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+++ NEWS ARCHIVES 2005 +++
Listing all the headlines for the Guardian Angels in 2005.
Last Updated; December 22. 2005. Imperial Record 1.972.5.2.


December 22. 2005. Imperial Record 1.972.5.2.

Once more the Warp Storm around home system is building in strength. - Communication loss is imminent.
This is a general warning to all Companies and Imperial Fractions: Loss of communication is expected to occur within the next two days. Time of communication reestablishment with the Imperium is unknown and traveling to and from the system will be close to impossible.

May the Emperor be with us all!

+ + + + +

December 04. 2005. Imperial Record 1.923.5.2.

The Chapter has finally received word from the Legio on the status of their recent operation against the Red Corsairs.
The mission was a success with an enemy base of operations destroyed and several enemies neutralized, but the victory came at a heavy cost as many Legio members where killed or curiously wounded.

One of the Legio members wounded was the Guardian Angels very own; "Durus Quatinus Ferrum".
Apparently Brother Ferrum sustained near lethal damage both to his own body, and to his armour. - His helmet has been reported in as lost and the armoured chest-plate is a wreck.

Due to the heavy damage Durus received, the Legio has chosen to take advantage of the Guardian Angels sharp medical and bio-tech knowledge to help in the rebuilding, recuperating and retraining of both Durus and his Armour.

Durus will remain in a stasis-field for now, but with the combined efforts of the Guardian Angels and the Legio B&C he is sure to see action again soon.

We can rebuild him, we have the technology!
For more info on the Legio mission, see their Database

+ + + + +

Durus Quatinus Ferrum


November 27. 2005. Imperial Record 1.906.5.2.

4'Th Company has finally arrived at Naaman, and with their blessed presence, the S.W.A.T. battlegroup is finally complete.
As 4'th Company has arrived so close to the Patria Nostra, the Company will catch up to the Starfort and escort it into the inner Naaman system.

Once on station, 4'th Company's Commander; Daniel D'Angelo will take command of S.W.A.T. and the war at Naaman.
So far the orders issued are for the Company Fleets to establish orbital superiority around Naaman. - Once this is achieved, 2'nd Company is to scout out Naaman while 3'd Company secures and sets up refugee-camps at local moons.
4'th and 1'st Company will set up a planetary orbital fort, patrol the outer reaches and go in as a dedicated strike-force.
2''nd Company will help establish and secure evacuation-points and med-stations, while aviation helps the Navy with evac-lifts.

Unfortunately it seems the Tyranid infestation has gone to far to be stopped, but we may still save some lives out there, and with the Emperors intervention, Naaman may still be saved.

+ + + + +

November 24. 2005. Imperial Record 1.898.5.2.

The Patria Nostra arrived at Naaman to assist the Chapter with orbital defense, operative assistance and specifically with the evacuation of civilians from Naaman.
Unfortunately, due to being towed through the Immaterium, the Patria Nostra has arrived two days later then scheduled and will arrive around a week later than the Chapters main fleet at Naaman. - Giving the fleet plenty of time to secure the area.

The Chapter was also informed by Fleet officials today, that approximately 8000 civilians die every day due to Mythetic Spores and Tyranid attacks. - This is much less then originally anticipated, but still a horrendous number lost to this atrocious Xenos invasion.

Upon arrival at the Naaman inner system, the Chapter Fleet will assist the Imperial Navy in setting up refugee camps at the nearby moons, then they will set up evacuation stations on the planet guarded and tended by the Naaman PDF.

At full effectivity, the Chapter expects to be able to evacuate up to 25 000 refugees per day while still performing military missions for the Chapter. - All in all, this means the Chapter will be able to evacuate their maximum quota of 225 500 refugees in just over nine days, provided that everything runs smoothly.
Hopefully other imperial fractions will be able to help out in the evacuation procedures.


+ + + + +

Patria Nostra arrives at Naaman.

November 19. 2005. Imperial Record 1.883.5.2.

