marines.

All in all the Task Force's Fleet support has suffered minour damage to the Battle Barges "Shadow Guard" and "Sword of the Heavens" alongside some unnoteworthy damage to Escort Ships.

Chapter Support lost over 450 of its personnel, while the total loss to Marine personnel is: 57 Killed in Action, 102 Seriously wounded and 199 Wounded,
for a grand total of 358 casualties alongside the loss of 15 Tanks and other vehicles.
  - On top of this comes tear and wear to equipment, physiology, psychology and upkeep capabilities, seriously hampering Company capabilities.

It is clear that 7th company in the least must return to Home base in order to regroup and re-establish Combat Effectiveness. - Still the entirety of the Eastern Rim S.W.A.T. and Medusa V Task Forces have been called Home.



Images Pending!


On their return trip from Medusa V, the Guardian Angels M5 Taskforce found that Home System still was locked down due to Warpstorms and instead relocated to the Chapter's secondary base of operations (GATHQ01), temporarily set up in the Naaman System.

The Task Force translocated into the Naaman system on the 268th day of the year, arriving at GATHQ01 with light damage to the Shadow Guard's life support systems after having travelled through the violent Warp Storm of Hells Slingshot while still damaged.

Due to minour damage to the engines of First Company's Strike Cruiser Gloriam, during the turbulent Warp Storm journey, a Plasma-Core radiation breach also attracted and brought a Umbra infestation down upon the ship.
- This problem is now eliminated.

With the aid of the engineering-crews on the Patria Nostra, damage to all the Task Force's ships has now been repaired and they are back to operative capacity. - Still they will be rechecked upon arrival in the Space Docks of Icar 05.

Finally the Task Force carries over 25 000 refugees from Medusa V, being brought in under the Guardian Angels Refugee Protection Program; these will be set up at Icar 05 where they will be brought properly back into the Imperial Fold.

We are all looking forward to seeing the M5 Task-Force return home safely;
Without them the Warp Storm around home-system may not have faded in time.

A great thank you and a Heroes Welcome!

+ + + + +



Galactic Situation Map of the Guardian Angels Chapter

With the fall of the Icar 05 Warp Storm, 2nd, 3d, 4th, 5th
and 7th Company is relocating to Home-system, and it is
sure to be a gathering event unpresidented for years.
At Home-System, the Companies will help out and
consolidate their position.

October 06. 2006. Imperial Record 1.524.6.2.

For their service at Medusa V, Imperial High Command has awarded every member of the GA-M5TF with the Medusa Star. - The GA-M5TF Fighting Forces where awarded with the Merit of Terra, while the support staff and fleet personnel where awarded the Administratum Medal.

Some other members of the Task Force, including the Three Commanders and all six Captains where awarded other Medals as well.

For example;
As Supreme Commander of the Guardian Angels Task Force to Medusa V, Daniel D'Angelo of Fourth Company was awarded with: The Medusa Star, the Order of the Storm, the Merit of Terra, the Administratum Medal and the Valoris Imperator.
More noteworthy however was that the M5 Adeptus Astartes Alliance awarded him with the M5A3 Medal in silver and gold. - An honour that was only bestowed upon 15 out of the billions of people involved in the conflict.

Overall, the Guardian Angels where rated the 13th best Imperial army serving in the Telosia Sector.

+ + + + +




Medals from the Medusa V Campaign The Star of Medusa The Merit of Terra The Administratum Medal The Valoris Imperator The Medusa V Adeptus Astartes Alliance Medals The Order of the Storm
Daniel D'Angelo's Medals from the Medusa V Campaign.
Listen from the top and from left to right:
The Star of Medusa; The Merit of Terra;
The Administratum Medal; The Valoris Imperator;
The Adeptus Astartes Alliance Medal (M5A3);
The M5A3 in Gold; The Order of the Storm.

Click on any medal for more info on it!

October 06. 2006. Imperial Record 1.524.6.2.

The Medusa V Adeptus Astartes Alliance Medal (usually just called M5A3 for short) is a mark of Honour awarded to all loyal members of the Adeptus Astartes Alliance that took part in some way in the Medusa V Campaign.

The Adeptus Astartes Alliance was a secret organisation put together by a multitude of Adeptus Astartes Chapters. - Its purpose; to unite the Chapters in a Crusade and bring their efforts together by sharing information, planning, setting up ordered targets, spy networks, counter-spies, spreading false information and propaganda. - All to better defeat the enemies of the Imperium.

The silver version of the medal was awarded to any and all members of the Alliance that stayed loyal throughout the Campaign.

There is however also a gold version of the Medal; this was awarded to members of the Alliance that stayed loyal and stood out in an exemplary good and inspiring way.

