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A listing of special Chapter Allies.
Last Updated; Septemper 08. 2005. Imperial Record 1.686.5.2.


The Inquisition
The Chapter has worked quite a lot with the Inquisition in the past, but harbour no love for their institutions; showing little trust of their operations, personnel, goals or agendas.

However, If the Inquisition calls on them for aid, the Chapter will answer; Coming to the aid of one of Humanities defenders.
In the past it has mostly been Ordeo Hereticus and Ordeo Xenos that have requisitioned the Chapters services.

The Adeptus Sororitas
The Chapter has great respect for the Hospitaler fraction of the Adeptus Sororitas, and have come to the aid of them before; resulting in the two fractions having a friendly respect for eachother; and a steady alliance.

The Ultramarines
The Guardian Angels are heavily involved in the Tyranid wars along the Galactic Eastern frontier, and the philosophy of the two Chapters are much alike; so they get along quite well – Even if there are some disagreements on Chapter and Codex Doctrine.

The Guardian Angels have and do fight alongside the Ultramarines on many occations, so the two chapters have a good understanding and respect of eachother.
The Guardian Angels sometimes employ Ultramarine Tyranid hunters as Kill Teams, and the Ultramarines have taken advantage of the knowledge and skills of the Angels in boarding actions on several occations.

The Adeptus Mechanicus
The Guardian Angels do not fully trust the Adeptus Mechanicus and feel that setting machine spirits almost over that of the Human soul, as well as holding some unknown machine God higher in reverance than the God Emperor's human side (that is the very embodiment of the human soul), is in many ways; a sin, for it is the Emperor who is the Ghost in the Shell, the one that pulls the strings, the Duex ex Machina.
Without the Immortal Emperor and the human soul, the machines might work, but they would be nothing but purposeless dead empty husks of metal...

The Navigator Houses
On a regular basis the Chapter has 80 marines stationed at Navigator houses. – Four Marines per Navigator for a grand total of 20 Navigators.
These Marines are part of the 1st Company, but are not counted as part of the Chapters Battle Brothers as they are unable to directly aid the Chapter in Combat.

Astropaths are assigned to the Chapter by the Lords of Terra.
All in all, the Chapter has between ten and thirty Astropaths
active within the Chapter at any time.

At any time the Chapter has between one and ten men assigned to Deathwatch – These men are always taken from the Veterans of the first Company, and those who are sendt are always volentairs.

Legio B & C
At any time the Chapter has at least one Veteran Assigned to the top-secret Legio B&C´s Grand Company; Light of the Emperor.
Currently three Marines are attached to the Legio:
Sergeant: "Ravus Pallium" - Legio B&C Company
Apotechary: "Perseus Fortis" - B&C Deathwatch Killteam member
Veteran Brother: Durus Quatinus Ferrum - Company of Light.

Dominion Fleets
The Chapter often works in tandem with the Imperial Navy; forming up Dominion Fleets capable of quickly bringing systems under control, as well as patroling and safeguarding wast sectors of space.

The Iron Eyes
The Chapter often works alongside the Imperial Guard to take care of enemy threats.
On Imperial Mining Planet Corr, located within the Jarred's Belt system in Segmentum Tempestus, the Chapter has an ally of the Imperial Guard.
They are designated: "The Iron Eyes".


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