The 2'nd and 3'd Company of the Guardian Angels, slightly ahead of schedule, arrived in the Naaman system today.
The combined Fleet of the Companies hooked up with the Imperial Navy presence in the system and are being escorted in to the inner planetary system.

The Imperial Navy seem to have the orbital space well in hand, and the righteous warriors of the Chapter will arrive at Naaman in a few days, where the Chapter navy will be busy screening, evacuating and quarantining imperial citizens, while the Astartes will be setting up and initiating standard campaign operating procedures.

The 1'st Company's "Patria Nostra" is expected to arrive shortly, followed by 4'th Company a few days after that.

The Emperors prayer goes out to Naaman.


+ + + + +

Long range magnification of Naaman Prime.

November 12. 2005. Imperial Record 1.865.5.2

After spending far to much time in Home System, the Legendary Commander of the 4th Company has finally had his wish granted, and has yet again set out towards the Galactic Eastern Front to fight in the war against the Tyranids.

Commander Daniel feels it is essential to evacuate the people of Naaman, and has set course for Battlezone Naaman.
In addition to this, the Patria Nostra has reported following closely in the wake of 2’nd and 3’d Company, and is currently under way to the Naaman system.

4’th Company is contributing with the following:

Fleet: 7 Battleships
Navy Air Support: 61 Fighters, Carriers and Support.
Personnel: 155 Marines.
Motor pool: 152 various vehicles.
Supporting Personnel: 750

This brings the grand total of the Chapters efforts to:

4 involved Companies.
1 Ramilies Class Starfort
18 Astartes Class Navy Battle-ships - Teleport, Orbital-bombardment and Exterminatus capable.
198 Navy Air Support Ships
3 Full Astartes Battle Companies - 517 Marines
Motor Pool: 494 variable Astartes Class machines.
3750 supporting personnel.

ETA: Two Weeks.

Hold in there Naaman, the Angels are coming!

November 11. 2005. Imperial Record 1.860.5.2

The Warpstorm that has been blocking the Chapters communication, hindering updates and trapping many Companies inside home system for the last two months has slowly been dissipating, and has now, finally been declared safe for travel and communication.

Astropaths, Navigators and other psychics have been given the green-light and have been repositioned at their previous posts; communication has been reopened, contact with the Imperium has been established and already yesterday the most eager of the Merchant ships and Imperial Navy that have been trapped within the system; set out towards their original destinations, while the Chapters 4th Company is currently preparing for departure to the Galactic Eastern front once more.

Within the system things have gotten a bit rough, but already, things are looking up with the public falling into their old routines, the PDF, SDF, Imperial Guard, Imperial Navy and Guardian Angels reducing their threat level and once more leaving the system in the capable hands of its people, politicians and Arbites.

Here is a short resume of incidents that happened within the Icar V system during the Warpstorm:

Sept 7.
Warpstorm at its peak; psycher insanity, system overloads, strange incidents, evacuation and screening of psychers, star system put on threat level Red and Marshal Law declared.

The Guardian Angels Battle Barge; the “Shadow Guard” is damaged and Daniel D´Angelo; Commander of the 4th Company is seriously injured as an onboard Navigator goes insane due to the initial stages of demonic possession and insidently blows up the bridge with her psychic backlash.

Sept 9.
Although it was almost two months in building, it took only two days from its initial overwhelming of the Icar 5 system, until the Warpstorm showed the first signs of dissipation.

Sept 10.

The “Shadow Guard” originally dry-docked in geostationary orbit for repairs over Ultima Prime, is due to security reasons moved to the mining colony dry-docks near the Gas Giant; “Barachiel” instead.

Sept 15.
A Styx class Chaos cruiser is sighted within home system.
Local mining outposts are put on top security levels while Guardian Angels, Master of the Forge; “Rosabis” takes charge of the situation and recruits local crew and servitors to power up and manouver the damaged Shadow Guard.

Sept 18.
The "Shadow Guard" hunts down and engages the Styx class Chaos cruiser, but the cruiser escapes somewhere between Chaschmalim and Barachiel.

