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Last Updated; April 29. 2007. Imperial Record 1.325.7.2.

The Cross of Antioc

Here follows a list of those distinguished individuals that where awarded with the Honour version of the Cross of Antioc during the Antioc Crusade:
Listed are important persona Loyalist and opponents.
(The Guardian Angel representative is marked in white)


Aurelius Rex
Brother Tyler
Commissar Molotov
Rogue Trader
Several Concerned Cricketers
Colonel Welker of the Mordian 81st

The Cross of Antioc

This robust medal was made as an award to Heroes who stood out in a particular way during the reclamation war for the Forge World Antioc.

Antioc had long been in Chaos hands when the Legio B&C and the Adeptus Mechanicus (alongside the Scions of Dorn, the Imperial Guard and many others), initiated a Crusade to take it back. – This war has since been known as “the Crusade for Antioc”.

The Crusade for Antioc was a particularly treacherous war; as the barrier between the material world and the Aether was abnormally thin, allowing daemonic influence to slip into the minds of even the most powerful of individuals.
With regards to this, anyone who received the Cross of Antioc and lived is usually regarded as extremely strong willed and faithful to the Imperium of man.

The medal itself is made out of cast iron, but it also sports a gold and silver half-sphere under slightly blue tinted glass that represents the planet of Antioc.
The continents are marked in gold, while the great ash-waste "seas" are represented by pure white silver. – The protective glass globe over the intricate planet is in turn representative of the planet’s atmosphere, which much like was the case with the actual planet, tints the white silvery ash wastes with blue, making them seem like oceans when seen from afar.

The front of the medal holds the words “Antioc Crusade” and “Pax Imperialis” alongside a shield and the Imperial Aquilla.
This is in honour of those who died for the protection of the Pax Imperialis at Antioc.

The Medal also holds the initials A.O.D. which stand for “Arena of Death”. – This is a call sign for major battles in which the Legio B&C has been a key instigator and contributor.

Finally the backside of the medal holds the inscription: “Memento Vocis”.
Most uninitiated people believe this to mean: “remember their voices”, as in “remember those who where lost to us”; and indeed the inscription has this meaning, but to those who where there it also holds a much harsher reminder: “Be mindful of the voices of Chaos, or you may lose your mind, life and soul.”

It is notable that due to the size and weight of the medal, it is usually worn as a miniature representative only, or on a chain and ribbon around the neck.

Officially, only forty medals where made, sanctioned and bestowed upon "The Heroes of Antioc".
Most of these where presented posthumously.
But it should be noted that sixteen medals where lost to enemy hands when the Inquisitorial ship "Inviolate" was stolen by traitor forces. - Their location is currently unknown and their use undetermined.


Master Tintagel.
Angels of the Lion Chapter 5th Company

Laerga, 1st Captain
The Angels of Light

Augustus Decimus Nell
Ultramarines 3rd company Captain

Buzz Navy
Chaplain Camillus
Ultramarines 8th company

Captain Arakis
Lord Inquisitor Maxim Atrich

Captain Kasimir of the
War Bearers 7th reserve Company

Executor Calcraft
Mourning Templar Chapter

Inquisitor Lukas Qin of the Ordo Malleus

Imperial Cannon Fodder
Captain Jonathan Techer of the Legio
Formerly of the Cobalt Templars Chapter

Brother Lucius Draconis of the Legio

Wolf Guard Battle Leader Rroth of the
The Space Wolves Chapter

Sigismund Himself
Brother Sergeant Sigrat of the Legio
Formerly of the Sublimators Chapter

Canoness Betiand Veronika of the
Order of the Sacred Rose

Hovek, Captain
Ultramarines 8th Company

Explorator Forb of the Adeptus Mechanicus


Lieutenant Kharzeid
The Death Guard 7th Cohort, 77th Detachment

Malakai Kroenen
The Iron Warriors

Brother Khine
Lieutenant Croix;
Red Corsair from the Silver Skulls Chapter

Brother Nihm
Lieutenant Monios
The Nightlords Legion, 3rd Company
The Scourges of Quintus

Brother Tyler
SEDON - Renegade Exorcist Astartes

Inquisitor Lord Rogan of the Ordo Malleus

Warsmith Oudo of the Iron Warriors

Lord Humongous
Hathark Spineripper, champion of Khorne

Sigismund Pain
Aspiring Champion of the World Eaters Legion

Arch Heretic Killgore the Damned of the Southern Forges - 'Corrupted Dark Mechanicus Techpriest'

Plague Beast
Inihilus - Red Corsair, possessed by The Keeper

Renit the Blood-Stained
Captain, 3rd Company of The Relentless Wolves

Former Captain of the Blood Angels 5th company

Halfdan the Guided
Legio B&C (Fallen)
Pack Alpha of the 3rd Clan, Doom Wolves Chapter

First Lieutenant Deux Iblis of the Chaotica Tyrannus, Word Bearers

Renegade Lt GodMode; formely GodChild of the Emperor's Holy Trinity Chapter


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