Those awarded with the M5A3 medal are counted as being utterly loyal to the Imperium of mankind, and while most outside the Alliance do not know precisely what it is for, they recognize it as a medal of honour and extreme loyalty to the Imperium. - To the intrepid members of the Adeptus Astartes Alliance on Medusa V however, it also serves as a mark of recognition and trust.
Those awarded the gold version of the medal are also revered as true Champions of Mankind and are usually shown great respect and reverence.

+ + + + +




The M5A3 Medal.

October 06. 2006. Imperial Record 1.524.6.2.

The following 15 people where determined by the M5A3 Counsel to stand out in a notably positive way that helped form and maintain the alliance. They where therefore awarded with the M5A3 medal in gold; bestowed upon them as such:
Twelve for the High Lords of Terra; One for The Emperor; One for those who fell defending Medusa V; and One for Medusa V itself.

May these medals be worn with honour and reverence!

May their names live for Eternity!

+ + + + +


The M5A3 Medal in Gold.



July 11. 2006. Imperial Record 1.524.6.2.

Van Groethe's Rapidity is overflowing with Warp energy, and with 8th Company's failure to stop the Chaos Forces at Ragnarokk, the Warp Phenomenon had gone even more out of control.
Due to this turbulent Warp Phenomenon, the Chapter's Home System has been suffering repeated Warp Storms for months now, with only temporary clear periods. - Unfortunately, this particular clear period is now coming to an end.

Since the Warp flair after Ragnarokk fell, the Chapter has been increasingly separated by the growing Warp Storm around Home System.
Chapter Experts believe that the Warp Storm will once more explode into full force today, separating the Guardian Angels Home System from the Imperium and cutting of nearly all Communication outside the system.

All precautions have been taken, and the System's forces are on standby at full readiness for the coming Storm.
All we can do now is put our trust in the M5 Task Force to solve this situation and free our Home, the Icar V System.

This will be the last communiqué from Home Command until the Warp Storm has died down once more.

Best of Luck!

+ + + + +



The Icar 05 Warp Storm.

July 09. 2006. Imperial Record 1.517.6.2.

The Chapter's Task Force to Medusa V has provided the Adeptus Astartes Alliance at Medusa V with material to ensure that the Adeptus Astartes and other allied forces there have the opportunity to rally under one banner.

The downloads are being used across forums and in other RL areas around the world, and can be found here.

+ + + + +


One of the Medusa V Web banners.

July 08 . 2006. Imperial Record 1.516.6.2.

The Chapter's Task Force to Medusa V, lead by 4th Company and also including 7th Company, parts of 1st and 10th Company arrived in the Medusa V system today.
Due to the high level of Warp Disturbance caused by "Van Grothes Rapidity", all that is known about their current status is that they have arrived late through the turbulent Warp Storm, suffering only minor injuries and that they have been involved in a major fleet based battle, including a Tau Tech attack upon the Task-Force's Flag Ship, 4th Company's "Shadow Guard".

That is all!

+ + + + +


1st, 5th, 7th and 10th Company have rerouted to Medusa V.

July 08 . 2006. Imperial Record 1.516.6.2.

The Chapter's Task Force to Medusa V will be in dire need of good medical attention and they are provided with some of the best.
With a medical team headed up by the down to earth, all busyness and all knowledgeable Joshua Iasthai Wells, the members of the M5 task force can rest assured that nothing is left to chance should they ever need medical attention while battling for the Imperium of Man.

The Guardian Angels M5 Task Force profiling:
4th Company's Chief Medical Officer; Joshua Iasthai Wells.









+ + + + +


Joshua Iasthai Wells. - 4th Company's Chief Medical Officer

July 08 . 2006. Imperial Record 1.516.6.2.

The Chapter's Task Force to Medusa V will be lead by 4th Company, and with that in mind, 4th Company will be profiled for the Chapter.
One of the Chapter's most important members at Medusa V is the man who will be setting up information networks and who will be providing the Chapter with live updates and intel on enemy movement and actions, as well as setting up battle grounds and preparing them for the Chapter's Task Force so the enemy is disadvantaged.

The Guardian Angels M5 Task Force profiling:
Beginning with 4th Company's Spy Master; Rex Auceps.









+ + + + +


Rex Auceps - 4th Company - Black Ops. - Spy Master.

June 27. 2006. Imperial Record 1.486.6.2.

The Chapter finally revealed it's work on the Mark X Armour upgrade for the Rhino Chassis today.
Several other Chapters have taken an interest in the design which is based on old STC data recovered by the Chapter ca. three years ago and is planned to become the standard wagon for the Chapter in the future.