Sept 22.
The "Shadow Guard"; having patrolled the region for days, reengages the Styx class Chaos Cruiser and demolishes it completely, receiving only minor damage herself.

Sept 28.
Commander of the 4th Company fully healed and recouperated after the injuries and resulting disease he suffered during the incident on the bridge, onboard the Shadow Guard.

Okt 4.
Reports come in from scanning-stations, showing fluctuation in the Warp Storms strength, indicating that the storm is dying.

Okt 11.
Extensive research on the stability of the Warpstorm is conducted by the Imperial Navy and SDF. - They conclude the Storm indeed is dying down to a safer level.

Okt 18.
First major drop in Warp energy.

Okt 22.
Psychic personnel throughout the system returned to their posts.
First attempts at establishing contact with Imperial command of Ultima Segmentum.

Okt 29.
The ceremony of “Honoring the dead” brings morals up for the civilian public as the Chapter and PDF throws a great carneval party in the streets of Rubicon, hoping the civilian public will feel safer and more relaxed.

Nov 10.
Full Imperial synchronization completed as communication with the Imperium, and inter-system communication is reestablished.
First ships in two months leave the Icar 5 system.
Experts estimate another month or two of stability, then the Warpstorm is likely to grow in strength again, potentially blocking out the system once more.

+ + + + +

November 11. 2005. Imperial Record 1.860.5.2.

The following reports have reached the Guardian Angels, concerning their arch nemesis; The Tyranids:

A new breed of Winged Tyranid Warriors have been sighted along the Eastern Galactic rim.
Pict records have been received and evaluated:

The Ultramarines report engaging a new breed of Tyranid onboard Hive Ships.
Other Imperial sources have also encountered this creature and report that despite its enormous bulk, the creature is capable of hiding within the bodies of humans; mimicing a wounded and fleeing comrade.

The Magos Biologium have dubbed this Tyranid specimen; The Laius Horror Carnifex.
See the Imperial data records for the details:
Holo-Spin simulation of the creature.
Biologis article on the Laius Horror.

Trygons have been a rare sight for some time now, but reports have just come in on sightings of new, Geno-altered Trygons.
Biologis pict records of the new Trygon specimen.

October 04. 2005. Imperial Record 1.758.5.2.

The Chapter received a fragmented message declaring an emergency distress call issued from the planet Naaman a week ago, but due to the Warpstorm, they where unable to decipher the message properly.

The Chapter still answered based on what they had received however, and the message was resent to the 2'nd and 3'd Company via the Astropathic Command relay center at Atilla.

This lead to the 2'nd and 3'd Company rerouting to Naaman.
From the information gathered, the system and possibly the planet, has already come under attack. - We can only hope
that local imperial forces can hold the fort until the Chapter
and other Imperial forces arrive.

ETA at Naaman system: 1,5 months.

Transcripts of the Naaman Communications.

Septemper 08. 2005. Imperial Record 1.686.5.2.

The Chapter received confirmation today, that Brother "Durus Quatinus Ferrum" of the Legio B&C - formerly of the Guardian Angels Chapter, is among the Marines chosen to go after the Red Corsair Home Base of Tomax Hell.
More info on the subject can be found at the Legio's database.

We wish them luck!

Septemper 07. 2005. Imperial Record 1.683.5.2.

A great Storm has rammed the people of Terra, and many are in need of help.
All over, humanity is coming together to help the victims of this terrible tragedy. - You can help to!

There is a petition for help in the form of donating "personnel" to the effort through the B&C.

Links removed due to being outdated!

May the Emperor be with you all!


Septemper 07. 2005. Imperial Record 1.683.5.2.

According to plans, 2'nd and 3'd Company where to return to Home system for repairs, refitting and refuelling this month, but due to the Warp Storm build-up around Home System, they will instead stay at their posts with the Chapters Ramilies; "Patria Nostra". - Directives and orders stand as normal.

Good Luck!


