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Profiling 4th Company's Chief Medical Officer.
Last Updated; July 12. 2006 - Imperial Record 1.526.6.2.


Joshua Iasthai Wells. - 4th Company's Chief Medical Officer


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"The reason I always seem so stressed Captain, is because of the tension created when my duty as a medical officer overrides my body's genetic desire
to choke the living shit out of some bloody xenos who desperately needs it."

- Joshua Iasthai Wells. - 4th Company's Chief Medical Officer. -


Name: Joshua Iasthai Wells
            Sometimes nicknamed Jason, or simply "the Doctor".
Born: 696.M41
Origin: Segmentum Solar - Sol System. Mars.
Assigned to: 4th Company - Medical Support Center - Apotecharium. HQ.
Rank & Occupation: Captain. Chief Medical Officer.
                                    Guardian Angels' 4th Company.

Race: Human; Homo Sapiens Sapiens. - Geno Altered; Adeptus Astares
Gender: Male
Height: 205 cm
Weight: 127 kg
Eye Colour: blue - Melanochrome variance
Hair Colour: grey - Melanochrome variance no longer applies.
Skin colour: White Caucasian - Melanochrome variance
Body Profile: Mesomorphic
Blood type: O-

Health Record:
No notable physical or mental illness, damage
or surgery beyond Chapter indoctrination standards.
It may be noted though that Joshua is getting old and he has been showing minor loss in strength and agility as well as graying hair indicating that his Melanochrome organ may be failing.

Notable physical features:
The most notable physical features about Joshua is his sour disposition.
He usually looks like he is plagued or stressed by something.
He is usually preoccupied and seems to be just plain in a bad mood.
Other than this it is worthy of note that his hair has gone grey and no
longer responds to shifts in the environment.

Psychological / Emotional Profile:
Joshua is an extremely talented and knowledgeable medical practitioner often only called the Doctor by his fellow Marines.
It is thought by many that his knowledge in conventional medicine far supersedes that of the Chapter's Supreme Medical Officer; "Gabriel Angelos", and it is worthy of note that Joshua spends almost all his time in the Company's medical, research and librarium facilities, bettering his own and the Chapter's medical knowledge.
He is responsible for creating and maintaining 4th Company's extensive Medical Library consisting of both books and electronic records. - Aside from the Chapter's collective Medical Librarium at Home System, the Medical library of 4th Company is the largest and best maintained library within the Chapter.
Due to all this, Joshua may at times be found assisted by several Medical Servo Droids (Servo Skulls) and sometimes even uses these to carry out his work on the battle field, where the droids will maintain a hololithic image of him, keeping communication channels open while they perform tele-examinations and surgery at his command. - This allows Joshua to maintain a steady presence in two or more places at the same time, but it also increases his workload and stress quite a lot, eventually resulting i his sour disposition and otherwise bad mood.
Beside his harsh, stressed outlook on life and straight forward, almost ruthless mannerisms, he genuinely cares for the well being of those put under his care and supervision, although he doesn't often show it in any other way than effective, life saving medical procedures.
It is believed by some that had it not been for these Character flaws, he would have been chosen as the Chapter's Supreme Medical Officer ahead of the Chapters current persona in this position; Gabriel Angelos.

Service Record:
696.M41 Born

702.M41 Indoctrined into the Chapter's training program

712.M41 Assigned to 10th Company

715.M41 Completes his graduation to full Battle Brother and is assigned to 9th Company as a Medical Trainee.

723.M41 Completes his Medical training program and is assigned to 4th Company as an Apotechary.

776.M41 Undergoes Officers Training and upon completion, serves in the Chapter's Librarium for the next two years.

811.M41 Promoted to Chief Medical Officer of 4th Company.

XXX.XX Restricted by the Inquisition =][=

Medals and honours:


Cost: Variable pts.

Stats Profile: As a regular Apothecary

Special Rules: As a regular Apothecary

Joshua may be represented on the Battlefield as number of Servo Droids.
One of these droids (servo skulls) will project a Hololithic image of him; Others will carry scanner arrays, cameras and manipulative equipment, weapons and wox communicators. - This is purely for the visual feel of the Character's representation, and the Servo Skulls still represents him as a normal Apothecary.

Special Equipment
As a normal Apothecary.
For visual feel of the Character, Joshua may also be equipped with one or more Medical Servo Driods, but these are just window dressing and have no impact on the game's mechanics.

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