The Mark X and Mark XII are part of an experimental program to upgrade the Chapter's vehicles so they are better suited for City Fights and better armoured for open terrain warfare. - While the design for the side armour is being shown to the Imperium at this time.
The Mk X-a is substantially more than an Armour upgrade however and all current designs are prototypes in development.
Imperial Discussion on the Mk X-a.

With time, the rest of the specifics will be revealed to the Imperium along with the Chapter's other vehicle upgrades and STC's on these designs.
Unfortunately, due to Warp Storm build up in Home System, the work on all upgrades will be suspended and years of research into previously lost STC data will be halted.





+ + + + +


The Mk X-a designs.
The bottom version is a suggested vesion of the
armour design, given and made by maelis of the B&C.


June 26. 2006. Imperial Record 1.482.6.2.

The Chapter's Database was hacked by enemies of the Imperium today, affecting many loyalists relying on the Chapter's effort for material at Medusa V. - Luckily the Chapters Cyber Warfare Group: S.T.A.Y. B.A.C.K. noted the attack almost as soon as it happened and quickly fixed the problem.

+ + + + +



June 24 . 2006. Imperial Record 1.478.6.2.

After the Chapter was put under Inquisitorial supervision, the skull angel logo of Icar V was forces upon our proud institution to use.
While this heraldry now holds great respect and honour within the Chapter, it is not part of our original heritage, mission or image.
It has therefore been decided that the Chapter will revert back to it's original heraldry with our home planet in the background rather than ancient Terra. - The planet will also be applicably exchangeable for specific Task Forces at other planets in the Imperium.
That is all!

Metatron Caelestis - Chaptermaster.
The Guardian Angels Chapter.

+ + + + +


The Guardian Angels New logo.

June 06. 2006. Imperial Record 1.427.6.2.

Home System has been approached by an Inquisitor "Bona Causidicus" who has uncovered a diabolical plan set in motion by the forces of the Fallen Legions.

They seem to plan on using the energy of a Warp Storm building in the Maelstrom Sector to turn a planet into a Daemon World and use the Death Throes of it's residents to further unstabilize Hell's Slingshot.

This may seriously hamper the aid sent to Medusa V, and may endanger the Chapter's Companies currently using the Slingshot to reach the Medusa V System.

This can not be allowed to happen as such an act could seriously damage or even destroy the Medusa V Task Force, loosing the Chapter as much as three Companies as further endangering Home System with Warp Feedback that could further enrage the Warp Storm around Icar 05, as well as denying Medusa V valuable support that has the danger of further instabilizing Ultima Segmentum.

On authority of the Chaptermaster, Eigth Company has therefore been dispatched to assemble and lead a Crusade against Medusa V, end the ritual and thereby the danger to Ultima Segmentum, Medusa V, Hell's Slingshot and the Chapter.

They will have but ONE day to resolve this problem.
Our prayers go out at this time:
May they walk with the Emperor's Strength
and be guided by his Wisdom.

+ + + + +



The Planet of Ragnarokk.

June 06. 2006. Imperial Record 1.427.6.2.

Due to the instability of "Van Grothes Rapidity", the Companies sent to assist Medusa V in it's time of need have been blown of course.
They have reported in appearing near Naaman, and have rerouted to the star system and the repair facilities of the Patria Nostra to enact minour repairs to the ships, caused by the Unstable Warp Anomaly.
While most of the ships need only minour repairs, Fifth Company's Strike Cruiser "Hope" has taken a severe beating and will need longer time to repair. - Time that is not currently available to the Chapter or to the Medusa V system.

So it is that, Fourth Company will be taking Fifth Company's place with the Medusa V Task Force, putting Commander Daniel D'Angelo in charge of the the expedition.

The Companies are preparing for departure today and now prepared for the instability of Hell's Slingshot, expect to arrive at Medusa V in just over one month if all goes well.


+ + + + +



The "Patria Nostra" holds major repair facilities at Naaman.

June 06. 2006. Imperial Record 1.427.6.2.

It seems the Warp Storm that has been plaguing the Chapter's Home System is once more building in strength.
It is now strong enough to partly effect communication while making travel to and from the Star system somewhat turbulent.
Still, the Storm has not gained strength as quickly as predicted and the Experts believe there may be another two weeks until the Warp Storm fully engulfs Home System once more, cutting of Communication and Transport possibilities.


+ + + + +



The Icar 05 Warp Storm.

May 11 . 2006. Imperial Record 1.443.6.2.

The Chapter received detailed data on the Medusa system and the situation report on the Warp Phenomenon "Van Grothes Rapidity" yesterday.

After seeing the reports it has now become clear to the Chapter's experts that the instability of "Van Grothes Rapidity" is sending warp flares throughout the entire galactic sector, and that this is indeed what has been covering the Chapter's home system of Icar 05 in Warp Storms these last months.