Septemper 07. 2005. Imperial Record 1.683.5.2.

Home system has been experiencing a build up of warp energy at its far reaches for more than a month now, and several fractions of the Imperium have classified the phenomenon as a Warp Storm build-up.

So far the Warp Storm has interfered with long-range communication capability, and the Chapters ability to issue Chapter briefs to the Companies and updates to the Imperium at large. - The Chapter is only able to update sporadically, and sometimes not fully. - This may cause several delays in Chapter updates...

The Ichar V system's psychers have been warned and protective measures have been taken after the death of two Astropaths within the system, due to warp energy overload.
One of the deaths was onboard the Chapters own Battle Barge; The Shadow Guard, where the Astropath went insane and showed early signs of demonic possession. - The psycher was immediately screened by several Silensium Guards, but died some time later due to traumatic stress injuries.

The ship itself suffered severe damages to electrical systems on the bridge and is currently docked for repair at the Ichar V geostationary, orbital dry-docks.

In addition to this, the Commander of the 4th Company has been struck ill with an as of yet unidentified disease after the incident at the bridge. - He is currently quarantined and undergoing treatment...

For safety, the Chapter has issued an all out gathering of psychers within the system, to be gathered and held in the Chapter fortress; "The Hand of the Guardian", where they are to be put under the protective screening of the Chapters Silensium, as well as under the watchful eye of the 1'st Company Shield Guard.

Note that a loss of almost all updates and contact with the Chapter MAY be imminent!

Septemper 07. 2005. Imperial Record 1.683.5.2.

The reports about the Tyranid threat just keep pouring in.
Here are the latest reports.

Xenos Biologium: Report on; Lictor Camuflague.

August 30. 2005. Imperial Record 1.662.5.2.

A new class of 10th Company scouts has graduated today, and are being reassigned to 9th Company and Home Guard as full Battle Brothers.
This means that this month, the Chapter is proud to present a picture of the top rated Marines of their class; a team of 10 Assault Marines and their proud drill sergeant.
It is especially worthy of note that these Marines have also been given special flamer and plasma pistol training, as well as training in several jump pack marks.

Congratulations class!

Picture taken at the Guardian Angels training center
gymnasium in home city Rubicon; Ultima Prime.

August 19. 2005. Imperial Record 1.631.5.2.

There was a great celebration with festivities and a grand show of the Chapters Navy, in home system this weekend, as the Chaptermaster and the Guardian Angels celebrated the holy day of Our Great Father.
May he live eternally!

For my Father!
Without him, the Guardian Angels
would never have been.
Thank You!

Happy Birthday Dad!

August 01. 2005. Imperial Record 1.581.5.2.

The Guardian Angels Chapter was mentioned briefly with a link at the site of "The Fighting Tigers of Veda" today.
The Fighting Tigers is one of the most respected DIY Chapters out there, and are represented with a great site containing tons of fluff, facts and interesting articles.

To all those Marine Adepts out there that haven’t studied up on this highly inspiring Chapter, go do so now! http://www.fightingtigersofveda.com


A Fighting Tiger Marine on a Jungle Mission.
A Marine from the Fighting Tigers of Veda.


August 01. 2005. Imperial Record 1.581.5.2.

The 4th Company finally returned home today, after having served at the Eastern frontier for over seven years.
During the Company's time here, it has moved on to become the Chapter's leading Company along the Eastern Frontlines, has seen Daniel D'Angelo move from squad leader to Company Commander, and has under his command fought heavily against the Tyranid Hive Fleets; freeing many noteworthy planets from xenos infestation.

The homecoming is sure to bring inspections, preperations, and festivities among the Chapter and the people of Icar V.

Welcome home 4th Company,
its a pleasure having you back!


July 27. 2005. Imperial Record 1.568.5.2.

After the Planetary Defence Forces of Illumis where unable to hold back the Ork tide rushing in over Illumis Industrial Island, the Orks took the vital forges and manefactoriums of the islands industrial refinery. - It fell upon the 6th Company to reclaim it.

Unfortunately the orks had dug in to deeply, and although the 6th Company’s attack cost the lives of many of the Orks (including the rumoured Ork Boss; “Orksa Stompa”), the Ork fortifications held, and the 6th Company, after the potential loss of venerable Brother Appolyon, seeing Chaplain McHammer sorely wounded, and finding over two thirds of their Battleforce having become combat ineffective; was forced to withdraw.

With the Orks already holding the mines in the south, and the supply routs they need to rebuild their lost weapon stocks, it is expected that they will launch an attack upon the Space Port next; to relaunch their invasion into space.

The PDF and Guardian Angels 6th Company are already planning and preparing for a pre-emptive strike to prevent this, and halt the Ork attempts at rebuilding their weapon supplies.

This is truly a dark day on Illumis!



Strategic map of the Illumis industrial islands.

Dropping in on the Orks.

July 27. 2005. Imperial Record 1.568.5.2.

This weekend, part of the Chapter's Home Guard partook in the Orion Military Tattoo; having a parade, showing of many of their battle ready units, and giving the audience a show of skill and discipline like they have never seen before.

The Orion Tattoo being held at the Chapters home planet; Icar V, has been a major success for the Imperial Guard and PDF in recruiting many new men and women for the war effort, and for the Chapter in recruiting 12 new Initiates, as well as reaffirming their status as the Systems personal praetorians, benefactors and Guardian Angels.

A closer look at the units taking part at Orion Military Tattoo.


+ + + + +

July 27. 2005. Imperial Record 1.568.5.2.

Although it is done with a heavy heart, the Chamber of Angels has decided to keep the Guardian Angels Chapter out of the fighting at Ichar IV.

The planet is already supported by other Imperial fractions, and with the Chapter already being stretched to its limits with fighting in the Eastern fringes of Ultima Segmentum, securing shipping lanes in the Maelstrom Sector, as well as fighting Necrons in Segmentum Tempestus. - The Chapter has decided not to join in this war.

The Chaptermaster wishes all Imperial units in the war good luck and god speed in the path towards peace



Ichar IV

July 21. 2005. Imperial Record 1.552.5.2.

Today our Tech-Adepts are proud to present the Chapters special Armoured Reconnaissance and Scout APC Vehicle.

The vehicle was primarily designed to transport scouts and equipment in cold weather conditions containing heavy amounts of snow and ice.- It has however also been designed
as a scout vehicle in its own right, but is also a designated transport carrier capable of ferrying personnel and equipment.



July 20. 2005. Imperial Record 1.550.5.2.

The Eastern Galactic Frontier keeps reporting about continuingly increasing masses of Tyranids, but also about continuingly larger and more varied members of the species.
The Chapter has once more received and evaluated
the Tyranid Carnifex reports.

In addition to this report, the Biologium and Imperial Tactica Librarium report of new tactics being employed by, as well as evolving cognitive and psychic abilities within the xenos race.

If we are to stop this menace, we must put all our efforts into the task, and soon!




A Guardian Angel Scout team studies the Tyranids by night.


July 19. 2005. Imperial Record 1.545.5.2.

Gabriel Angellos of the 1st Company holds the position of "Chief Medical officer of the Guardian Angels Chapter.
Today the new reqruits of the Chapter get an opportunity to take a closer look at this mighty officer, brother and mentor.




Chief of the Apotecharion: Gabriel Angellos.



July 18. 2005. Imperial Record 1.519.5.2.

After having established order after the Tyranid infestation of the Irridia system, the 4th Company is finally returning home in victory; to regroup and refit itself for further fighting against the Tyranid invasion.

Estimated travel time: 14 days.

Commander Daniel D'Angelo, with all of your men:
We Salute You!





July 09. 2005. Imperial Record 1.519.5.2.

After the horrible events of (Terra) London 07.07.2005. our thoughts go out to all the people who suffer due to violence, war, terrorism, pain and hunger all throughout the planet. - But our thoughts and prayers go especially to those touched by the senseless events in London.