If a demonic incursion is carried out in full on Medusa V it may well disrupt "Van Grothes Rapidity" enough that it flares up and covers Icar 05 in a permanent Warp Storm lasting for eons.

To help prevent this, the Guardian Angels have now diverted 5th and 7th Company, as well as sending parts of 1st and 10th Company to the Medusa system.

As the Medusa system is so close to Icar 05, Estimated Time of Arrival is no more than 14 days, and as the Guardian Angels go to War against the powers of Chaos, not only does the Medusa system stand to fall, but the very future of the Chapter's home system hangs in the balance.

Continuously updated info on the Campaign can be followed through the Strategic Network set up at Kar Duniash Sector Command.

+ + + + +




1st, 5th, 7th and 10th Company rerouts to Medusa V.

May 06 . 2006. Imperial Record 1.334.6.2.

Second Company reports the sighting of a new Tyranid mutation along the Eastern frontier today. Luckily the planet of Naaman has not yet been infested with these winged rippers, but the Chapter fears that if the Hive Fleet should evolve, such creatures would tear through the planet's thick vegetation faster than before expected. - Let us hope this is not a step towards an even faster Tyranid gene pool.

A report on this new geno-altered "species" of Tyranid can be found with the Chapter Biologium.

+ + + + +




The Tyranid threat constantly evolves.

May 06 . 2006. Imperial Record 1.334.6.2.

The Task Force at Corr has reported in a single battle from Corr and found that the Chapter's resources where wasted at the Necron invaded industrial planet.
The presence of the Companies was also no longer needed once the Imperial Navy moved in to carpet bomb the planet.
Judge Krogh and the Iron Eyes regiment of the Imperial Guard requested being transported with the Chapter to Illumis in order to support Illumis' PDF against the Ork invasion.
5th and 7th Company obliged them and have relocated the regiment to Illumis before moving on again to join the Task Force at Naaman, where the Chapter is now setting up a preliminary Chapter base with the Ramilies "Patria Nostra" in expectance of the Warp Storm around home system once more erupting into full scale.

+ + + + +


The War against the enemies of mankind continues.

April 30. 2006. Imperial Record 1.328.6.2.

with communications up and running once more, 6th Company has reported taking back the Ore mines on the Illumis industrial islands. - The Orks are now in retreat, but the Company expects another attack may be imminent.
Full battle report here.




+ + + + +

Land Speeders from the Guardian Angels take on the Orks.

April 28. 2006. Imperial Record 1.317.6.2.

It has now been a little over five days since the Warp Storm around the Icar 05 system died down to reach Imperial safety-limits for communication and Warp Travel.
Many Imperial war and merchants ships that have been tied up in dock over "Ultima Prime" for close to 5 months now, scramble to get out of the system due to the experts predictions that the unstable Warp Storm may explode back to full activity within the next two months, once more cutting the "Icar 05" system of from the Imperium at large.

With such a bolstered population and no incoming resouces other than what the system has been able to produce itself during the Warp Storm, the people of "Ultima Prime" have had to set up food programs and ration their resources.
Many people have been pushed to the brink of their limitations, further leading to health problems, frustration, crime-sprees, demonstrations and ultimatly to Martial Law.
The echonomy of the system has suffered horribly lately, but is expected to be stabalized within a month now that inter-stellar travel is possible once more. - Furthermore, the Imperium has offered a small compensation of 1 200 000 000 Imperial credits as a compensation for the system's efforts for the Imperial Navy during the storm.

While the Warp Storm has had no directly ill effects on the population of the inner planets, it has affected some technology within the system, thus the Chapter HQ has had some trouble communicating, and for the last 5 days, Tech-Adepts have been working around the clock to repair relays and cogitators to get the Chapter back online.

Astropathic communication within the system, both military and comercial, is erratic as hundreds of people try to communicate, and the Chapter has been having trouble reaching out to the Companies away from Home System; still, the following news (listed to the right ) has reached Home Command:



The Guardian Angels Chapter's Scond, Third and Fourth Company has reported their position as Naaman, where they are batteling Tyranids and evacuating civilians from the invaded jungle planet.

Fifth and Seventh Company has not reported in and Home Command is unable to establish contact with them.
The Chapter is currently attempting to reach other Imperial officials on Necron invaded Corr, but the Warp Storm combined with a sea of messages and great distance to unknown recipients is making it hard to get a message through.

Sixth Company has reported to still be batteling the Ork invasion on Illumis, and to have driven the Orks away from their mountain homes, decimating their forces there while striking a vital blow to the Ork's food supply, manpower and resources.

Eigth Company has resently arrived in the Illumis system where they will reesupply and assisst Sixth Company.

That is all for now.

The Emperor Protectsl!

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