We pray that humanity's differences be set aside, and that humanity may find peace.
Peace among nations, peace among people, peace in our homes and peace in our hearts.

The Emperor Protects!




July 09. 2005. Imperial Record 1.519.5.2.

The Chapter has received reports that there may be a connection between the Pariah gene of psychic nulls, and the xenos Necrontyr race.

The Chapter has already been suspecting this due to the Chapters unusual psychic null librarians receiving a high level of interest from the Necrons in the past.
Other reports of Necron psychic null connections have strengthened this suspicion, but with the current Inquisitorial reports on a definitive connection possibility; the Chapter has increased its security level surrounding both the null psychers and the psychers of the Chapter considerably. - Especially surrounding the Chapters involvement in the war against the Necrons on Corr in the Jarred's Belt system.




July 09. 2005. Imperial Record 1.519.5.2.

A few days ago, the Chapter finally received confirmation on what has long been believed to be correct; namely that the Tyranid threat is increasing.

These reports are further enhanced by several reports through the Biologis Task Group 654 , suggesting that new Tyranid species have been found, as well as long time geno analysis confirming deep xenos infestation holding the Tyranid geno; deep within the galactic core.

+ + + + +

On a brighter side, the reports from survey teams at Iridia Prime conclude that the planet is indeed cleansed of ALL xenos life forms, and that the atmosphere after the Tyranid attack upon the planet is finally back to normal.

This means that the splinter fleet in question is eradicated, and that the gene build-up from this fleet has effectively been cleansed from the stars, by the 4th Company of the Guardian Angels.
4th Company is also happy to report that one of the greatest monstrosities of the Irridia cleansing, the Warrior class; "Thunder Warriors" are extinct.

4th Company is now getting ready to set course for home system; Icar V for regrouping.



July 09. 2005. Imperial Record 1.519.5.2.

6th Company has received word of a continued Orc spread along the western industrial islands of Illumis prime. - Obviously the Orcs are trying to take the industrial island complex in order to re-establish their machine and weapons supply after 6th Company effectively eradicated their earlier weapon-dumps.

The PDF of Illumis have engaged the orcs, but have as of yet been unable to stop their advance.
Due to this, the PDF leaders have called for aid from the Chapter. - A call that has been answered once more by 6th company; as they have currently landed on the island's starport to reinforce its defences.



July 09. 2005. Imperial Record 1.519.5.2.

The Chapter has received a weak signal from Ichar IV.
The Chapter leaders and the Chamber of the Arch Angels are currently in debate as to if the Chapter should send aid in answer to this request.






July 09. 2005. Imperial Record 1.519.5.2.

Due to the Chapter STC machines and machine spirits being temporarily down, as well as the Chapter being preoccupied with the security situation of home system, the updates for the Chapter database has been delayed.
This means that a lot of updates will be coming out at the same date even though they may be older than the update date. - It also means that the previous project of the month continues for one more month.

Thank you for your patience!













The Guardian Angels Chapter's  Hot-link Banner.
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Rubicon, the white city of the Guardian Angels.

May 04. 2005. Imperial Record 1.337.5.2.



May 01. 2005. Imperial Record 1.330.5.2.

Legio B&C is recruiting, and in favour of the traditions and pacts of old, the Guardian Angels Chapter has had a Marine volunteer for the Legio.
The Honoured Marine in question is; "Ravus Pallium" - "The Grey Mantle", whom is a well known, and long time representative and Ambassador for the Chapter on the counsel of the Legio.

The Marines from many Chapters will be assembled, trained and led under Chaplain Mortis of Legio B&C.
We thank the Legio as well as Chaplain Mortis for this opportunity to further safeguard the Imperium of Man, and we look forward to following the Chapters progress at Legio B&C.

Rundown on the full Mortis B&C Army Composition.

More info on Legio B&C can be found here:
Link removed due to it being out of date!





The Chapter colours in B&C style
with a sergeants silver rim.

April 28. 2005. Imperial Record 1.322.5.2.

The first official presentation of the Guardian Angels Drop Pod design was showcased today.
As with the rest of the equipment the Guardian Angels posess, the pod has a dark metalic sheen to it.
The pod seems to have been through a battle or two though, something that is to be expected considering the enormous pressure and heat the pod must sustain being shot out of a Battle Cruiser, igniting its jet engines and shooting through the Atmosphere faster than a speeding bullet before it goes through the enemy flak zones and lands the Marines safely for their mission.

Go here for a holographic representation of the Pod.

Go here to see a Pod belonging to the Ultramarines.




April 26. 2005. Imperial Record 1.314.5.2.

The Chapter received reports on the increasing and quickly evolving Tyranid threat from Imperial Strategic Command today.
This only confirms what the Chapter has already reported on several occasions, as they found a new breed of Genestealer already more than two months ago, and indications of other evolving Tyranid species as well.

By this time, the Ultramarines have already engaged the new enemy in many places, and the Guardian Angels have managed to capture and study both Termagants, Genestealers and Spore Mines from this new breed of enemy.

The report from ISC paints a cruel picture of what lays ahead with both the breed and the Hive mind showing signs of evolving.

Chaptermaster Metatron has only this to say about the dangerous and hated enemy:
"These monsterous xenos crave the cleansing fire of absolution. They need not fear, for we shall deliver..."

Already, the Guardian Angels Chapter has increased its recruitment, and is looking into technology combinations that will halt the enemies advance.

For more information regarding the spreading Tyranid infestation, please see:

For even more information, see the ISC´s 305´th Strategic Report in: White Dwarf 305




April 11. 2005. Imperial Record

6th Company reports having engaged a Waaaagh sweeping through the Illumis system in the Maelstrom Sector of Ultima Segmentum.
The Waaaagh "landed" via their hulk-ship no more than a month ago, and has been spreading throughout the planetary mass.

6th Company now reports having engaged the Waaaagh and to effectively have reduced their access to weapon fasilities on Illumins prime.

This is certain to lock down the xenos advance within the system, and the battle for Illumis has become a wedlock for the Ork advance, so far crippling their ability to move back into space.



The Marines of 6th Company still stay in the fight at Illumis.

April 07. 2005. Imperial Record

5th Company has now refitted and rearmed at Home System, and uppon recieving the message of 8th Company arriving safely at the Maelstrom Sector, the 5th Company has now set out to join the 7th Company at Corr in the Jarred's Belt system; Segmentum Tempestus.

Estimated travel time: 60 Days.

6th Company reports they are setting out to battle the onrush of an as of yet unknown Ork horde.

Estimated arrival time: 2 days.




April 05. 2005. Imperial Record

A historical report on the Chapters 7th Companys arrival and actions on Corr have been added to the Librarium, and can be found under "fiction" in the Documentation section.
Documentation > Fiction > The Corr Campaign > Chapter 01.






Mars 26. 2005. Imperial Record

7th Company arrived at Corr, located in the Jarred's Belt system today, and made landfall for a recon force on the planet.

Unfortunatly, it seems there are traitorous forces on the planet, and the Company was attacked by theese interloopers shortly after landing, forcing the taskforce to withdraw.

Further discussion with the Judge and military authority will be conducted on this issue...





Mars 09. 2005. Imperial Record

The Chapter received an emergency communiqué from
Colonel Heinrich Sürgen Gustav Krogh of the Imperial
Iron Eyes today.

His communication showing a clear need for an Astartes
presence on the Imperial Mining Planet Corr, located
within the Jarred's Belt system in Segmentum Tempestus.


+ + + + +




February 25. 2005. Imperial Record

The Chapters pilgrims that have been to Holy Terra, visiting the Golden Throne, and beeing allowed an audience with the High Lords have undergone judgement on behalf of the Chapter and the Guardian Angels Chapter have been found to be among the 50 purest Chapters in existence.

+ + + + +





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